Do you want to know what is best in life?  Seeing your enemies drop like fat, out of shape flies while you slice through the air with only the sound of the breeze flowing off your chiseled abs.

I admit it, I have a thing for workout videos.  So allow the Dysfunctional Parrot to be your primary source for reviewing them so you too can find out what works, and what should be thrown to the lions.  The workout series I review are from an ever growing list of trainers from Tony Horton to Georges St. Pierre.   At the moment most videos reviewed are from Beachbody.com but that is quickly changing as more products enter the fray.  Just be aware that I’m not made of freaking money to buy a new program every weekend.  However, in order to fix that small issue I will accept donations in the form of anonymous briefcases of cash.

And finally, let it be known unto the ends of the world that I, the Dysfunctional Parrot, am NOT a Beachbody Coach.  Despite my general attraction to many of their products, I nonetheless have an extreme allergic reaction to multi-level marketing.   That way you can be assured of the authenticity of my reviews, and not me just trying to make money by selling you the product.

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