P90X3 – The Complete Review: Part 3 of 3


This is it!  The final segment of the world’s most popular no nonsense P90X3 review!  Thus far we’ve covered a ton of workouts plus the Nutrition Guide but now the end is in sight.  So let’s get down to business and see what the last six workouts have in store.



This is the hardest part of yoga: balance postures.  This is where true core/balance will be developed.  Isometrix will also expose your weaknesses because while anyone can lift a dumb-bell, it takes work to get exceptional balance.

Like I said, Isometrix is similar to yoga, minus all the vinyasas and salutations.  Each position lasts for 45 seconds and you’ll have to work hard for all of it.  Sadly, one of the hardest moves was Inner Balance: merely going one one leg while having the eyes closed.  For the life of me I could not stay still without resetting myself like a drunk driver trying to walk the line.  I eagerly await to see if I can make any progress in this area.


Tony says that coming down is where injury happens and as someone who has personally jumped out of a two story barn loft, I can totally back that up.  Decelerator is all about getting your body stronger for those landings.  The format for this thirty minutes is 16 moves with no repeats.

I highly…no…I freaking beg you to start with some form of pull-up assist.  If you somehow can do an uninterrupted set of Elevator Pull-Ups with no actual problems whatsoever then remind me never to piss you off.  Regular use of the Decelerator workout will have no choice but to make your pull/push up life easier in the long run.  Given the format of the moves involved, this would best be described as  Chest, Back and Legs.


Accelerator has a lot to do with cardio intervals: same move at two different speeds.  Each move is 60 seconds with only a short break in between.

This is one of my preferred cardio routines from Tony, my primary one being Med Ball Core Cardio from his One on One series.  Come to think of it, a medicine ball here would have really intensified the workout, so if you have the endurance give it a try.

I’m trying to articulate the difference between Tony and Shaun T when it comes to cardio.  With Shaun you have strong music presence, the flow never stops and there’s often high energy with a sense of urgency in the time given.  With Tony you’re more aware of what you’re doing and the flow has breaks.  Whichever you prefer is all based on personal taste.  Mrs. Parrot prefers Tony for cardio due to the more casual atmosphere and more options to modify whereas I prefer Shaun for the no-nonsense and rhythm.

Anyway, Accelerator is an exponential improvement over Cardio X ( not much isn’t ).  Just watch the last move, “Donkey Kick”.  It’s either easy, or you will misjudge the kick and perform an unintended backflip.



As luck would have it I saved the office party photos that had a co-worker in an incriminating “position”.  He has thus allowed me to borrow his expansion pack DVD’s and brand new chainsaw with no questions asked.  Yes, P90X3 has 3 extra workouts not included in the Basic package.

Complex Lower is actually rather simple in execution.  It is 5 moves in a style very reminiscent of P90X2 Post Activation Potentiation.   It starts with a weighted move, explosive weight action, plyo, weighted combo, and finally an isometric posture.  This sequence in turn is done 4x.

The workout has an entirely different plan of attack than Eccentric Lower which focuses on negatives.  This goes right for the deep tissue muscle and will probably be better for endurance.  All in all, a great way to mix it up on days where legs are on the schedule.


Like Complex LowerUpper is a sequence 4 exercises done in sequence and then repeated 3x.

I already made a comment about the toughness of Jessica in Part 2 of this review, so I best not push my luck returning to that well for the sake of comedy lest Xena Warrior Princess  grind my manhood like old Silly Putty.  So instead I’ll just say Shawn is a man who is very comfortable with his choice in socks.


Complex Upper is a 5 move sequence done 3x with a final balls-to-the-wall bonus round at the end.  There is less PAP here and more fast move/slow move in the form of pull-ups and push-ups.  If I had a complaint here, it would be the Lunge Thrust Press which is a plyo shoulder press.  It feels very out of place having a leg jump in a workout meant for upper body.  That having been said, you can always improvise and make it a straight up shoulder press.

I have to speak once more of the music.  The music in Complex Upper makes it feel like you’re ripping heads off Road Warriors while riding on the back of a Dinobot.  The whole thing combined with the actual intensity of the workout makes for a sensational 30 minutes so once again, hats off to the music crew.


Fifteen minutes of abdominal torture.  This is pure heck on the midsection so take everything you knew about former Ab-Rippers and forget it.  After this, the next AB Ripper is probably going to involve a Kung Fu master dropping coconuts on your midsection from a tree.


X3 Ab Ripper might only be 8 moves but that just means you get less of a break.  So while the classic P90X Ab Ripper might have more moves it also pauses more to get your bearings.  The postures are also more intense because although they seem somewhat easy at first, the burn comes fast and it increases exponentially due to isometrics and duration!  That means moves like Bridge Burners make good old Mason Twist look like a tummy tickle.  Just remember, form is king here.

Compared to other ab workouts such as Asylum, T25 or Insanity, X3 holds it’s own pretty good.  It really just comes down to a matter of taste on how you want to get the job done that day.


p90x_ratingYou want it?  P90X3 has it all.  It’s really hard sometimes to fully explain just how ahead of the pack Beachbody can sometimes be when they truly put their minds to the task.  Especially when it involves their current duo of golden boys, Shaun T and for P90X3, Tony Horton.

As with many of their top sellers, Beachbody really puts their heart and soul into making a great product, not just a quick and forgettable one.  For example, when a lot of posers do music, it is a sad afterthought developed by kids with Garageband.  In P90X3 is is made after the workout and synced with the action so well it just blends naturally.  The sets and lighting are also painstakingly designed to make the experience easy on the eyes.  And of course, the cast are highly competent individuals who have actually done the workouts before and are not lost celebrities just brought in for name brand recognition.  Cough…TAPOUT XT…cough…

After Focus T25, I really understood just how awesome it is to be able to get half hour workouts into a schedule because you can’t always get an hour.  X3 fits that need about as perfectly as one could ask.  Combine this with Focus T25 and my friend, you will have a quality daily routine that makes little to no compromises.

But the big question remains…is the DELUXE PACKAGE worth the extra cost?  For 3 extra workouts and a couple of resistance bands, I have a hard time justifying an almost doubling in price.  And while I do like the bonus workouts, I honestly feel my fitness life will certainly not suffer without them.  Also. to buy them after the fact is a sphincter tightening three payments of $30.  For me and my budget, I would pass.

The final score for P90X3 is a solid 5 Feathers out of 5.  It’s hard to go wrong with the entire P90X series based on the care taken with every detail of the production.  P90X2 at this stage remains my favorite ( 6 Feathers! ) due to the cutting edge ideas behind it but make no mistake, you will be a very satisfied customer with X3.

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John Paul Parrot ( aka. The Dysfunctional Parrot ) is a disgruntled Systems Analyst who wanders the Canadian wastelands saving small villages with the power of Kung Fu.  His chair is also a little too close to the twenty year old microwave.  As you can well imagine, this has had certain side effects.

  • Mr.doucheBag

    Hey you are hilarious. I have BB, p90x3 and T25. I am quite unfit and lack muscle man for a 30 year old dude. Do you recommend doing one program like p90x Mass schedule or a combination of all three to get the best result .i.e. get mass with an all around fitness?

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Well Mr…uh…Douchebag?…depending on your level of unfitness I would probably start with T25 to get your heart up to speed. I would then move to P90X3 but swap out the cardio days for T25, and then graduate to the occasional Body Beast. I like Body Beast, but it is not a “total” fitness concept. It is best mixed with other programs.

      Have fun with your training Douchebag!! ( the one and only time I can call someone that and NOT have it be insulting! )

    • babycow

      Hi, loved your review! I would also add to mr douchebag that these programs are put together in a specific order and combination that has been worked out by fitness experts to ensure you are working different body parts on different days, getting enough rest between working the same body part, getting the right amount of muscle confusion, etc etc. So, while any workout is better than none, trying to put together a hodge podge from the various programs you have probably won’t offer the same results as doing a complete program in the order it’s meant to be done.

  • Mr.doucheBag

    Hey you are hilarious. I have BB, p90x3 and T25. I am quite unfit and lack muscle man for a 30 year old dude. Do you recommend doing one program like p90x Mass schedule or a combination of all three to get the best result .i.e. get mass with an all around fitness?

  • Guest

    Thank you for your honest and hilarious reviews they are great reads! I have been following your reviews since P90X2 and they are informative and I agree with everything you say.
    Thanks again!

  • McSugarBombs

    Does the X3 Ab Ripper has its own schedule on P90X3? I mean on P90X it was done every other day, so is it the same for P90X3? And what about those who can only afford the Basic package? Are they left out without the X3 Ab Ripper?

    Sorry I just really need to know as you see I have been a P90X grad and I feel incomplete without any Ab Ripper Exercise for the P90X3 and I know most of the P90X grad would agree to that as Ab Ripper X is one of the most viewed workouts in the P90X series since it is done every other day.

    So what’s your take?

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Regarding AB Ripper X3…unless you’re doing doubles it is oddly enough not in the Classic or Lean schedule. And yes, it is only available as part of the Deluxe and Ultimate kits unless you decide to shell out nearly $90 for three workouts…which in my opinion is lunacy. The new X3 Abs is good, but it’s just another ab routine among many to choose from. For the insane price of the extra disks, shell out a few extra bucks and get Focus T25…much better use of money!

      • McSugarBombs

        Yeah what a bummer. I really feel incomplete without AB Exercises. I have done P90X, P90X+ and even Power 90 and they all incorporate AB Exercises.. Seems like Beachbody is cashing in on customers to pay extra just for the AB Exercises.

        • Doug

          I have P90X, P90XPLUS, P90X3 (with the 3 extra workouts) & the Ten Minute Trainer. I try to do abs 4-5 days a week. I find that rotating them works out very well. I must say that the most intense might well be the 10 minute trainer AB, or, it is right up there with the X3.

          • McSugarBombs

            Nice you just gave me a nice idea to mix things up. Variety is the key!

    • Collons

      If you don’t know the ’10 Minute Trainer’ Ab workout you can find it on Youtube (I first saw it posted on the official P90X3 Facebook page so it must be a legal upload). I started doing it instead of X3 Ab Ripper and it’s really intense.

      • McSugarBombs

        But would you really recommend that over X3 ab ripper?

        • Collons

          In my post I meant to say that I started doing it instead of X2 ab ripper. For me it’s better than both 1 and 2 because it’s fast moves like X1 but with more variety: dynamic sphinx plank / mountain climber / crunch types moves, for example. I thought X2 wasn’t challenging enough and from what I’ve heard of the X3 version is that it’s hard, but very isometric (like X2). I used to like the P90X+ Ab workout also but it didn’t take long to be able to do it pretty easily.

          If I had to choose one from all of them I’d stay with the 10 minute version and I reckon it would be a very suitable routine to slip into the X3 routines, as it’s short! I’ve done it loads of time but it’s still really pushes me at the end. It may be a question of taste but I prefer the fast moves to the isometric “hold and turn” type of ab exercise.

    • moonstar

      It is not necessary to be honest he includes core working exercises and it is not on the plan at all. The workouts will be enough. Im guessing it’s helpful for the last week if one decides to give a good extra push.

  • Vivek

    Awesome Review! I also feel the 3 workouts for $90 isn’t really worth it. I’ve been doing ARX / Ab Intvls etc for abs. Missed the abs too much.

  • Enrique

    Admittedly, I am new to the P90x game. I have worked out with weights and cardio for much of my life. I am pretty strong and am in reasonable shape from a cardiovascular perspective but my question(s) are as follows: 1) Do you recommend a particular pull-up bar? && 2) I do not own any dumb-bells and have no idea what to purchase (with regard to poundage and P90x or P90x3 for that matter. One of the prevailing reasons I don’t own any is because I use so many different weights depending on body part, e.g. 20lb for shoulders, or 45 for bicep, or 85 for chest, etc. I am just wondering what I would need to purchase in order to successfully complete the program. What would you tell me or someone similar to get? My thanks in advance.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      1) Pullup bars: Either get a dedicated pull-up bar station or one that extends outside the doorframe ( like the P90X pull up bar or similar ). Do NOT use the cheap ones that are just a straight bar across the door frame as those are useless. I make mention and demonstrate this in a video I made called ROAD to P90X2:


      2) As for dumb-bells, I get by with a 10-35 lbs set no problem, only rarely going after 40 and up.

  • elctronyc

    Thanks for the review. I am 6.2 feet and 230lb. I am worried about my belly fat. I have 40 inch of waist :( poor me. In one week im going to start the 90×3 since is perfect for me to do in the morning. I have been doing dumbbell workout (2 days) combine with the insane fast and furious workout (3 days). I love to use dumbbells. Do you think is a good idea to combine the body beast with the 90×3 or Should I stick with the 90X3? I want to loose some fat and get some muscle.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      I often do what you are describing! Mixing it up is great and I’m sure your modified schedule will help you get the results you want while still being fun!

  • Val

    I am a 41 year old 5’5″ and 224 pounds mother with 6 yr old twins. I don’t have a lot of time so this P903X looks like a good fit for me. I need to get in shape and wanted to ask if starting with this is the way to go. I want the results and willing to work for them. I am getting an elliptical from a friend to start building up my cardio and I want something I can do in a short time frame. Do I have to get a chin-up bar – I don’t have a place for it to go, will the resistance band and weights be enough? Thank you for any help.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      You have 2 options that I see will fit your needs: P90X3 which is a total body program, or Focus T25 which is a heavier cardio program but a serious use of 25 minutes. My wife loves T25!


      If you want extreme cardio that still occasionally uses weights, T25 is the one you should look at. If you want a more rounded fitness philosophy, P90X3.

  • KB

    I love your reviews! I just started X3 and really appreciate your recommendations for T25 in rotation with this program. You didn’t really say much about the Super Burpees which I am still having nightmares about… *shiver* I guess I’m just a wimp.

  • Ricky

    Definitely a good review in all parts. The is one minor detail I respectfully disagree with but its certainly subective. And thats when u said total synergistics was easier than core syn. I found this entire series is as hard as you want to make it. Now I’m in excellent shape but I found myself almost meeting Pukey the Clown after total syn. But thats just bc i chose weights and tempos that would get me to that point. Like I said, very subjective but i just wanted to share. Great writing as always DP.

  • Garyd_Ireland

    Hi, nice review :)
    I already have the original P90X and I think it’d great, but just really hard to find the time to do it often enough. I like the legs routine and the biceps routine…. In P90X3, is this also good for those wanting to improve on muscle size too or its it more a total body fitness thing and I’d need to keep referring back to some old p90x DVDs as well? Thanks, Gary

  • MR. Beer

    While I love your reviews and honestly agree with just about every review you do, i really cannot stomach P90X3. I’ve had it since it came out and really only lasted a week and half before I got tired of Tony Horton (granted I felt the same way about P90X but lasted a bit longer). I’ve tried almost every beach body system (P90X, P90X, Pump, Combat ,Insanity, T25) and love most of them. Insanity and the Les Mills ones seem top notch, but honestly I just cant get around Tony..maybe I just dont like the guy.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      I really do understand. Tony is one of those like him or loathe him types. For the most part I dig him but yes…there are days where the antics can try my patience. Admittedly, I find myself often preferring T25 over X3 when it comes to half hour workouts just because Shaun T is more business and I’m not there for the comedy. Depends on my mood that day!

  • I wish I could dunk!

    Awesome review & funny! Love it!

    Mr Parrot, whats your opinion on doing a morning session of T25 and in the evening P90X3 (Mass)?

    i’m 6’0″ and 207lbs. I’d like to lose fat and bulk up.

  • Sean Callahan

    Haha! Loved the reviews man. No love for the socks uh? ;)

    • Dan H

      18/40?? Seriously bro? Simply amazing… don’t know how you did it but I tip my hat! How did you get to be able to do so many pull-ups?

  • Joe

    Great review. I have been doing P90X and P90X2 over the last four years. P90X2 is my favorite program but I wanted some variety in my fitness and some new moves.. This program is fun, fun, fun! And I think it is an excellent maintenance workout for any P90X or X2 grads. But eventually you will need to go back to X or X2 or I fear there will be diminishing returns instead of maintenance. I plan to go back to P90X2 after going through the 90 days of X3 one time and of course doing my before and after photos to get my free t-shirt. I’m thinking a hybrid of all three programs would be fun. Sort of a Tony Horton’s Greatest Hits. I think my recovery week for X2 will include some workouts from X3 such as the Challenge and the Warrior. .

  • Jai Jai

    Love the review … today during my X3 was wondering what happened to our old buddies Jason Scheff and Mason Bendenwald. I like the music in X3 but it’s a little “cute” for me; Jason’s stuff was always more straightforward. Equally in sync with the workouts but a less gimmicky on the breaks etc. And how come there are different directors now … as I was wondering this, Tony introduced Bridge Burners …. “BRIDGE BURNERS … You know who you are! …. And it has ended!”
    Coincidence? What says the Parrot?

  • VLM

    I am currently doing p90x3. 2 questions: 1) would t25 make a better next step or
    P90x; and 2) do you have plans to review UFC Fit?

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      T25 is absolutely a great program and I love how it can compliment X3. I’ve actually had a few requests for UFC Fit so it looks like I’m going to check into that sooner rather than later!

  • Jason Voorhees

    Parrot, I’m an in shape 40 year old dude and have seen your posts and love them. I also saw you doing a PAP lower review where you were doing a step up not on a chair, but a 3 inch box or platform from the floor. I’m totally spent from doing CVX so your review of that workout comes with a huge asterisk because of the intensity you bring to some of the workouts. I haven’t met an X3 workout that was easy in any way…

  • McSugarBombs

    Nice one Jean, now I know why I can’t visit your blog a few hours ago https://www.facebook.com/BeachBodyTony/posts/622336271859?stream_ref=1

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      I’ve been meaning to upgrade my hosting package for a few weeks now but never got around to it! Tony got me moving pretty darn quick though yesterday!!

  • Madalina Kozushka

    Loved your review on P90x3 Mr.JPF. Read around your site, like your thinking and your writing very much! Although…Dysfunctional Parrot…is a little too “much thought/researched” of a title to me. I like the KISS system!
    Anyways, happy to have discovered you, I’m a big fan! You have fans in Saskatchewan I guess!

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      The name “”dysfunctional parrot” was more of a joke name I came up with back in 2008 when this site had little to nothing to do with fitness, but was rather a socio-political satire blog. The name was chosen from a lineolated parakeet that liked to hump slippers. I’ve since abandoned the world commentary flavor as there’s too many sites that do that already without me weighing in with my dumb opinion too.

      A lot changed since then, but the name kind of followed me. I’m stuck with it now, but had I known the road this site would take I no doubt would have come up with something simpler!

      And greetings to Saskatchewan! I’m originally from Manitoba so we’re like kin!

  • Senji


  • Senji

    How to create the perfect Body Beast p90x3 hybrid?

    • Allen

      I’m trying to do exactly that, but it’s tough since BB is so muscle specific, and P90X3 is very synergistic. I think it’s probably better to take the workouts in blocks, instead of combining them.

  • felixladybug

    Hi there! So I’ll be ordering soon, but I don’t have a pull up bar, or anywhere to put one in my apartment. Is there a modifier in place of the pull ups? Thanks!!

    • goughrmak

      You will need somewhere to attach bands, and you can use those for your pullups.

      • felixladybug

        Thanks for your reply! I do have a pair of 15 lb resistance bands from T25, but I have no idea what I would attach them to! Do you mean attach them to something overhead?

  • Wrynsky169

    Hello. Your reviews are absolutely hilarious. I am a teenager, and I am already in ok shape, so I am doing P90X3. My goal is to get a six pack, and I am doing the classic phase. I am getting ok results so far at 30 days, (more defined four pack, slightly bigger biceps, bigger lats from pull-ups, etc.) I started from a slightly defined stomach that had only four abs, but that’s not what I want. How much longer will it take for me to get results like the people in the infomercials? Or is that even possible for a teenager? If it is, is there anything I am doing wrong?
    Thank you,

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      You have to remember something about infomercials…they are generally BS. The people are hand selected special cases to show the absolute pinnacle from people who have often been blessed with simply better genetics.

      Take myself for example. I’ve been doing workout video reviews for at least six years. While I am in better shape than when I started and doing pretty good, I am not going to make the infomercials any time soon.

      My final advice is this…having a teenager body is not the same as having an adult body. You will not get the same defined muscles as an adult who is not held back by hormone changes, growth spurts and well…teenage eating habits! Train, do what you can, but don’t fall into the trap of obsessing about your looks. If you’re not satisfied with yourself without big muscles, you’ll never be satisfied with them.

      • Mflores

        I really liked your blog. After reading this, I love you. LOL

  • Andrew Locke

    I am concerned about the time. Are they claiming that you can get as much of a workout in p90x3 with 30 minutes as p90x 1 and 2? I understand that many people have difficult schedules and 30 minutes is all they can afford, but I have developed the habit of affording myself at least an hour to work out. I wouldn’t want to short change myself just to try the next p90x.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      The claims are a little cryptic. Think of diminishing returns. The greatest gains they claim in most workouts are in the first 30 minutes and then diminishes afterwards.

      So a full 1 hr workout would absolutely be better for you, and I still recommend it. P90X3 mainly wants to appeal to those on a time crunch and does a fine job of making the most of its time. But still, if you can do a more solid workout like the original P90X I think you’d be better for it.

  • Joe

    I’ve read some other reviews that say you can’t get as good results with X3 compared to p90x. I’ve only started x3 recently (based on reading your review) and from my experience, since I am ratcheting up the intensity, my muscles and body feel great.

    I don’t know if that will translate into “results”, I don’t have much weight to lose, but would like to tone up.

    Since I trust your reviews and opinions, what do you think?

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      “Results” are kind of hard to nail down as it can often be a subjective measurement! Personally I feel P90X will provide more strength while X3 has better flexibility, cardio and core. I was never impressed by the cardio options of P90X but when it came to pull ups, push ups and weights it is still king of the pile.

      Take the strength of P90X, mix in the core of X3 and the cardio of T25 or Asylum and you would have the ultimate program.

      • Hawkman

        Agree, I’ve been trying to add X3 at the end of P90X(I modify a lot, so take that into consideration), since there is a variety of great quasi-cardio workouts in it.

  • Shiner

    Hey there. Great reviews, appreciate your effort (and style, very readable!).
    Just wondering if you’d encountered Athlean-X, and had any views on how it compares to P90X3? I’ve done P90X and am a fan of Tony Horton, but the idea of 30minute exercises is a big draw – and also something that Athlean-X offers.
    Many thanks.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      I have noticed the Athlean-X system in the past and am giving it serious consideration for a review in the not so distant future. It makes pretty bold claims and even goes after P90X by name. Gutsy move!

      Right now I’m finishing up DDP Yoga and will draw straws for who is next. Maybe I should make a poll! Now I have to see how to do that…

  • Mike

    Great reviews! Good writing. I’ve been toying with purchasing X3, but it appears from the infomercial and some of the video reviews that many of the moves involve some form of jumping or plyo. I’m an “older athlete” and need to be conscious of my knees (various strains and tears over the years). Is that accurate or am I just seeing sort of the highlight reel? Are there modifications that can still give a decent workout in 30 minutes?

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      I would say you’re probably just seeing highlights. I would say X3 is very low impact on the joints overall with maybe the exception of the X3 Plyo workout. But even that is nothing compared to Insanity which I can say from experience, is quite hard on the joints.

      Tony almost always has one person in the cast who performs the moves modified and I would say most are very easy to change to meet your needs. This is a great program all-around and if you really feel like cranking the cardio up, add Focus T25 to the mix.

  • hulk o

    you are going to think i am mad but would it be too much to do a p90x insanity hybrid program and at nights or evening do the p90x3 workout. that would be 2 workouts day.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Just be sure to pay good attention to your calorie intake and get good sleep!

  • AB

    liked the review bro!

    well Im 27 , 5 11′ & around 165 lbs. Insanity graduate, Insanity Asylum graduate, & was in great shape after that. haha…. looks like giving a bio :D

    well couldnt continue with the fitness thing since jan & went out of shape, its not that bad though but it is approaching towards looking bad with fat showing its existance. And I do believe diet does play big part, which helped me in my first run. But being an Indian, here in India its not easy with this diet thing with all your favourite food.(I know…. but :D)

    ammm…. what I am asking is this is 30 minutes! so thats like a thumbs up for me as hardly get time before I leave for work. But I am used to doing those one hour workouts with shaun T & when I restarted doing those, since i have changed my job its difficult handle the timings.

    So, does it have same impact as insanity, or just something u can do in 30 mins. I mean it was fun telling my friends that for asylum u need to be insanity graduate first. but here there is no such condition.

    thanks, Abhijit

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      My wife cooks East Indian food and yes, it is hard to walk away from seconds!

      All P90X3 workouts with the exception of X3 Abs are 30 minutes. Comparing it to Insanity is difficult as they are not really the same class of workout. Insanity is power-cardio and X3 is more resistance training. Shaun T has always been better at cardio and Tony has been better at “functional fitness”.

      Another package to look at if time is n issue is Focus T25 with Shaun T. If you take than and combine it with X3 you have a kick-butt system right there!

      • AB


        In fact I have Focus T25, just never got to try it.
        Felt like mild workout (i was still on asylum highness, & ik great shape). But now as it seems I should give it a try.

        Now let me see where I can find a hybrid. Or make my own.

  • Wrynsky169

    Hey DP, I have been wondering if you could review Athlean-X. I am 13 and have already done X3, and got very ripped from it. I am thinking of getting something else, and that brought me to Athlean-X. I am also thinking of getting Asylum 1 & 2 because they are hard programs, and I am in great shape and able to tackle them. But I am wondering if Athlean-X can pack on muscle like a more muscle specific program like Body Beast as it claims to. So can you please do a review of that program? (just letting you know, it isn’t normal workout videos, but an online portal of excercises for the day.
    Thank you,

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      I’ve been looking at Athlean X but am wondering how I would incorporate something like that into my workout schedule. It doesn’t seem to be a set package but rather an ongoing set of videos.

      I’ll ask around with some of my other partners in fitness and see if they have had any experience with Athlean X. In either case I may well consider the program even though a review would only be based on a portion of the existing videos. If I did, a late July review might be the estimated time-frame.

      If you’re looking to just “get big”, Body Beast is still a good bet. Getting big isn’t rocket science as you just need to eat right and lift heavy things a lot. Full-body fitness is more in depth as it requires you to be flexible, fast and still strong.

      • JN55

        Hey DP just like to point out that Athlean-X as well as all other Athlean programs can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out. Not to mention that the online portal is very user friendly and well made. The calendar is one of the best I have ever seen in a workout program. You should really give it a chance and make a review for it. Trust me you’ll be impressed with and the community will benefit too.

  • KyleG

    Hi there DP,

    I’m currently on the second month of insanity and looking to jump into the P90x workouts after I complete Insanity. I intend to eventually do all P90x x2 and x3, my question is which order do you recommend doing them? I know x2 is the graduate program but just curious what order you think I should complete them in,


    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      You can go for X2 which would be a natural progression. X3 is not so much a step up as it is just shorter in length although some workouts in X3 are better than the original X by a long shot ( MMA for example ). All in all, X2 is a good next step and I really like the program.

      If you’re feeling spunky, a round of Asylum would be a way to mix things up too.

      • KyleG

        Thanks a lot for the help! Yeah I might go for asylum next actually haha

  • Seth Foster

    Great review. Thanks! I just completed (today!) three cycles of T25 (including Gamma) and am looking for something to keep it fresh. I travel a fair bit for work, so need to have something that can work on the road. T25 with the resistance band really worked for me, even when traveling. I was considering DDP Yoga or P90x3, but am a bit concerned with the need for a chinning bar in x3. Any thoughts or recommendations?

    Thanks again…

  • Eric

    I am starting P90X3 the first week in August. I am finishing the Asylum I & II Hybrid, and am looking forward to doing one of the P90X programs for the first time. I’ve done Insanity, Asylum I & II, and T25 Alpha Beta Gamma. I appreciate your reviews, and have a question. I received a bonus with my X3 order, P90X+, and was wondering if you thought the Upper+ & Core+ could replace at least two of the three P90X3 bonus workouts? I see your review of them (P90X+ DVDs), and thought that might be a thought for these – since I don’t have the original P90X and would like to get some use out of these if possible. Also, it would not hurt to save some cash.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      The bonus disks with X3 are nice, but hardly necessary. The ab workout in T25 is far better and Upper/Lower Body workouts in Asylum kick the pants off X3.

      P90X+ has a very good core workout which is also better than X3. The Upper Body Plus is good but not quite the same idea as Eccentric Upper. That having been said, I highly doubt you would notice any difference in results.

      And finally, the bonus disks are a little expensive for what you get. Better to shell out a few more bucks and get a full-program than a mere three workouts.

      • Eric

        Thanks. I’ll give it a run and add the X+ and T25 ab’s as needed. Hopefully I’ll enjoy Tony Horton’s humor as much as Shaun T’s intensity. You all keep up the reviews. I’m thinking about the Les Mills Combat/Pump hybrid for the end of year after X3 — after reading your reviews I think the mix will avoid the monotony you described in LM Pump, but I’ll have to think about the music dilemma you described (37 years old, shrug). If you’ve solved or discovered a way around the music conundrum you described in the LM Combat review, in a way that does not hurt the workout rhythm, please share with the rest of us.
        Thanks again.

        • Eric


          I finished X3. I got some extra money and was able to do the Elite Block – was nice. I’m now in week four of Body Beast. For flexibility and agility, I am doing Les MIlls Combat twice a week. I now understand what you mean by the music/singing. The music is eh’ok. However, I caught myself twice today saying, “oh god, PLEASE don’t start singing again.” The trainers are nice, but if they toned down the cheese one degree, that’d be cool. (I’m a swiss or cheddar guy. Whereas Limburger or Fromage le vec du monde or a bit ripe for my taste.) Anyways, as I was saying, “oh god, PL…” for the second time, I remembered DP’s review and started to laugh.
          Thanks for the preparatory warning.

  • Kevin

    DP- I must say, it’s a breath of fresh air to see an actual independent reviewer for these programs. However, it’s a little overwhelming how many options are out there! I was a graduate of both P90x and Insanity about 5 years ago? Sad to say, but I’ve gained quite a few pounds since then. But, now I’m looking to jump back on the band wagon. I did p90x3 this week with a friend and it was not bad. However, I don’t feel nearly as close to the soreness as I did with the other programs the day after. Any thoughts on this? Should I just keep at it, or do you recommend I go back to the other programs or trying a different one? (I love the fact that p90x3 is only 30 mins though). My goal is just to shed a some pounds and gain a little bit of muscle. Thanks!

    • pastone15

      Block 1 of p90x3 really eases you in. I had the same reservations as you, initially. I’m in the middle of Block 2 now, and the soreness is really kicking in. I love it so far, and can see both aesthetic gains, in terms of tighter abs and more defined muscles, as well as tangible strength gains. I really think that Block 1 helps you prepare for the intensity of Block 2. I highly recommend it.

      • Kevin

        Thanks for the reply pastone. I’m definitely enjoying p90x3 more in week 2 now that I have been through all the exercises and improving my form. I will stick with it, at least until block 2. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll let you know my results.

  • Adedotun.

    Hi DP, this is the best review of beachbody products on the net by a mile. I have done insanity(stopped 2nd month week 3 landed awkwardly after a diamond jump) kept my diet on point didn’t lose much weight but lost inches everywhere, I got t25 and X3, really like cardio I wanna add resistance training. I was wandering what your ideal hybrid for t25 and X3 would be for weight loss and muscle building . Which exercises should I swap out keeping focus on resistance? Thanks sir.

  • JJ

    I did P90X. But I can’t work out for 90+ min every day anymore! So I got P90X3. Holy cow it’s so different and I’m confused. It’s not broken down by body parts like P90X was, which is really confusing. Why is it like that? Secondly there’s a separate warm up video. So not all excises include WU before getting into it? I have to play the separate WU video first then play the workout I want to do? Lastly, the nutrition guide is not as strict and very vague. Not sure if I like that. But then again I didn’t really followed P90X nutrition guide word for word (that’d have driven me crazy!). Please get back to me if you can. thank you

    • Patrick Arrington

      I’m in the middle of month 2. I’m one of those people who really do only have 30-35 minutes to do this so I skip the cold start (unfortunately). That being said, if it’s a workout that involves cardio or weight training, Tony spends the first 2-4 minutes of your 30 getting those parts of your body stretched out. If you still feel tight after that time, you should do the cold start, but if you’re like me where 4 minutes is all it takes to loosen up then you should be fine during the workout.

      As for the nutrition guide, I agree it’s very vague, but for a reason. I think it gives the person the freedom to think of the meals they like to eat and modify them to where it fits their personal nutrition plan. For those who may be new to preparing their own food or new to preparing healthier meals (not saying you are), you will have to do a little research and experimentation. I also have Insanity which has more of a cookbook style to it. I’ve heard T25 has a similar nutrition guide.

      As for the broken down by body parts, the only answer I can give to that is that it’s a workout to be done in 30 minutes. If you’re only focusing on a few set of muscles you need to take breaks in order to prevent injury. If you take too many breaks in 30 minutes, that’s not much of a workout. So I figure they have the strategy of working out one set of muscles and then when they are about to reach their limit, then do another workout that does another set (ie. Warrior). Some are not like that (ie. Challenge- sure you alternate between pullups and chinups, but still). I found even the eccentric upper and lower seemed to be able to spread it out pretty well.

  • Bart

    P90x3 is great, but actually i got better results with Athlean X, probably because i stuck to my diet. DP could you please make a review on Athlean X? That’s true it does not have DVD what is a bit of shame but on the other hand it has pretty well illustrated PDF which makes is very mobile:) It is something between P90X3 and body beast. I really recommend this to try and review:) Thanks.

    • Wrynsky169

      Yeah, I’m getting great results with Athlean X. It is on an online calendar, but it is laid out really well, and I have more muscle size! DP, humor us and do a review after P90! You don’t have to review every workout, (no two workouts are the same,) but give us an overview of, say every 2 weeks. Also, do a review of the 6 pack promise Shuffle Ab workout that comes with it! It gives the ab rippers a run for their money!! Also, in my opinion, the trainer Jeff is as good as Tony, but just in a different way. What do you think?

      • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

        I’m thinking an Athlean X review is going to have to be given some serious consideration very soon!

        • SEM

          I would love to see a review of Athlen X. I get his videos weekly and he know his stuff. Hope to see you review it soon

          • Wrynsky169

            I totally agree! Jeff Caveliere is probably the best trainer on youtube, and he’s not like those other idiots on Youtube, *cough cough Mike Chang. He never pushes any magic pills or supplements at all, (with the exception of Athlean RX supplements, but then again, if you’ve seen how Beachbody pushes Shakeology, he does barely anything in comparison.

          • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

            The only way I would review Mike Chang is if someone loaned me his stuff. No way I would put a nickel of my own money in that guys coffer.

            I’m looking at Athlean for a review, but I have to say the idea of putting money down and not getting anything tangible is a bit of a deal killer. No DVD’s…just online videos. I need to think that one over before going ahead.

          • Wrynsky169

            Couldn’t have said it better myself. Mike Chang and his advertisements can fornicate themselves with a cactus. Anyway, on the topic of Athlean X, I understand your plight. Take your time and do it when you are ready. The review will probably be better that way.

  • Shaq

    Hi there, this is the first time in my life I’m actually trying to get in shape, I worked up a schedule using P90X as the base and incorporating P90X3 into it. It would be great if you could share your thoughts on it,

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      I really like what you did there! If you really wanted to amp up your cardio days, consider throwing in a little T25. I’m in the middle of the Insanity: Max 30 review and that is balls-to-the-wall crazy when it comes to cardio, so be warned!

      • Shaq

        Thanks :)
        i did do t25 core cardio and my legs and core were sore for 3 days lol … how do u compare X3 Ab Ripper to Ab Ripper X, should i alternate between the two or just stick with one of them ?

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          I tend to feel that most ab workouts are interchangeable. In fact, I find the more you mix things up the better the results are going to be.

          As an example, I do P90 Abs C, T25 abs, P90x3 abs and Ab ripper X, and Beast Abs. Whichever one I do depends on my mood that day, or whose face I feel like looking at!

          • Shaq

            super, its time to bring it :)
            thanks DP, for your hilarious but truthful reviews and support.

  • Aud

    I have been doing PIYO for about a month now.. I would like to try P90X3. Could I combine the two somehow, in your opinion? Also, does it show how to modify the pull up bar in the videos?

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Yes, there are pull-up modifications. Usually by using a resistance band and a door attachment. I would also say the two programs could be combined no problem at all. Beachbody is pretty good about that sort of thing.

      • Aud

        Is there a rhyme and reason to how you might incorporate the two?

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          Sad to say, I’m terribly random! Although I generally alternate cardio/weight training days and avoid clobbering the same body part two days in a row.

          I simply must do an article on hybrid options very soon. So many request for it!

  • GlennJ

    Hello DP, great writing and thanks for doing it. My wonderful wife and I just started day 1 this morning. We have been in the researching, planning and purchasing stage for a few weeks, so to today was the day (not sure why I picked the first Monday after the time shift…that made it hard to get up this morning). Anyway, the diet plan is by far the most difficult part to understand for me. I know you need the calories to have good workouts, but darn…too much food! I am about 5′ 9″ and weigh 170. I want to lose just 6-8 pounds a put some muscle where some flab is, simple goal right? I have been a distance runner for years, but I have been getting away from that because the pounding has kind of made it not so much fun on the joints anymore (I’m 53). Anyway, I am still in decent shape with no big gut or anything, just want to tighten up a bit. I am confident I will stay with the workout plan, but not so sure about the diet plan. The worksheet told me to consume 2100 calories a day. I have never really been a big eater (not really a healthy eater before either), but this eating every 2-3 hours it tough. I’m not even hungry yet. My wonderful wife spent several hours planning, cooking, measuring, packaging and such over the weekend. I am not sure we can maintain that amount of time (we both work 10 hour days and have two younger kids). Any thoughts on the diet plan? Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Hawkman

    I think you’re about the only person who likes X2 the best, lol. I haven’t tried it so I can’t say either way yet. As for X3, I feel it has some good things about it, but I’d be surprised if it’s considered great like the original over the course of time. I’m just not sure the average person can get a dream body in 1 hour 5-6 days a week, let alone 30 mins. It’s excellent for filling in when time is short though.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      The one thing about X3 that drives me nuts is the naming convention.

      For example. “The Challenge”. Why not just say Chest and Back? Or “The Warrior”. What the heck is that? It makes planning your routine in advance needlessly complicated.

      But true, if someone wants more noticeable results, only doing 30 minutes a day might be asking a lot.

      • Hawkman

        Yea, & I think some of the workouts try to compensate for the fact they are brief by overloading in muscle confusion dept. In other words, a workout might not be categorized as just a leg & back workout since there are several exercises involving multiple body parts/muscles. As much as I sound like I’m bashing it tho, overall, I think it’s borderline great.

  • travis

    Hey DP,

    You should really check out AthleanX. His marketing is super annoying on how he compares his program to P90x, trying to catapult off its results, but when it comes to fitness he knows his stuff.
    I usually mix in Jeff’s workouts for a few months then do a Tony or Shaun T for a while.

    Also, since you’re pretty fit, I’d skip to AthleanX 2. The first will seem pretty easy after all the BB programs you’ve done.

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