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Lean, Mean, Killing Machine

Over the years I have gotten more than a few requests to get off my backside and write a fitness book.  Well, Mrs. Parrot finally gave me an ultimatum…write the book or be killed dishonorably in my sleep.

The winning title is “Dr. Parrot’s Guide to Becoming a LEAN, MEAN, KILLING MACHINE”.  It will be an A-Z fitness guide with a double dose of all things Parrot covering equipment, nutrition, dumb myths, workout videos and everything you’ll need to know to become an inhuman steamroller.

Bitter sarcasm and abusive ad libs are flowing through me with all the power a copious supply of coffee can provide, so I’m anticipating a release date sometime in March/April 2018.  It will be available in e-Book and I’m still considering paperback if only to comfort myself with knowing I was responsible for exterminating at least one innocent jack pine.

Follow on Facebook for updates.  Again, thank you all for your inspiration and motivation.  I hope you enjoy the end-product!