Pray for Hitchins Day


I’m a sucker for irony.  And today is just so juicy and rich you could bite into it like a ripe apple.  Yes, it is “Pray for Hitchins Day”.  Yes, even I had to do a double take when I saw that.

Stricken with cancer and fragile from chemotherapy, author Christopher Hitchens is still defending his atheist beliefs: He will not take part in a prayer day devoted to him.  And I totally understand that, as Hitchins would have to eat more crow than any man in recent history.

But what it does do is demonstrate that Christians as a whole are not even remotely what Hitchin’s has portrayed us as.   When the chips are down, we pray for our enemies.  True, those prayers can sometimes get a little, um…heated.  But hey, we’re human!

Some argue that Hitchins is an enemy of religion.  Not true. I counter that he is of great importance.  We need people out there to keep the debate alive and keep us on our toes.  Christianity thrives, I say it again…thrives on debate.  That’s why orthodox Christianity can enter the public debate arena, yet fringe/cult groups like Mormonism and the Watchtower cannot lest their true colors be used against them for all to see.  Sometimes we don’t want to think, and just enjoy subjective “feelings” about truth.  Guys like Hitchins keep us awake and ready to give an answer even if we sometimes resent them for it.  Truth need not fear scrutiny.

That having been said, it is sad that Hitchins decides to take the easy way out and primarily attack Christians, when in fact if he had any balls at all would understand that Islam is certainly his main protagonist.  But were he to do so, Muslims would certainly NOT be praying for him, but rather tripping over each other like a mosh-pit at a Slipknot concert trying to see who can decapitate him first.

I guess what I’m saying is simply this: Hitchins likes to go after soft targets.  In particular, ones that “turn the other cheek”.

I’ve certainly enjoyed watching his debates.  In particular against Rabbi Shmuley who can put on a captivating show.  What atheists forget all to quickly is that Hitchins is not a scientist, but merely a philosopher.  Were he to go against a well-equipped creation scientist ( which he refuses to do ), he would get creamed.  So debates are really a battle of philosophical worldviews.

To Hitchins, all I can really say is I hope you get better because dying of cancer is not something that I’d wish on anyone. Believe it or not, I’ll even send a prayer your way.  Nothing pious or nefarious like hoping you “rot in hell”…only asking that you get better.  Just try and remember pall, nobody else right now is grouping together to pray for you except the ones you attack.  I think that sort of puts your arguments in the dumpster from where I’m standing.

So have some chicken soup and get well soon because we need you back at the debate podium!

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