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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Tony Horton must be the most flattered fitness trainer on the ever loving planet.  That brings me to Tom Holland’s Supreme 90 Day which is the latest in a line of P90X imitators.  The box says it all.  90 days.  Muscle confusion.  The only thing missing is “Bring it” on the box.  Right down to the finest detail, Supreme 90 Day tries to pass itself off as P90X in the hopes your Mom will buy this by accident for Christmas.  The differences are obvious however once you push play.

The good news is that you can buy Supreme 90 Day after a good hour of picking beer cans in a ditch ( well, uh…so my friend tells me ).  P90X for example is over $100.  Supreme 90 Day?  A paltry $20.  For that you get 10 DVD’s, a calendar, and a food guide.  That’s good value, assuming it doesn’t completely blow.

So without any more delay, let’s Bring It!  Uh, I mean…aw screw it.

Equipment Needed:

Just weights and a stability ball.  No pull-up bars, benches, bands or anything fancy.


Time: 22 minutes

I see these workouts all have the same stock 5 minute warmup-up and cool down sequence.  I hate those but roll with it.  Then the workout begins which oddly enough, has another warm-up.  There is also no time bar which is too bad, as I’ve really gotten used to those.

Bottom line, this particular workout is a mess.  The instructor moves way, waaay too fast and does not explain the sequences at all as several times I was half way through push ups, and he was off doing something else.  Be prepared to hit pause a lot or you’re going to be left behind and forget about using your worksheets as you’ll never get the time.

I felt very frustrated after this workout as I wasn’t given enough time on any move to get a burn.  And then BAM…it’s over in 22 minutes??  I had to do a Body Beast routine afterwards because I felt more ripped off than my wife did on our wedding night ( love you Babe!  Ha! ).  Feel free to use this DVD as a coaster.


Time: 30 minutes

Stability ball is certainly not one of my strong areas.  But I have to give credit where it is due, this is a good core workout that goes right after the abs and lower back.  Tom also does a much better job explaining the workout here than in C&B so I hope this is a sign of better things to come.

This was surprisingly very challenging as moves like Stab Ball Pikes and Ski Abs really made me work.  Some of the coffee shop music was a little cheesy, but then again, $20 right?  All in all, a solid core routine.


Time: 37 minutes

Sounds like a good hot sauce.  But it’s plyo, cardio, weights, push ups, abs…it’s a cardio-circuit pot-pouri!  Each move lasts 20 sec with a 10 sec break.  It’s broken down into drills so you repeat each drill generally 4 times before moving on to the next.  And even better news…someone handed Tom a stopwatch.

This was actually kind of brutal and I had to take a needed rest more than once.  This is probably the best of the batch and I guarantee you’ll be out of gas at the end of this one!


Time : 32 minutes

For whatever reason this starts with a 3 minute abdominal warmup ( after stock warmup ) before moving into the weight training.  To be clear, this is more of a cardio weight routine that will indeed burn the muscles but won’t likely give any significant growth due to its short time on each muscle part and overall workout length.

Shoulders and Arms is what you’d expect with various curls and presses.  Nothing out of the ordinary, although the music in some places makes me feel like I’m having a 70’s flashback.  In all a good DVD and a serious improvement over Chest and Back.


Time: 31 minutes

No secret that I really don’t like Cardio X and consider it a weak point in P90X, so I’m eager to see what Tom has brought to the table.  The good news is that this particular workout is vastly superior although nowhere even remotely close to Insanity levels.

There’s not a lot of plyo here but the use of weights in many moves really helps get the most out of your time and gives a strong core focus.  Each exercise is 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest.

However…be careful with the last move.  The Running/Pumping Shoulder Presses are in my opinion, a concussion waiting to happen that will smash your head in like a rotting melon should your co-ordination be even slightly off.  I suggest doing some jumping jacks instead to maintain your cranial integrity.


Time: 22 minutes

Starts off with a round of abdominals so at the end of it all you’re probably only going to get about 15 minutes of actual leg work.  That work would be squats, lunges, lifts and some stability ball work in a sequence of moves repeated twice.  A good leg warm workout in a pinch, but you won’t be training for any track and field with this.


Time: 23 minutes

Well this is different.  It now has a lone person demonstrating the correct move before things get rolling.  Oh, and that funky music that makes me feel like I’m chillin’ at a funkadelic pad.  Seriously, I have no idea what I just said.

Total Body starts with abs and proceeds to go after your body with plyo, push-ups, dumbbell swings, rows, presses, lunges…pretty good stuff.  It seems as we roll along that Tom is getting better at this.


Time: 18 minutes

4 circuits with 30 second exercises with a 45 second rest in between.  It’s what you’d expect from a core workout with planks, abs…and music that makes me think a pizza guy is going to accidentally walk into the girls locker room…if you know what I mean.

It’s a good DVD.  Short, but still effective nonetheless and your innards will feel it.  Especially if you do those ill-advised Running/Pumping Shoulder Presses and spill your brains on the floor from a dumbbell going through your skull.


Time: 46 minutes

If the rest of the DVD’s were as well thought out as this one I would certainly increase my review score accordingly.  With this you get time, explaination and for the most part better music.  It’s like someone shot the previous director, or at least took over his body.

Back and Biceps is good old fashioned curls, rows, lifts and stability ball work.  It’s also the complete opposite of Chest and Back ( did I mention that one sucked? ).  By the time this is over you will feel like you got something good for your money.


Time 34 minutes

Again you start with a few minutes of ab work and a warmup which would be in addition to the stock warmup.

CST is pushups, presses and kickbacks using the stability ball where necessary and is fairly solid, but I would more closely liken this to a total body workout as the core focus is quite high.


OK, first the million dollar question that I better answer…is this as tough as P90X?  The short answer is no.  The long answer is HELL no.  Not even close, and I take issue with the reviewers who say otherwise.  Heck, I’ve seen some give this program a darn near 100% score.  Those people are either insane, freaking high or both.  But then again, we’re also taking about $20 here, so that’s probably a big factor in their ratings.

If anyone out there remembers the original Power 90 with a younger Tony Horton, then you’ll remember the less than stellar production values of that.  Power 90 had music that sounded like it was made for a porn shoot at a K-Mart, extremely low budget sets and a timer bar that looked like it was made on a Commodore 64.  So it’s safe to conclude Supreme 90 is a superior program to Power 90 in terms of pure asthetics.  But compared to P90X, not even close.

But again, I have to get back to the price.  If Tony Horton sells P90X for over $100 and lives in Santa Monica, then Tom Holland must live in a van down by the river selling Supreme 90 Day for only $20.  So it’s hard to be too tough on a workout package that goes for that cheap even if some of the routines are just plain awful.  Because despite some disposable DVD’s, some of them are actually very good.  Even if you trash the bad ones it still comes out to a good purchase for the beginner looking to start up their home fitness on a limited budget.

In the end I have to give this a pass based on value despite the shortcomings in its production.  Were it more expensive I would drop the rating accordingly.  For example, if this was the same price as P90X I would give it 2 feathers.  Yet for someone new to the world of fitness videos this would be an affordable way to find out if they even like to exercise in front of a TV in the first place.  But after this I recommend moving on to something more substantial and better made.  3 Feathers out of 5.

John Paul Parrot ( aka. The Dysfunctional Parrot ) is a disgruntled Systems Analyst who wanders the Canadian wastelands saving small villages with the power of Kung Fu.  His chair is also a little too close to the twenty year old microwave.  As you can well imagine, this has had certain side effects.



  1. Lyme Supenstein

    July 18, 2023 at

    Now here, here everyone.
    The Supreme 90 is better than P90X because the creators and DVD trainer Holland stuck to one program unlike Horton who will try to sell anything as long as he gets paid.
    This multi millionaire Tony Horton was attempting to scrounge $40 out of his brain washed followers during the height of COVID.
    Supreme 90 has been reviewed by tons of success stories and while no frills production wise, it gets results and can be sustainable.
    Tony sells P90X then X2 on to P90X3 claiming it’s the biggie,then he peddles Tonal, now his own new program…come on!
    There are only so many ways to workout but out of the the 90 day home programs the cheapo, Supreme 90 ranks as the best of the rest.

  2. Julio Fueyes

    June 24, 2023 at

    Write the Supreme workouts down.
    Go at your own pace and use heavy enough resistance to work the muscles.
    Throw in a yoga or stretch workout for 30 minutes once a week and Supreme 90 will equal and possibly surpass the results you’ll get from P90X.
    It’s a very good program and will stand the test of time.
    Tom Holland is a pretty good coach too.

  3. Pudricion

    August 12, 2022 at

    OK…better late than never.
    Supreme 90 has been a tremendous asset to the conditioning and strength of my MMA athletes.
    I have a crew of six dedicated athletes that have no sponsors and very little money.
    Out “training facility” is my converted basement.
    Cheap foam padding on the floor covered by inexpensive rugs, a heavy bag, dumbbell sets 20-100 pounds, and pure dedication.
    I had to research and find a secondary program to cover most of the strength and conditioning in less than an hour.
    Supreme 90 was it.
    The guys come over in the morning follow the supreme 90 calendar as outlined, and come back three evenings per week for technical work.
    One evening boxing, another wrestling, and the last kickboxing.
    All my guys are undefeated amateurs and two are being considered for pro debut in both PFL and Bellator.
    Supreme 90 has been plenty to get them ripped and ready.
    We are located in Lahaska PA if anyone wishes to verify my claims.
    Basement Brawling MMA
    Sensei Pedro Pudricion
    2 Time Pa Golden Gloves Runner Up
    Former PA PKA Full Contact Karate Middleweight Champion
    Steve Swenson Ret Wrestling Coach Rider College handles technical wrestling.
    Thank you!

  4. Pudricion

    April 26, 2022 at

    I spent YEARS trying all the 90 day workouts, but I kept coming back to Supreme 90.
    It is the BEST and is easily modifiable until one gets into top shape and can follow along at their speed.
    Want more muscle?
    Slow it down and increase the resistance keeping reps at 8-10.
    Need more flexibility?
    Sub out Ultimate Ball,the worse of these great routines for a 30 minute yoga or stretch workout.
    Need something similar to Kenpo X from P90X?
    Add kicks, punches, and blocks while doing the Cardio Challenge workout.
    I’ve gotten in the best shape of my life and a good physique as a side benefit thanks to SUPREME 90.
    And, I enjoy Tom Holland over Tony Horton any day of the week.
    No nonsense to the point get to work motivator with no chit chatting down time.

  5. Carl Bistel

    October 13, 2021 at

    In defense of this program I need to first point out certain facts.
    Tony Horton is no longer with BB and in recent interviews has admitted that muscle confusion was just a “made up phrase”, his words not mine.
    Horton created these ridiculous names for conventional exercises some with a twist that were no better and in some cases worse than traditional weight training movements.
    After plugging P90X for years, he and BB create P90X3 because people could not commit to the time elements of the extreme version.
    BUT, in the original book it reads that 80% of the gains come in the first 30-40 minutes of workouts.
    THEN, “Chatter box” Horton and his buddies at BB cone up with THE NEW P90!
    The pitch? “Because this is the one your going to stick to”.
    Furthermore, the new P90 is nothing more than alternating weight training days with cardio days.
    Recently, Tony Horton had the audacity to email people for some gimmicky seminar setting the price at a reasonable $40.
    This is with people hurting for extra bucks due to the pandemic.
    I mean, his net worth is between $12 and $20 mil and growing with his new Tonal endorsement.
    If Mr. Horton wanted to he could have easily offered these $40 internet seminars for FREE!
    Gave something back to the hundreds of thousands that help make him millions.
    But no, with his pearly white?smile and his “your old buddy Tony Horton” gift of the gab he wants more $$$ from people that are just getting back on their feet.
    TH let the cat out of the bag when he said muscle confusion was a made up phase.
    While he did get people off the couch, he should be more of a giver now instead of taking, taking, taking.
    Just my humble 2 cents.
    Now SUPREME 90 IS a better system and although no frills if followed it will give you results equal to or better than P90X.
    And the creators didn’t have to produce numerous other less effective workouts to get legitimate 4 to 5 star ratings on Amazon.

  6. Ron

    February 21, 2020 at

    On that Amazon page you linked (which Holland’s own site also links to), Supreme 90 now costs $79.99 new. I know results are what matter, but that’s a lot to ask for something made so cheaply.

    Somewhere around 2012, Holland also hosted a program for a certain notorious MLM. From what I can tell it’s a six month program, starting from basically zero and then getting up to what looks like P90X3 level. If I can find a cheap used copy I might grab that just to see what it’s like and how bad the product placement is.

  7. Hector

    February 21, 2020 at

    I can tell you this…Supreme 90 is ten times better than P90X3 and at least as good as P90X.
    Also, in recent interviews Tony Horton admitted that he doesn’t use P90X as his workout, “just a few bits and pieces” his words not mine.
    The only reason Supreme 90 didn’t do a follow up program was probably due to big bucks Beach Body.
    I’ve used Supreme 90 to help with my athletic improvement and those of my fighters who have all won numerous Golden Glove boxing championships.
    Supreme 90….AND STILL the Undisputed champion of home exercise programs!

  8. Omar

    February 21, 2020 at

    I use Supreme as strength and conditioning in morning and my MMA training at night.
    Record now 5-0 3 ko?
    This Holland program has made me beast and is not garbage ? routine.
    Most exceptional and better than chit chatter Tony and slow P90X.
    Supreme 90 is SUPREME!!!

  9. John

    March 17, 2017 at

    If DP or anyone is interested I found a way to make Supreme 90 a more effective program and right there along the original P90X.
    Real simple.
    I follow the P90X calendar while using the Supreme 90 routines.
    With S90 chest/back I add in some chins.
    For PlyoX I do Tabata Inferno instead.
    On YogaX day I do my own 30 minute stretch routine.
    On KenpoX day I do the S90 cardio challenge but add kicks and punches to it.
    For recovery weeks I alternate days of walking, stretching, and the S90 Ultimate Ball, then restart S90 using P90X calendar.
    So far 3 weeks in, so good.
    I challenge anyone to tell me at the end of 90 days my hybrid won’t equal the same, maybe better results than doing P90X.

  10. Milton

    November 21, 2016 at

    This program rocks!
    I honestly believe that S90’s demise was the big $$$ people at BB.
    I spent a few years experimenting with rotations of S90, P90X, and Body Beast.
    Hands down the best results I got was from S90 with Body Beast coming in second.
    There’s a new one out called Ript90 which you should review DP.
    Similar to S90, but more weights.
    Definitely better than P90X or X3.
    Now, if one is disciplined and self motivated there’s a free program that is result producing and clocks in at 30 minute type workouts.
    Bill Phillips Back To Fit.
    Simple and to the point weights and cardio.
    If I had to do it all over I would go with the legendary Bill Phillips.
    Getting fit is simple.
    Weights, cardio, proper eating/nutrition, good sleep with recovery after every few weeks of training.
    The KISS principle will outlive all of these programs, no matter how good.
    DP, haven’t you made great gains in the past by just following a simple plan of weights alternated with cardio work?

    • El Epogrita Chil Bistel

      April 29, 2024 at

      Boy isn’t Tony Horton cheap?
      He is still on YouTube conning brain washed followers to subscribe to his regurgitated workouts.
      Tom Holland on the other hand has posted all the Supreme 90 workouts on YouTube for free!
      Furthermore, Supreme 90 is light years ahead of anything the money grubbing Horton scrapes up.
      Not hating, but any half intelligence individual can see Horton is all about taking money while Holland is a generous giver.

      • John Paul Parrot

        April 30, 2024 at

        Be that as it may, Tony has bills to pay and is entitled to use his skills to brand himself. In fact, it’s just good business.

  11. Mike Cather

    September 21, 2015 at

    I own Supreme 90 Day, Rushfit, Ruthless and P90X plus myriad of other workouts dvds. I think commentators generally reflect my opinion. S90 moves too quickly. I hit the pause button or I work from a paper so I can do all of the rounds and reps. Yet, I like it more than P90X. Like some of the other commentators I don’t care much about production. The routines are what matters. S90 is more HIITy. The Legs workout is much tougher. Do it from paper and your legs will be gassed. I avoid it to avoid being crippled for days. Tabata Inferno is the best workout of any dvd I own.

    The way I see it, P90X is best for building a beach body. Rushfit is the best of the three for functional fitness. S90 is in the middle of this spectrum. If I could only own one of these workout sets, I would choose Rushfit. I don’t have to choose so I mix them up and sometimes use some others dvsds or make up my own in the gym. I have been doing these workouts for years so I don’t need to follow a schedule.

    The most difficult routines I have are the Bob Harper “Inside Out” series. “Pure Burn Super Strength” is killer. It intimidates me. I dare you to try this one.

  12. Kenneth Bedwell

    August 3, 2015 at

    Can’t disagree more (speaking from the point of view of a retired US Army 1SG, Master Fitness Trainer, and basically someone who has spent the last 30 years staying fit). I don’t care about music, or production values. This is a solid fitness routine. If you can’t keep up, then get in better shape. I have actually used P90-X, and this is MORE DIFFICULT! Mainly die to the speed (think cardio) :) And for $20.00- Horton should have to keep his $100.00 DVDs. Unfortunately, reviews like this (written by Horton fans) basically put them out of business.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      August 6, 2015 at

      It’s kind of an inverse situation. The weak points of P90X are actually the strong points of Supreme 90. For example, P90X cardio is just plain terrible. Kenpo X is a laugh riot if you’ve done any actual martial arts training.

      However, the strength workouts of P90X are much better laid out in almost every conceivable way. For example, the Chest and Back workouts in each couldn’t be more different.

      Again, Supreme 90 is $20 and you get your moneys worth. There are gems and duds in the batch like any workout. That having been said, I only mention Tony Horton in this review because Supreme 90 tries so hard to pass itself off as P90X by using similar names and marketing slogans.

  13. Hever79

    April 18, 2015 at

    Now that I’ve spent 30 minutes reading your various reviews and laughing so much I haven’t actually done my workout but got a good ab workout from you….. I agree with most of your review of this workout except Tabata is worth the $20 alone. Its a good solid workout and you could easily spend that much on one worthless DVD or a day at a studio class.

  14. John1927

    February 24, 2015 at

    DP I enjoy your site and commend you for doing us all a great service.
    I can’t explain it but P90X drags on.
    Not to mention that it takes up too much time.
    X3 just doesn’t have the same muscle building benefits as the original.
    I get it S90 is a bare bones production.
    My question to you is this.
    In your opinion do S90 strength workouts(chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs) compare in results to those of P90X?
    Your the go to authority on accurate reviews so as far as I’m concerned your word is good as gold.
    That being said what do you think about using the P90X classic calendar for the S90 program?
    Stick in yoga and replace cardio challenge with kenpo x.
    How would that work?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 24, 2015 at

      It’s been a while, but I recall S90 Chest and Back being one of the most disappointing workouts I’ve done!

      P90X, for all its fame, does get old I agree. The cardio options in it are rather lacklustre to the point I would always do almost any Shaun T option instead.

      I would say the cardio options of S90 are harder, while the weight options of P90X better. The Tabata options in S90 are not too bad. If I could pick my all-time favorite program, it would be P90X2. That one seems to have it all.

      Right now I’m finishing up Weider Ruthless, which is a pretty intense program, but sadly has no weight option. The price is crazy good though.

      My word is as good as gold? Wow! Thanks and I hope I can help!

  15. John

    February 17, 2015 at

    Thanks for letting me chime in.
    I’ve purchased and done multiple rounds of P90X, X3, Rushfit, and Body Beast.
    The best functional gains I have made, and the program I keep going back to is
    Supreme 90 Day.
    I’ve gained decent muscle and my cardio has improved more than with any of the
    If one simply adds a yoga or stretching workout on the rest days you will be all set.
    And, there’s no dread factor involved.
    I dabble in Martial Arts, kickboxing, and self defense training.
    This program has helped in those areas and in fact when I have gone back to MMX, KenpoX, and even the brutal Bas Rutten workouts I am able to breeze thorough them without breaking a sweat.
    If Supreme 90 had better support or would have produced a second series I have no doubt it could have held it’s own with any of the Beach Body/Tony Horton programs.
    As it stands now it is better than New P90, X3, and right up there with the original P90X.
    What it’s creators did for a few bucks and some change can never be duplicated.
    By the way, not affiliated with Telebrands nor have I ever met Holland, John, or Michelle.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 17, 2015 at

      For a few extra bucks, I would recommend Weider Ruthless at $39. It has 20 workouts and is at least somewhat original, rather than Supreme 90 trying to ride off the fame of P90X.

      I’m glad you like Supreme 90, and I want to emphasize that the program has its good qualities. But what the program lacks is commitment from its creators. The intent was fast and cheap and that is what happened. But “good”…well, we’re just going to have to agree to disagree. I did it once for the review and never looked at it again nor do I have any desire to.

    • Steve MacKenzie

      October 8, 2015 at

      I liked Supreme 90 when I did it and muscle confusion has been around longer than Tony of Beach Body. I still think that Tom Holland needs to do an advanced program like Asylum with allot of athleticism involved in the training. I have never been into x because Tony does too much talking. I like it allot and just wish that there were a few tweaks like a timer etc and different stretches. The price is a huge plus too.

  16. Bob Gardner

    January 20, 2015 at

    You do realize that this was not Tom Holland’s program in the sense that he created it? He simply hosted it. Supreme 90 was created by John Dull & Michele Collier. The idea was to create an inexpensive 90 day workout routine. To do that they did take short cuts when it came to production etc., If they did not take said shortcuts then the price would probably have been up closer to the $100 dollar range. There is a video of them on youtube discussing these things. They point out that single DVD go for $20, but here you are getting 10 workouts.

    It is pretty easy to make workout sheets for this program if you are concerned with the pacing, and you can play your own music over the bad music (I listen to my own stuff when I do P90X too). If you are into all the bells and whistles instead of the actual workout then Beachbody does a much better job with their workouts, but you are also paying for things you probably don’t use (trainer tracks etc), and you have an unlimited supply of shakeology commercials to navigate. Just my thoughts.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 20, 2015 at

      The behind the scenes politics of these things I don’t have a lot of time to look into, especially low tier programs like Supreme 90.

      Still, I do give it a pass due to the price. $20 is pretty sweet for any entry level workout program, even if a few of the workouts are just plain terrible.

      As much as I hate to admit it, when it comes to having to watch something on the screen repeatedly, sometimes bells and whistles can make a product shine. For many programs Beachbody goes far beyond just aesthetics….the actual program itself is solid which is why Supreme 90 tries so hard to copy P90X.

      Just to clarify, Beachbody has made a few turds as well! I just reviewed Brazil Butt Lift and wow…how that got made is beyond me. I’m also in the process of reviewing Chalean Extreme and have to say I’m not impressed either.

  17. Justin Van Scyoc

    December 3, 2014 at

    Great review, enjoyed your honest and entertaining comments on that terrible music. I got S90D years and years ago when my cheap friend got it and we were going to do them on our own and compare. Long story short my motivation wasn’t there and since chest and back were my focus since I’m scrawny and small, that DVD killed it for me. Reading your review of the other ones however will help me work through that turd of a workout and will hopefully lead to a restart on my physical health. So in other words, thanks!! Also your comments to the troll really made me laugh, just sayin’.

  18. JUNIEL

    November 4, 2014 at

    well the truth is, i gp rather save my 100 bucks, or 20 buscks of either programs, and just run every day, do push ups abs and pull ups. and eating correctly… but the minds of the persons now they just are lazy. lazy enough because they need some one to tell u what to do. the best couch if had is my mind. and that for ever ill stay with. but bt the way. ill pay supreme 90 day programe rather then p90x,

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      November 4, 2014 at

      Yes, if one has the creativity, none of these programs will replace a good well rounded regimen. If you have a good circuit training program in your mind, you’re pretty much set.

      That having been said, I think the term “lazy” might be a bit melodramatic. Some of us just like the idea of having a virtual coach at 6am when we don’t feel like thinking about the next move. Save “lazy” for the couch potatoes.

      • JUNIEL

        November 5, 2014 at

        i meant lazy in a way that some people dont believe they could do it by them self, not the lazy way of staying in the couch. but, you are right, i take that back in a 50% because i my self like the way that other coach inspire me, it gives me the puch to keep on going and thats well good.

  19. mike

    November 2, 2014 at

    Tony !!!! Is that you

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      November 2, 2014 at

      Odd that a guy who has used a couple different names from the same IP would accuse me of such a thing. Given that my actual identity is well known, no rational person would take such a childish accusation seriously.

      I won’t accuse you of being Tom Holland, because I would hope he has enough character that he wouldn’t resort to something so pathetic as to create sock-puppet reviews.

      If however, that is you Tom, then you have just proved you and your product are ‘bush-league’. Become a better human being for your own sake and stop resorting to such a sad means to validate yourself.

  20. mike

    October 30, 2014 at

    The only people I’ve met that didn’t like this program were p90x coach’s. Besides the fact they are 90 day programs that apply muscle confusion they are very different tom Holland is one of the leading Docters in sports science were tony Horton went to school for marketing. This program is more intense then p90x its circuit training /high interval training. Not trying to come of mean but anyone who says otherwise is either uninformed or is purposely misguiding people for what ever reason maybe there just byist to one program.I do find it weird that in ever review on fitness you seem to always go back to p90x maybe you just really really like it . sorry for implying that you could be a blood sucking p90 coach

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      October 30, 2014 at

      You need to get out and meet more people.

      I don’t care if Tom Holland is the Grand-Poobah of fitness. Supreme 90 is made cheap and the marketing is CLEARLY trying to ride off the afterglow of P90X. Half the workouts even have the same name. If he wants to make a workout series, he should have the class to do it on his own steam.

      I refer back to P90X because at this point in time, it is the most well known and most people know what I’m talking about. Supreme 90 proves this seeing as it tries to copy it so damn hard.

      Finally, to say I’m uninformed because I disagree with you is childish and ignorant of the fact that I do every single one of these programs personally. I’m far more qualified to review this than you are to simply snipe from the comment bushes and erroneously accuse me of being a coach.

      You might notice that I’m not entirely giving this program the thumbs down either. Try reading the actual review instead of skimming it.

      Glad you changed your name by the way. “Truth” wasn’t really living up to its expectations.

      • Steve MacKenzie

        October 8, 2015 at

        I think that Tom Holland needs to do a flagship program. He really should do it and do it right. None of us know who did the marketing aspect of this so I can not fault the P90X similarities as being his in the marketing. I also do remember how rabid the P90X crowd was when Insanity was out and even Body Beast with their inferiority complex. It was cultish for a while. (Kind of like some Body Beast sub groups today….) In a way it makes allot of sense to market a 90 day program as that was what was hot then and even now. I just really appreciate all they did with this even though there was not some polish. I still believe that BB is the greediest of all with the Shakeo dealers and sticker prices. At least this got out and filled a need.

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          October 8, 2015 at

          This absolutely filled a need for the people who wanted to try the video fitness concept without emptying the wallet. And yes, Tom is very capable of making a top-notch program, but sadly this is not it. Still, I expect him to take on the challenge and someday do just that.

          On the plus side…no Skakeology ads! Can’t say I’d ever recommend a workout drink that comes to $4 a glass.

  21. the truth

    October 29, 2014 at

    This is what happens when people do reviews about things they know nothing about or has special interest (p90x coach) the truth

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      October 29, 2014 at

      You pal, have a lot of nerve.

      Everyone knows I don’t get a dime from Beachbody and am not…nor ever will be…a Beachbody coach. I do a lot of their reviews because to be honest, people demand them. I loathe multi-level marketing and would never stoop to such a level.

      Check the site over and tell me where you find an affiliate link. You won’t find it because there isn’t one. Instant proof that you are full of it.

      This site also reviews plenty on non-Beachbody programs and many get excellent grades. Many Beachbody programs even get low grades ( Hip Hop Abs comes to mind. )

      Supreme 90 Day is knockoff in every way because it tries to pass itself off as P90X. Sorry you don’t like the review, but your accusation is out of line.

      May want to change your handle, Mr. “Truth”.

  22. Roger

    July 1, 2014 at

    Dysfunctional Parrot,

    I always come upon your page with these great reviews. As you feel, P90x is a superior product and initially, I laughed at S90D. I bought it because it was $20 at Target and wanted to see the difference. That was when it first came out. I got busy with school, career and family expansion, so I ended up putting my fitness aside. Now coming back to fitness, I decided to give the S90D a try and I have to admit, while no P90x, I have enjoyed the work outs. Anyways, I always wanted to say thanks for your reviews and comedy!

  23. wolverine

    May 30, 2014 at

    finishing p90x twice and p90x3 once I decided to try supreme 90. My experience so far is mostly positive and I would like to share it with you and other people
    who are undecided if the program is worth the money. Before I will tell you the
    good things I would like to start with one negative thing I was confronted with
    the dvds and that is the speed of the workouts. It’s way too fast! During my
    first run through Chest & Back and Legs I couldn’t keep up with the people.
    I was confused like you. But I didn’t give up so fast. I was analyzing the structure
    of the workouts and the selected exercises and I found pure gold here. The
    workouts structures are excellent and the selected exercises for the particular
    body parts are really good. For the Chest & Back workout I count more than
    30 sets, it is more than in the version of Chest & Back from P90x. Going my
    own speed I need more than one hour to finish this workout. To keep the workouts
    under an hour I have to SKIP some sets.

    Today I did the Leg workout and I needed a little bit more than 60 minutes to finish it. If you go heavy for every set (I count 14 leg exercises with dumbbells -> more
    than in P90x Legs& Back) you will get a killer leg workout at home. I had
    to laugh about your comment that this workout is a warmup. I challenge you to
    try it again in your own speed and go for 8-12 reps with heavy weight. I love
    P90X, but I like the Legs workout from Supreme 90 much better than Legs &
    Back from P90X.

    My hint for the people is to put the ego away, to press the pause button and/or work with worksheets.

    Keep your reviews coming, I love them!

  24. G_Wood99

    April 25, 2014 at

    We jokingly call it “Cheese 90 X”, but my wife and I both love it. She’s a Body Pump instructor, and I pretend to still be an athlete in my middle age (icehockey, lax and Irish field hockey aka hurling, + the odd surfing day). I think the key to getting a lot out of this – like so much in life – is that you get out of it what you put in. If you do not find these workouts challenging, you are probably not using the right weights, plain and simple. The litmus test is that your muscles should fail just past 8 reps on the last set. If you can pull that off, it does not matter what exercise routine caused it, or how said routine costs! Muscles don’t care.
    If you are trying to “transform your body”, follow the 90 day calendar – it’s pretty intense. After that, or if you are already in decent shape, you will probably want to create a more sustainable maintenance routine that works for you. (FWIW my routine is …play a sport whenever possible, even if you miss a workout…otherwise I follow an 8 day cycle: do one of the 3 full body DVDs one day, run/bike the next day, one of the 2 core DVDs, run/bike, legs DVD, run/bike, one of the 4 upper-body-focused DVDs, run/bike).
    I read somebody knocking one of the workouts for being too long at 55 minutes… personally I think it’s great to have the option; doesn’t mean you have to do it all when you are pressed for time. Usually I just do the first 30 mins.
    Also be sure to listen to your body and adapt exercises as required … eg old knee injuries + jump lunges = trouble, at least for me. Be smart.

    Some people say the 55 minute length of one of the workouts is a minus. I disagree … if I have time, I’ll do all 55, but most of the time I just do the first 30 minutes. Just like modifying the exercises, be a free thinker and do what works for you. The Fitness Police will never know…
    All in all, Cheese 90 X works for me. As I said, I was already in decent shape, but I have seen definite improvement in the areas most people want. Also I have addressed some imbalances I used to have (hams/glutes used to be too weak relative to quads, got a grade 2 pull due to that imbalance) ; I am convinced these DVDs have helped prevent injury in my sports. IMO this program is worth a LOT more than the $10 I paid for it and I recommend it to anyone who asks how I find the time to stay in shape.

  25. Nicholas Frederick Bennett

    April 18, 2014 at

    Did you push yourself in the video? I completed this before I did P90X and it made the transition much easier when I began P90X. It is a great investment for $20. I agree there are mistakes in the video (they even miss a set in Chest/Back), but Tom Holland is a great host (much better than Tony Horton, who can’t shut up). I loved the results I had with this workout

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      April 18, 2014 at

      I always push myself!

      Supreme 90 is indeed worth the $20 it sells for so in that case it is a good deal. But there are so many better options out there besides P90X or Tony. But in terms of quality I would take P90X, T25 or practically anything else over Supreme 90 in a heartbeat. Pick some cans out of the ditch and make a few extra bucks to get something better.

      Tom is an acceptable host but I wouldn’t put his expertise anywhere even remotely close to Tony’s. Yes, Tony has a certain personality where you either like him or hate him but that’s the case with everyone really. Some days I wake up to Tony and others I want nothing to do with him. Out of my mixed schedule I probably only deal with Mr. Horton once or twice a week tops.

      As with any workout you will always get results as anything is always better than nothing. It just depends how you want to get there.

      • Steve MacKenzie

        October 7, 2014 at

        I would not slag Tom Holland off nearly so quickly. He is a pure athlete and trainer and has a serious record of running triathlons and much more. Production values can be better for sure but his expertise should not be questioned so much as his being made a host of this. He just needs a better vehicle.

  26. Chad

    April 9, 2014 at

    My wife and I have done P90X and X2, Insanity, Asylum 1 & 2, Rip60, Skogg, a strength dvd from Rushfit, Bob Harper series, a portion of Combat (hated – cheesy music and personalities), hybrids, and more. I like Supreme 90 a lot. My wife got better results from completing the 90 days than all other programs mentioned. Yes, the chest and back workout is weak, but the other routines are very good for total fitness. Not going to build massive muscles but will shred and tone well. The leg routine destroys my legs. Adding abs at the beginning of every workout will rip your middle section by day 90. Yes, the music is almost funny. Yes, the team does their own timing individually. These don’t distract from the workouts because you’ll be gasping for air on half of these. The lack of a timing bar is hard to deal with because you’ll be begging to know the time on legs, cardio, total body, and especially tabata inferno. Tom Holland is the man! This is a great product whether you are new or a total fitness guru like me. For the price, it is a tremendous addition to your workout programs.

  27. forsaken

    March 23, 2014 at

    It’s obvious this critique is based on 3 things. Only one of those are exercise. The other two are music and production. Production being the people the backgrounds audio and editing. So two thirds of this review simply doesn’t matter when really judging an exercise. Exercise is exercise. That is what is really important.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      March 23, 2014 at

      Perhaps. But if I have to stare at a screen I want production values that are worth watching over and over again.

      And to be honest, my review covers all the bases so it most certainly DOES matter because hardly anyone else doing reviews wants to say anything bad about them because they either sell the product or is a Beachbody Coach. My reviews are not influenced by the makers. So if music and production don’t matter to you, fine. But they sure matter to others and they are worth mentioning. To be honest, the review really doesn’t focus on it too much which makes me wonder if you even read it at all.

      Plus, nothing in this program is particularly inspired and several workouts are just plain worthless. But again, if none of these things matter to you then the good news is that it is cheap and can be a gateway to much better made programs.

  28. tate

    February 20, 2014 at

    I got this at a price of $19.99…BEST workout DVD I ever got. Some times the price doesnt mean the workouts suck. All the workouts were challanging and yes they are fast that just mean you work harder to keep up…whats wrong with that? Only thing I need to do is up my weights and I’m good to go! I recommend Supreme 90 day for anyone looking for an enexpensive home workout…who wants to pay over $100 for DVDs PLUS you would have to buy a lot more equipment.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 20, 2014 at

      Well, I am indeed glad it works for you. But no way this is good enough to be classed as “one of the best”. I’ve reviewed tons of workouts and to be honest, this is actually one of the worst. Production values are cheap, the workouts sporadic, and the music awful.

      But then again, it is cheap. That’s why I forgave many of its shortcomings.

  29. Trouble

    December 30, 2012 at

    I love this workout DVD, the instructor keeps you moving. I hate the slow workout DVDs..

  30. out-of-shape mom

    December 24, 2012 at

    I am a once-upon-a time athletic,in-great-shape female. Iam currently a 50-year-old, out-of-shape, slightly overweight, three-kids-laterfemale in need of some serious toning. Iwas intimidated by P90X and Insanity—both by the price and what I heard aboutthe workouts. I was not willing to spend$100+ for DVDs that I figured would sit in the box unused. At $15.00, however, I was willing to give Supreme 90 a try. It has been a greatfit for me. I love the fact that most ofthe DVDs are 30 minutes or less, I can actually do the exercises, and amencouraged to go at my pace and do as much as I can rather than keep up withthe buff athletes demonstrating the workouts. When I started the workouts I had difficulty maintaining the pace and doing all the repetitions, but I have been able to increase my weights and theintensity at which I do the workouts. I am not able to work out every day, but after 20 days of doing the workouts
    several times a week and keeping track of my caloric intake on Sparkpeople my
    clothes fit better and I have noticed a difference in my strength and flexibility. I am looking forward to what happens at the end of the 90 days. This may not be the workout some people are looking for; however, with limited amount of time to fit in a workout, and not looking to run a marathon but just tone myself up, it has been a great workout for me.

  31. Max the Wonder Pug

    September 16, 2012 at

    In agreement for the most part, but if you think about it, $20 is worth it just to learn about the “Tabata” style of cardio workouts (which I still use with all different moves)! Also, I had many of the same problems you did first time through. I solved them by committing the resistance workouts to paper, ditching the discs altogether, and using my own music (or tv). That way, I could go at my own pace, go as heavy and as long as I want, and not worry about falling behind. Even “Chest & Back” turned out to be OK like this! It cost me some free time to master the moves, but I ended up doing the whole 90 days, and getting some pretty good results. It’ll never be P90x (which I have also completed), but it’s a great “transition” program, especially if you are intimidated by pull ups. In fact, I might go so far as to recommend it to a novice to get them ready for it!
    Keep up the good work!
    You da’ bird!

  32. Adam Hooper

    September 13, 2012 at

    I got mine for sale at best buy for $10, and used my $10 reward zone points. I personally would recommend this package if you can get it free like I did! I agree that it pales in comparison to any beach body program, and Rip 60 is even better than this. For something to do in between other extreme at home workouts, I agree with DP.

    • Frank

      August 23, 2014 at

      I got my supreme 90 day workout for $5 at Sports Authority. I am 67 years old with minor joint pain so I can’t keep up with these young models, but I have used these DVD’s to incorporate exercise variations into my own slow routine using my set of 10,15,20,25,30, and 40 pound dumbells. Tom Holland demonstrates these exercises so I find this set to be a gold mine of information. Check out Tom Holland’s credentials – he is a dynamo of fitness.

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