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The Dysfunctional Parrot is all about random-but-interesting news and reviews. It is a blog of the wacky, the inane, the curious, the thought-inspiring, and the preposterous.

As such this site is devoted to giving you reviews of fitness programs, movies, books, cultural commentary and the inside track on what is important right now without any of that plagiarized rehash BS which is so prevalent out there. is 100% Parrot owned and operated and that means I adhere to some simple principles:

  1. No lazy and worthless “wire-copy”. ( Screw you corporate media )
  2. ORIGINAL content only.  ( no copying and pasting others work )
  3. No selling the products I review.  ( I’m NOT a Beachbody Coach!!! )
  4. If I review it that means I’ve either read it, seen it or done it myself.
  5. …and if it sucks, I’ll tell you.
  6. NO articles from disconnected and indulged 12 year old suburbanites raised on Reddit. ( Will be shot on sight.  Twice. )
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