inRETROSPECT is a video podcast hosted by BLIP.tv and is sweeping the nation with such aggressiveness that servers are crashing due to the overload.  Is this true you ask?  Absolutely!   So do your part in bringing this great nations infrastructure to the brink of collapse and watch an episode at work, home, in the shower, or even starting a video on several random machines at your local library just to make the internet suffer.

But what is inRETROSPECT?   It’s an opinionated and sarcastic video podcast on popular movies of yesterday and today as brought to you by your infamous host, the Dysfunctional Parrot.  It’s insightful.  It’s raw.  It’s going to put some fun icing on the dry spongecake that is our collective existence.   New episodes are generally uploaded monthly.  Sometimes more if my co-workers have slipped Red Bull in my coffee.  Which they do.  Frequently.  But I’m not complaining.



The Karate Kid ( 1984 )

Specific reviews can be made by requestThe cost?  First dibs on your immortal soul.