5 Reasons TAEKWONDO is Useless

By Jean Paul Fender


Some time ago I wrote an article called 5 Reasons Karate is Useless and since then the martial arts world has never been the same.  For starters, it united in a single monolithic force to inform me what a complete moron I was.  And for months on end they came at me like a stubborn Plantar Wart attempting to defend their honor or some weird crap like that by throwing an endless volley of MMA artists who apparently rubbed up against a karate dojo once.

However, since my soul is fueled by the rage of others I thought it wise to explain why another martial art I am also very much familiar with, TaeKwondo, is also just as useless.  In fact, TaeKwondo is so dreadful it makes karate look like magic.

#5.  Ready, set, kickpunchkickpunchkickpunch…

Let’s make a distinction right now.  For the purposes of this article I’m talking about WTF TaeKwonDo ( World TaeKwodo Federation ) style.  While ITF ( International TKD Federation ) is also useless, it is a much more respectable style in contrast.  In fact, watching WTF style in comparison is like watching a unicorn getting eaten by the rich upper class…it is that dreadful.

To say TaeKwondo is somewhat random in its delivery is an understatement.  There is almost universally no foundation taught because that stuff is repetitious, boring and tends to send the little moneybags away.  Nope, it’s just wild haymakers.  That’s why the day you begin sparring is also the day to you purchase expensive padding which is intended to insulate you somewhat from the inept flailing of your fellow students.

Once I had a sparing match where I got nailed fairly hard by a black belt in what was either an act of incompetence or an attempt at teaching me “discipline”.  He however was unaware that I had 15 years of karate in my resume and as such when the ref gave the green light to continue I was Hell-bent to give a Shotokan style ass-whoopping to the “black belt” and see how he took it.  Where I came from, that sort of lack of control was met with an equal amount of “incentive” to get your crap together.


So let that be a lesson to all TKD black belts with inflated ego’s.  Don’t piss off a junior belt that has spent any time in another fighting art unless you want to discover just how low TKD is on the martial arts food chain.

#4.  Polyester uniforms?  Ewwww!!!!!  Get if off!!!!

Few things in life lack the low quality of TaeKwondo uniforms other than perhaps Chinese made guitars.  They are thin, polyester, and generally riddled with ad placements from Adidas,  club logos, badges, and other tacky garbage.


By the time you’re done taking the special “Black Belt” classes, or the “Delta Force” badge or whatever else they offer, you’ll look more dolled up than a Vegas prostitute.  If you take nothing else from this article, please…please just remove these hideous iron-ons from your already hideous uniform.

Truth is that most martial arts uniforms in general are sort of useless when you get right down to it but they give a sense of decorum and people like that.  Judo, Aikido, and karate for example all have heavier weight cotton uniforms that don’t stick to your body like warm spaghetti and are at least made to give a good “snap” noise when a punch or kick is thrown.  The same move in a poly-TKD uniform will have all the acoustic impressiveness of a mosquito fart.

#3.  Ten Year Old Black Belts.

When your Dojang is over 70% populated by children, you probably should take a serious look at your “martial art”.  When a fair number of those children are “black belts”, well…that’s just bullshit.

Hey, I’m a parent.  And as such we usually want the path of least resistance for our children’s success at a young age as not to prematurely burden them with the crushing disappointment that is adulthood.  That’s why we don’t put our kids in Krav Maga classes taught by hardass Israeli ex-paratroopers.  We want kindly looking, happy Sensei’s who are more than happy to give our kids colored belts in exchange for copious amounts of cash.


Let’s be honest, TKD clubs are great daycare centers.  Any club that advertises a “Junior Dragons” group should be seen as the perfect place to drop the kids off…but not the perfect place to learn how to actually fight.  Don’t get me wrong, TKD can teach kids how to get along and all that wonderful social crap so in that sense it is actually not useless.  Just don’t expect little Timmy to become a killing machine, and certainly don’t expect that belt to be worth anything more than the cheap cloth it is made out of.

#2.  Feets don’t fail me now.

Want to know how to defeat a TaeKwonDo practitioner?  Simple.  Punch him in the face.  Preferably with your fists.

No joke.  TKD is all about throwing those haymakers with the feet.  The hands are just there for, I dunno…balance or something.  In fact I drove sparring partners nuts by doing a little trick I picked up from karate called blocking.  Allow me to elaborate with an actual dialouge during practice sparring:

BlackBelt:  ”What was that”

Me: “That?  Uh, it was a punch block combo.”

BB: “We don’t do that.  Kick instead.”

Me: “So what are these for ( looking at my hands )”

BB:  silence.

I think you see what I’m getting at.  To prove my point, watch Olympic TKD and try to spot a punch.  You’ll have a better chance of spotting BigFoot judging the match.  But I guess the positive side is that TKD is the perfect martial art for amputees.

#1.  ”Kraft Diner” Black Belt at a Caviar Price

Let’s be up front…not all black belts are created equal.  Some take a couple years and some take even more.  The most respectable training facilities don’t offer belts at all.

I’ve already mentioned how the value of a TaeKwondo belt is dubious at best given that it only takes a couple years and that they are universally handed out to children in the WTF for the sake of parents posting a “my kid is better than your kid” picture on their Facebook page.  But lets break down the actual cost of that black piece of fabric shall we?

After tests for a gazillion belts, equipment, required tournaments, other “fees” and an expected 2 year time frame ( standard McDojo black belt time ), it came to $5000.

Yes, $5000.


If you’re not mentally dropping more colorful metaphors than Beverly Hills Cop 1 AND 2, then you need to rethink your emotional investment in your training.  For that much cash you could fly Tibet and probably get a few quality lessons from a legitimate Shaolin Monk.  Or you could spend a hundred bucks and buy any one of the fitness programs I review and come out further ahead physically.  Your call.


Oddly enough, the Dysfunctional Parrot’s ten year old son just started TaeKwonDo.  And yes, I appreciate the irony.

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Jean Paul Fender

Jean Paul Fender

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Jean Paul Fender
Jean Paul Fender
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  • Mushin

    After reading this article I could hardly stop laughing long enough to write this comment. The funniest thing about it is that it is all true! As a traditional karateka I used to love fighting TKD guys in tournaments (not that I competed in many but it least it was more than Daniel-san! Take that Miyagi-do karate!) All you had to do was close the distance so they couldn’t kick and when that happened they might as well have just called the fight and handed me a trophy right then (Oh plastic trophy with a high kicking karate guy on it how I miss you so. Insert sarcastic sigh here.) As far a practicality goes it truly is funny how far down on the totem pole TKD sits. Compared to every other martial art ever dare I say it is at the bottom. In any case I digress so that I can stop typing and cross my fingers that this article causes as much of a stir amongst the TKD world as the “5 Reasons Karate is Useless” article did amongst us karateka. Thank you DP you made my day (but not just you also Jesus because it is Easter. “Thank you Jesus for giving us DP and coming back to life, amen.”)

  • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

    Thank you for the kind words! Nothing like the comical adventures of martial arts training to bring out the stories in all involved!

    Hope you had a great Easter, and He is Risen indeed!

  • Israel

    Hey man, i completely agree with you about WTF TKD, why id ITF useless, please make a list for this too.

  • TKD-720

    About the “5 reasons TKD is useless” it’s not entirely true, I have studied, boxing, Go-ju-ru Karate, Eskrima, hopkido, Capoeira, and yes TKD, boxing was my foundation bc I started when I was 6yrs old, but the style I like the most is TKD. It has the most veriety of kicks and hand technics, just bc there not showed In the Olimpic sport, it does not mean we do not know how to use our hands, just like any other Olimpic sport and martial art style, there are rules in the game, it is not called free style or MMA.
    A true martial artis, knows that it’s not the martial art that is bad just bad teacher, and lazy or dumb students. You are Karate, you are Tkd, you are the boxer, so make the best of it, but don’t disrespect the style..
    One poor or bad experience In a Martial Arts school, does not define the style, just that school, and the teacher.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.lieske.14 John Lieske


    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot


  • Bruce LEE junior

    Absolutely fu-king spot on, I did boxing and splatter TKD blackbelts for fun, get close they can’t kick, they can’t kick they cry.

    • Ryushido

      First of all with a name like Bruce Lee Jr. you disgrace the name. Second I really don’t think you fought or sparred any TKD black belts and if you did, they were probably from those Mcdojangs.

  • Grogking

    mauy thai bitches!!! also every thing above is true

  • Alexis Bravo

    I’ve done Taekwondo for over two years I’m working on three and I’m only a blue belt. Taekwondo is a great martial art. Unlike the myth that we don’t punch is a damn lie. All of my schools fighters have been taught that punching is a rather valuable technique, and to block. Its because whoever you decided to be your master was bad. My school has a great master that is hard on you, he doesn’t care if you cry, and if you wanna leave, he tells you, “leave, I wanna train those who want to be champions. ” hell,, he’s hard on the little kids as just gives them some “wiggle room”. Its not the style, because if it didn’t work, then why has it lasted so long? It’s the master, and your overall dedication.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Sorry to say, that as a 15 year karate veteran going to a WTF Taekwondo dojang, I can truthfully say TKD can’t punch for crap. It has nothing to do with passing the buck to “bad dojo’s” or “bad masters”. TKD is widely known for being 90% feet and you can’t get around that.

      TKD “lasted so long” for one reason: Parents put their kids in it. Sorry, but it’s just not considered a serious martial art by anyone outside its walls.

      • nickydboos

        I have to disagree. I have been in taekwondo for 4 years now and will be testing for black belt in 2 months. I have won many tkd tournaments using only back fists, rising blocks, reverse punch, and quick step in jabs(have competed in kick boxing but have adapted my style to tkd). I believe many schools have shit training but all schools are not like that. My school focuses on hands first feet second. And we are a top school in our area at every tournament. But we also are not Olympic style tkd.

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          The article specifies WTF style. The method you describe sounds ITF or another traditional form that has more in line with Shotokan Karate than anything. In WTF the judges wouldn’t have a foggy clue as to count a backfist as a score. If I had to choose a TKD style, it would be traditional hands down. WTF style is a watered down joke from the moment you walk in the doors.

          • Ricky

            Then you seem to miss the point of WTF. Think of it as an extension of Traditional TKD. You’re making it sound like people learn it as a form of street fighting. Some people actually may do that but they’re morons then.

      • Ryushido

        For someone that has 15 years under his belt as a karate student, it doesn’t sound like you’ve learned anything, especially the part about honor and respect. Another thing if you have such a problem about TKD why put your kid in it, why not put him in the same school that you trained at.

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          Martial arts do not teach honor and respect. That job belongs to your parents.

          And you and every other martial arts nutcase miss the point of the article entirely. TKD can be fun for kids and provide a good way to burn off steam. But for adults it is just plain ridiculous. This article shows 5 reasons TKD is useless, but there are reasons it is not too. I did write such an article regarding karate…


          As for the place of my sons training, we found a nice dojang and that was pretty much that. As long as he’s enjoying it I’ll sign the cheque.

    • http://batman-news.com Ryan J

      It lasted for tradition, respect and many other things – the fact that it imparts a superior fighting skill is a joke. UFC put that argument to bed…quickly

  • MrDarkside

    Parrot, I’d love to see you review Ninjutsu. I’ve trained in 2 of the 3 schools (Bujinkan and Genbukan) and from what I’ve done it is effective, in fact, you spend a lot of time learning how not to hurt yourself going to ground. Trouble is, it’s not easy to market. Yes you WILL be good and you WILL actually be able to seriously hurt someone if needed, but it’s not a quick fix. Whoops. Sorry. As a former TKD student, I agree with your review. In fact one teacher I had kept pushing us all into tournaments for the school. Bugger that. I learn what I learn so I can protect that which is most dear to me, not to win trophies or feed the sensei’s ego.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Well…I always WANTED to be a ninja. Does that count?

      When I was a kid I had ninja magazines and books galore and of course, made throwing starts in the metal shop at school. Interesting sub-culture!

      • MrDarkside

        The art, when taught and practiced is nothing like what you describe. It’s actually more interesting than the typical “ninja” stuff we’ve come to see in media. I just wish the two schools would bury the hatchet (NOT into each other!) already. One thing I HATE, and I’ve seen it in Ninjutus, TKD and other arts, is bloody idol worship, aka “Grandmaster said so, it’s right!” Maybe for you, but not necessarily for ME. Interesting thing about Ninjutsu is that while there are basics to get down, you actually make it your own, based on your physiology.

  • Brokeass Jarhead

    Don’t have enough experience in Karate or TKD to comment on those disciplines, but agree with the comment that real fighting experience is necessary. I’ve had some boxing, I wrestled, and had a bit of Jiu Jitsu. The deciding factor in a street fight is not technique so much as the willingness to hurt and be hurt.

    Sizing up your aggressors intentions may be even more important. If someone walks up to you, out of the blue, and asks: “What did you say say to me?”, the correct answer is a knee to the balls, an elbow smash to the nose, and a punch to the throat. That guy was never going to listen to reason.

  • Scott

    Sounds like you just went to a bad school. My instructor primary teaches taekwondo but most of our tests are self defense training ie takedowns, submissions, joint locks etc. Obviously we learn forms and techniques and all of that. I think you just had a bif with your school so you are going to call an entire art “useless.” You are also missing the discipline that goes with taekwondo as well. I doubt you are “Champion of freedom,” or a “Devoted to creating a more peaceful world” which are quotes from the oath of taekwondo. I do agree that the way some techniques are taught are inefficient for self defense but anyone with an internet connection can figure that out and fix they’re habits. What you have just dished out is an ignorant interpretation of an art from most likely due to a personal problem with one school.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      No, I went to a great karate school. Several of them. I just knew when it was time to move on to greener pastures. Believe it or not, there are better ways to stay fit that what a dojo can provide.

      Taekwondo however is so frangmented in terms of quality it is hard to get a handle on. My TKD club was good. In fact, it was VERY good until it changes management but I wasn’t around by that time. My son’s club is the best in the city with a very positive reputation but it still suffers from WTF style TKD…sloppy technique with little focus on basics.

      As for being a “Champion of Freedom”…well um. I occasionally help my neighbor with his lawn mowing and teach Sunday School to pseudo-cannibal children. Does that count? I suppose it all starts at home.

      • Randall Brown

        I’m well aware of the quantity of low-quality schools out there..especially TKD schools and that has as much to do with the sheer number of them versus other schools of other styles as anything. Yet…your generalization of TKD being useless is really unfair to the small core of very traditional schools that don’t pass out belts as some right of passage. The other generalizations relating to WTF/ITF comparisons are also full of crap. The federation rivalries are more related to pissing contests between those at the top who wished to exercise control in the interest of profitability more than anything. As to tournament methods…why is “padding up” such a bad idea? Why is forbidding hand techniques to the head wrong? I assure you…broken noses and a whole host of other injuries are par for the course…regardless of federation.

        I think as far as judging Tae Kwon Do…you should perhaps make a sharp distinction between “sport” and traditional and not take a dump on, unfortunately, an all-encompassing name.

        If your son belongs to a WTF school…with sloppy technique and little focus on basics, then slander that school…and question your willingness to continue to pay for it. My WTF school easily disinterests more students than it retains solely because of the complete attention to basics and proper technique. Yet…my school isn’t what it is due to a WTF alliance…it is what it is because of what it teaches (Chung Do Kwan) and who teaches it (the instructors).

        • dauntlessrules

          I’ve doing WTF taekwondo for over twelve years and have a third degree black belt to show for it. I stand behind my skills and school 100%. Assuming you are not lying, I suspect you had a less than pleasant encounter with a less than satisfactory WTF school.

  • Brian

    These are the reasons I practice a martial art called hapkido. it combines everything and is a self defense art. most of the techniques that I have learned,i used for real and it worked! one thing to remember on the street,when you kick,never kick above the stomach. learn standard boxing techniques and grappling. keep it simple!

  • Lex the karate legend

    I think the article has a lot of truth, I also think that if a person can’t fight to begin with then karate or tkd can only help to some extent. I left tkd as a green belt ( 6th rank) and have since practiced more of an American kickboxing style, along with tang soo do and although some arts are more effective, the mind of the student is absolutely the biggest factor of weather you can fight your way out of a paper bag. The reality is martial arts provide me great things like health benefits, focus and a sense of accomplishment. I havnt been in a fight in 15 yrs, but I grew up fighting so I could fight before which is why I have a good understanding of what part of the martial arts IS AN ART that is better suited for display and should be discarded in a fight Which is mainly my point.

    To clarify to tkd guys it should be understood that in wtf style, there are many punches and blocks taught, but in sparring the writer is stating that the most practiced techniques of the arms are the noodle arm techniques. Don’t know why because I never competed on a stage but its always made me wonder wtf.

    Lastly, the writer is entertaining, thanks for your funny approach and for sharing it.

  • Troy To You

    Not to be too picky, as this is 100% true for ‘Buy a Belt’ Tae Kwon Do locations and all the hype that followed Chuck starting in the 70′s, it should be brought out that ‘Kwon’ means ‘hand’ in Korean. So the exaggeration above involving ‘Me’ and ‘BB’, while funny, is just that, an exaggeration. There are at least 12 different hand strikes taught to WHITE belts in ITF TKD and just as many hand blocks. We add many more to them as the student gains control.

    Naturally, I have a lot of disdain for ‘Buy A Belt Tae Kwon Do’ stores, but that’s because I train ITF, which doesn’t open ‘Buy A Belt’ locations and takes way longer than 18 months to 2 years to earn a black belt.

    I love fighting 15 year Karate guys, but that’s because my dojang doesn’t limit itself to Tae Kwon Do. ;)

    If you’re going to fight, why limit yourself to a style? LOL, learn them all.

    Happy trails…

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      That’s mainly why I had to clarify between WTF and ITF for the article as you are very correct, ITF is vastly superior to WTF in almost every conceivable way.

      As for learning them all, I’ll leave that daunting task to Bruce Wayne. :)

  • Rick Wiik

    I disagree with the ITF is useless part, unless you also think that semi-contact kickboxing is useless. If that is the case I would actually find it intresting to read such an article about ITF as well as semi-contact kickboxing. Tomaz Barada from ITF TKD mopped the floors with the entire WAKO elite several times. But if in your mind full-contact combined with wrestling is the only way to go I get the point, just about all MMA people say the same thing. Still, I would looove to hear you tear ITF and semi-contact kickboxing a new one. I find it very insightfull to hear what others would not want from a martial art.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      I actually specified in the article that ITF was a vastly superior form of TKD over WTF. ( first paragraph in Point #5 )

  • RYAN

    i completely agree with u but where i disagree is on your karate view ………I am a 6 time African Champion and it took alot of hard work but since u think its so useless please i urge u to step onto the mat and i will show u how USELESS KARATE CAN MAKE U

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      My brother is a Pan-Am Champion and quit due to many of the reasons stated. Karate is a poor activity to take into adulthood.

      As for your sad threats, I guess that only shows how insecure karate can make a person too.

  • disqus_cxHETpuljX

    I can understand your perspective on this and I have to agree with some of it. Writing the checks I do, just for “another belt” for my kids and I, seems alittle high. And the place I found did seem perfect just for my kids at first; however, upon attending a black belt graduation ceremony and watching demonstrations, I was hooked. They take it very serious, while making it just fun enough to keep the kids motivated and interested. While they are labeled at a TKD school, we focus on everything from boxing to jiu jitsu as well. I guess my point for everyone out there is to judge the school for what they offer, not because of the TKD label.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      In all fairness, my son just passed his first TKD test tonight! Despite my strong opinions on the matter, I still do think most martial arts are great for the kids.

      • Marty

        The one thing about tkd is that it does give you great leg speed. I did tkd for 5 years then went to Krav Maga and while most of tkd kicks are useless, the leg speed and accuracy helped me when doing the Krav favourite groin kick.

  • Sei

    “5 Reasons Taekwondo is Useless”? You should’ve renamed this “5 reasons I sucked at Taekwondo”. Listen, Mr. “15 Years of Shotokan”, a true Black Belt in Taekwondo could whip the pants off of any martial artist. Just because you attended a crappy school (a McDojang, as they are called) doesn’t mean you can make the call for Taekwondo as a whole. Beyond the scope of the ignorant view you have based solely upon the US’s already bastardized version of Taekwondo, there are schools in Korea, Japan, and even in multiple countries in Europe, that teach the true Taekwondo art as it was meant to be taught. I myself was taught by a genuine instructor who studied personally under General Choi, the founder of modern day Taekwondo, and I am proud to say I currently possess a 3rd Dan Black Belt (which is the result of 12 years of training). I’ve taught for multiple years. I run my own club out of the college I attend, and after training two twenty-year-olds for a single month, they managed to place Silver and Bronze in their respective sparring divisions at a tournament – not to mention the Black Belt I personally trained managed to win Gold in his division. I’ve used Taekwondo in many situations. I’ve won tournaments. I’ve handled myself in the streets with it. I’ve saved one woman several years ago from what was a rape-in-progress, using Taekwondo. You, sir, are just like all the other ignorant American parents who can’t visualize something that requires a lot of hard work and effort, spanning over several years, and would rather be hand-held through it all.

    Oh, and genius? Taekwondo’s system is based upon kicks, because the ancient Koreans required strong legs to transverse their mountainous regions. Despite that, however, among the original Kwans that were united under General Choi’s leadership, several specifically taught hand techniques that were derived from traditional Okinawan Karate.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      That’s a long letter to read without any use of proper paragraph breaks and grammar, but I’ll rise to the occasion.

      1) “A true TKD black belt could whip the pants…” : Stop right there. No they can’t. Your credibility just plummeted to the floor on that comment alone. WTF TKD is as low on the MA food chain as it gets regardless of the dojang.

      2) “TKD is based upon kicks…” – Sooooo…what you’re saying is that I’m right? Isn’t that what I said? Look, if you’re going to use the fists at all, use them right. That’s all I’m saying.

      3) I’m not American nor have I attended any dojo/dojang in the United States.

      4) My views are a valid criticism of WTF TaeKwondo and can be verified by watching any Olympic level match. Nobody is asking you to agree with me.

      5) Indeed, TKD was derived from karate. That makes it harder to watch if you’ve actually done karate.

      6) Relax. I’m one guy who wrote one post about TaeKwonDo. You act like I’ve dishonored your family or something. If you like your TKD then by all means keep it up. Nobody is telling you to quit. Unless you’re married and have kids. Then you should probably use your time better.

      • court ellis

        I like your posts and I do like TKD, probably because we apply a bit more hand techniques than normal. I was taught by some ROK soldiers and they provided a different format. I think really we just did the taeguk forms and everything else was based off other mechanisms of self defense. Still I agree there are some schools out there in the world that ought to be ashamed of themselves, but there are actually some good schools out there and I still feel the instructor or practitioner is the one who either succeeds or fails in his/her art via his training.

  • P4key

    You Sir are one of the biggest moronic “martial artists” I have had the misfortune to run across. I get the fact that you write this crap for the sole purpose of getting these types of responses, however let me educate you a little. First, my ,compliment to Sei, I think his point was well made. Moving forward here is the underlying issue you either missed or chose to ignore, it is not the style, it’s the school and more importantly the instructor not the art that makes or breaks any martial art. I have trained In Taekwondo for over 25 years. I have studied Karate, judo, Karakenpo and Esckrima. All had benefits and weaknesses, physically and mentally. All were well taught and I would not have wanted to meet any of my instructors in a dark alley. But in my journey I have run across many people calling them selves instructors that did not know a lick about the art they were teaching, it’s history or it,s self defense applications. Most were people just looking for the money, others just did not know what they were doing. But that is what you need to realize, WTF, ITF, independent whatever a person needs to take time in choosing a school.Finding a quality school takes time. I have no preference in what art a person takes .A good program is a good program. i think if you were exposed to quality in your own training you would think differently. I prefer Taekwondo. I get out of it what I am looking for. I know I can hold my own against anyone. I might not win, but I’ll give it a hell of a try. I would hazard a guess that if you cam up on an experienced TKD practioner you would be challenged your self. Because it is not all kick punch kick punch. To your uniform comment, to each his own. I wear a traditional dobak. You bet the kids love it. It’s a healthy environment to be in, they learn something exciting and don’t get bullied and learn how to defend against it. What’s wrong with that? Just for shits and giggles, I like the idea of feet don’t fail me now, I think the Korean’s had it right. The legs are stronger and have a longer reach, but that’s just me. Finally, back to my main point, There is no doubt that there are many schools out there that are in it just for the money. But that holds true for all styles. So before you go throwing any Martial Art under the bus, do your home work, stop being a bitter ass and move on.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Thank you for the kind words! As always, I try to respond to my faithful devotees.

      1) “Biggest Moronic” – Are you sure? Are you saying that I personally am the biggest moron you have ever not actually met? That’s actually rather impressive. You should get out more. You don’t even rank on the top 100 of my list for today alone.

      2) Sei’s a great guy isn’t he!

      3) Don’t care what you studied as I don’t recall asking.

      4) “Bitter ass” – Are you sure? Are you saying because I walked away from the horrid blot on MA that is TKD that I am bitter? Interesting.

      Thanks for popping by!

      • P4key

        You’re too cute .I could care less where I rank on your list. I don’t have to meet you to know that you are a moron. I find it amusing that you come after me and not the points I was trying to make. But in reading your responses to the other posts that seems to be your montra. I mentioned my martial art background merely to add creditibiilty and to let you know what I am talking about. I’m not the one that needs to get out more. To classify all of WTF Taekwondo as useless shows how naive your are. If you don’t know the meaning of the word you should look it up. Finally, I am sure your a bitter ass. Rather than trying to have a meaningful discussion about what your wrote, you chose to be negative and put people down. But it’s a free Country and you can write whatever you want, after all this is your site. As I stated before, the reason for your pathetic “blog” is to get just this kind reaction, so kudos.to you. I fell for it again. But I am done. Have a nice life

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          Thank you again for your patronage! Again, I always try and respond to my posters as my way of dispensing the breadcrumbs from my table.

          1) If you desired a meaningful discussion, you should behave in such a way as to foster that. I’m ok with it going either way.

          2) Are you saying I should look up “niave” in a dictionary? First off, I think you mean “naive”. I could pounce on that, but it would be too easy.

          3) I guess if you’re really, really, really sure I’m a bitter ass then that’s that right? No talking you out of it? Can’t extend a hand of friendship at all? Oh well.

          4) Yes it is my site. But I try and make it a fun place. However, every now and then some idiot comes into the playground and hurts himself on the damn swing. I simply can’t put bubble wrap everywhere. Eventually, someone’s razor thin ego is going to get hurt. See where I’m going here?

  • Drew

    Good article, I spent a few years training in various martial arts before taking up WTF Taekwondo and did enjoy the fitness benefits for a while before coming to terms with the fact it is a children’s martial art! not being allowed to punch to the face whilst sparring, ha ha what a joke! and fat midddle aged men walking about with their black belts and pyjamas on thinking their masters of their so called art,utter garbge they need to grow up! they wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a boxing club which is what I finally decided to turn to and have never looked back!

  • Malik Shah Jahan

    You met a wrong instructor of Taekwondo. This martial art developed by Korean Military is highly applicable and worthy. Its competitor is not Karate, rather the competitors are Chinese Military Sanshou, Russian Military Sombo and MuayThai. What you see is the sports version. Search for Taekwondo tactics of Son kal Chigi, Son batak Chigi, Son Bandal Chigi, Songarak Chigi, Dung Joomuk Chigi, Palgup strikes and Mureo Chigi. Well these are not allowed in competitions as these actual kill, but are part and parcel of Taekwondo. Chinese made good effort in developing a standard system of kung fu aka WUSHU. But Wushu is totally useless as compared to traditional kungfu, Taekwondo has all lethal traditional tactics, but in competitions you fight in sports version of it. The Instructors also emphasize much on competition training because it brings good name to their club as well as the student profile is boosted up. It doesn’t mean TAEKWONDO IS USELESS.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      No…I did not meet a wrong instructor. Geez, everyone has the same lame excuse. The club I joined had 2 dudes who were in my opinion, the best instructors I ever saw.

      No, the problem is TKD and it is regardless of the dojang. Deal with it.

      • Malik Shah Jahan

        Then which martial art is perfect ? What should we learn or teach if TKD is imperfect ?

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          Perfect? Are you serious? This is not theology, this a a flipping activity of jumping around in pajamas kicking and punching the air!

          You immediately conclude that I’m saying everyone should pack up and leave TKD because I gave 5 reasons it is remarkably dumb. Maybe for some people it works. My son takes lessons because let’s face it, TKD is a kids activity. But there might well be 5 reasons it is good. I actually wrote an article on that regarding karate. Feel free to substitute TKD in that.

          There is no perfect and martial arts is no exception. It’s a fools quest to look for it.

    • Ace

      Are you refering to the original style of tkd that was developed in the late 50′s by the korean military ?, If so I have been desperately searching for this style of tkd. Everyone else Ive spoken to regarding military tkd couldn’t seem to beileve that it had hand techniques let alone killing techiques lol. Could you tell me more about this style as I can’t seem to find much (its like tracking down a ghost) have a few vids but again the style in the vids looks identical to shotokan and far to rigid to be used on the battlefield.

      It would be greatly appreciated mate.

      • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

        No, I am referring to WTF ( World TaeKwondo Federation ) TKD. The style you are referring to more closely indeed does match Shotokan Karate.

        TKD has its origins in karate an was never in the truest sense developed by Koreans. It was modified to make it their own. Kind of like how karate was taken from Chinese fighting arts or how Android was lifted from iOS.

        I think the style you are thinking of would be closer to ITF ( International TaeKwondo Federation ) style. It is much more respectable and far less inclined to be a McDojo environment. Many katas are practically identical to Shotokan.

        • Ace

          I know, actually the style I’m refering to is (if im not mistaken) about 10-11 years older than the ITF..Malik’s post caught my attention because he mentioned that the military style of tkd is in competition with military sanshou and muay thai etc, both of which are very practical martial arts. I’ve heard that military tkd was also very practical, and I’m in no way trying to be little the karate influence (as there are several sytems of karate which I think are practical) but I feel like in a real fight the movements we see in the demonstrations are far to rigid to work in a real fight.

          • Malik Shah Jahan

            Military TKD is only for military men, not public. But Ace! You can develop your own system of fight. Do not go into techniques of Jeet Kune Do, yet pick its philosophy. In San Shou, you have 4 ranges namely Kick, Punch, Lock and Throw. Best kicks are from Muaythai and Taekwondo (ITF/WTF), while Ju Jitsu is the king of grappling. Boxing is best for punching. Make your own combat system made by you, for you. Leave the sports version of any technique and search for the killer moves. I agree to Dysfunctional Parrot, no single art is completely perfect. If you want to rip the flesh of the opponent, you may like hand techniques of Hung Gar and Wing Chun. Best of luck everybody. My apologies in case I made an emotional offense on anybody’s statement. Thank you.

          • Ace

            Thanks for the reply Malik..Learning one style was never my plan. I wanted to do Original TKD (meaning the art that was assembled by the Korean military) combined with one of the ancient asian kickboxing styles such as muay chaiya or even filipino boxing (panantukan), combined with western boxing’s punches. From there I wanted to use the tkd in the kicking range and for close range fighting.

            The one area where I thought tkd really lacked was in defence in the punching range, thats where the muay chaiya or panantukan defence would have come in, because they both use elbows to block (and slip) which I like because, as everybody knows the elbows are alot stronger than knuckles, so if the dude your fighting likes to punch then one could break his hands instead of trying to have a boxing match.

            Malik I understand that military tkd was designed for military men and not the public but Iwant to know when you say military tkd are u refering to the art back when it was put together in mid/late 1950′s or are you talking about a mordern military tkd style ?

          • Malik Shah Jahan

            Military Taekwondo whether practised in South Korea or North Korea is not the 1950′s style. In 1950s, General Choi Hyung Hi formed the basic framework and foundational infrastructure of this art. Then, it was purely an army combat system. During the next 60 years, major changes occurred in the army version of this art. Now, the combat version has more emphasis on weapon disarming, pull-and-hit, and most of all killing the opponent in a single strike or two. Sports version is for safety of the participants but it doesn’t mean it is useless. Yes, sports TKDoists do not hit below the belt in competition, but I still remember my trainer taught me the middle kick aimed at thighs. Similarly, the sports version includes all the hand/elbow/knee strikes like muaythai, silat and Kali. If you need to stay away from the Poomsae and become a “pure fighter” instead of a “pure artist”, then I recommend you to study Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai, Sambo, Krav maga, San Shou. At the end of the day, you can only kick or punch or grapple. So a recommended basic combination would be Muaythai + Jujitsu. Best of luck :)

          • Ace

            Thanks for the insight Malik..If you don’t mind me asking,

            1. Which martial arts do you use for your own personal style ?

            2. What do you use from Tkd ?

            3. Is it true that military tkd’s (both the 1950′s style and now) training was brutal. Ive heard that it was very similar to kyokushin karate, in the sense that it had full contact sparring and the same sort emphasis on body conditioning ??

            4. What in your opinion is the best martial art for defence, e.g. blocking, parrying, evasion ??

          • Malik Shah Jahan

            1. Which martial arts do you use for your own personal style ?
            Answer: Taekwondo (WTF)

            2. What do you use from Tkd ?
            Answer: After Black Belt in TKD, one has to specialize in any field from Judge/Refree, Instructor, Demonstrator, Poomsae Performer, or Fighter. I am a Software Engineer by profession do not have much time to participate in regular public events. So I have chosen to become an Instructor with a nation-wide training license and club being registered from my national level federation. My personal training includes Yoga, Weight training, Aerobics, TKD Techniques, TKD Poomsae, TKD Fight practise and korean Ki Kung.

            3. What in your opinion is the best martial art for defence, e.g. blocking, parrying, evasion ??

            Answer: Parrying, if done improperly may break your fingers, so I prefer blocking with forearms while having my fist clenched. Taekwondo’s major focus is on kicks but it also includes a wide variety of traditional open hands attacks, elbows, knees and pull-&-hit tactics. As well as if you search Google for TKD Self Defense techniques, you will see a great number of weapon disarming methods. I prefer TKD and it always helped me in street as well as in the ring.

            Dear, one’s experience is his/ her asset. No one wants to accept that his experience is wrong. But to tell you the truth, I gave up training in Wushu/ Karate/ Judo after I saw my Taekwondo instructor fighting alone with a gang of 40. Not that he knocked out 40 guys at a time. The story goes like 40 guys came outside our college to beat a student of our college in the year 1998. My trainer was a PTI (physical training instructor) in that college. He went outside to repel the gang away from the college. The gang initiated offense, and the whole world saw his skill on that day. He tied both of his hands behind his head and started throwing kicks at lightening speed to the temples, noses, ribs, waists, thighs and chins of 8 guys leading the gang. The 8 guys were grounded in approx 50 – 60 secs. This encouraged other students of our campus to come out of the building and beat those 40 gangsters. After this event 2 things happened. (1) My PTI was issued a brand new licensed Glock pistol from the Principal as now this life was threatened for the next few days. (2) I became his student after watching him fight like that.

            It was 1998. Now it is 2014. I have been into this art since last 16 years and during this period, I have never faced failure or felt shame in a single ring/ street fight.

            So the answer is, that for “me”, TKD is the best offensive/defensive art of fight.

            I can guide you becoming a good fighter in TKD if you send me an email on my personal email address malikshahjahan@gmail.com

            Stay blessed.

          • Ace

            Thank you very much for your help Malik..Its greatly appreciated..Thanks for the email address, once I find a good teacher, start training for real and get a feel for the art, we will defo talk, I’m sure I’ll have questions lol.

            all the best mate

        • Ace

          Your spot on it is Korean Karate, I should have worded that better. Good article btw, very funny..I share your disdain for wtf tkd and mc dojo’s in general, regardless of the art.

  • Malik Shah Jahan

    All martial arts are deadly and they spread world-wise because of SOMETHING they possess. None but Judo and Taekwondo reached Olympics. Why not the other martial arts reached Olympics. Even if I agree that TKD is useless, would your next objective be to prove that Judo is also useless. This also doesn’t mean that other martial arts are less important as they never reached Olympics. To me, a very good practitioner of Muay thai, Hung Gar as well as Jiu Jitsu is also very respectable to me. Please remove such articles.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      “Please remove such articles”…are you high?

      As for pulling the Olympic card, that only means that TKD associations managed to get their act together better than others by forming the World TaeKwonDo Federation ( notice ITF TKD is not allowed in the Olympics ). For example, many karate federations would rather fight about insignificant details before ever compromising. It’s politics, plain and simple.

      As for Judo or any other art…that is not my forte. I only write about what I have firsthand experience with and that is specifically karate and TKD. Judo is a different kind of beast altogether.

      • Malik Shah Jahan

        I had a chance to learn Military Combat Taekwondo while the sports version is mostly taught in the world. For this reason, the fact is that I agree on uselessness of the sports version of TKD. But if you really want the real TKD, I suggest to go for combat applied TKD. Thanks. And my apologies for any offense, if any. Thanks.

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          Real TKD would more closely resemble ITF style. WTF is watered down and it makes absolutely no difference which school or instructor you have. All WTF TKD is sloppy, random and suffers from horrid lack of control, period.

          If someone really had a notion to take it, I would recommend ITF every time. WTF is for kids.

          There is no offence, but look at it from my perspective. People seem to think I quit because I had a bad dojo or teacher and that is flat out false. I left because I grew up and realized martial arts are an inferior form of physical fitness compared to so many other better options. For many, I guess that’s heresy.

          • TKD practitioner

            I agree that TKD is not the best and that it has its flaws, but doesn’t all the MA’s have some weak spot? Now I need to disagree that all WTF TKD Is horrible because my TKD school’s federation is WTF not ITF. And we do more then just kicks. We also do hand techniques and blocking! I personally enjoy My school because we also do boxing, BJJ, Kendo and Muay Thai. I like it because we don’t only focus on TKD but various arts. Try looking up han mi TKD school in marysville CA maybe it can help to bust the myth that all WTF schools are stupid! But thanks for this post it was pretty funny!

          • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

            I appreciate you having at least not taken the article too seriously!

  • Jacob Clark

    This article is crap. I have been in WTF tkd for 6 years and i am a senior blue belt, not a black belt. But I do agree that most WTF schools use the buy-a-belt system and that 10 year old black belts are a joke. But my school doesn’t allow that. Also In my school, we are taught that we shouldn’t rely entirely (or even mostely) on kicks. We do usually prefur them because an individual can put a lot more power into a kick than a punch, but we do still do a lot with our hands (and your considered stupid if you don’t block) we Also do a LOT of self defense(against knives, baseball bats, kicks, punches… Etc), throws, and break-falls. You just had a bad instructor. Oh, one more thing… We spend about 40% of our time perfecting the basics, so don’t say there is no time spent on basics. I’ve also knocked someone out in a tournament so it’s not “light contact”

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      So….you agree that this article is true for most schools yet it is “crap”? Well. Ok then.

      The first rule of anyone who disagrees with this or the karate article is that OBVIOUSLY I had a bad instructor. It’s like you’re a bunch a damn robot cultists incapable of taking any criticism for your religion. First off, I have several siblings in TKD that range across the country ( all black belts ). Second, my son in in a dojang completely different than the one I went to. So that baseless excuse is as you are so fond of saying, is “crap”. WTF TKD is just bad. If you need proof just watch the Olympics. Is that a good enough example for you?

      As for your one in a million club ( amazing…everyone’s personal club is the exception! ), I strongly doubt it is any different. WTF TKD is systematically just a very cheap art.

  • Jacob Clark

    First off, what I said was that a lot of schools unfortunately use the buy-a-belt system, and that 10 year old black belts are a joke. But I didn’t agree to the whole article.
    Second, I have taken ITF tkd as well, and my current school is actually a lot closer to ITF that WTF but we call ourselves WTF because that’s the type of sparring he teaches. I am saying that the article is crap because your stating as a fact that all WTF schools are useless, wile I do agree that most are, there are a rare few that aren’t. My school is not completely useless, mostly because my instructor believes strongly in real life application, so we will spend at least twice as long in self defense sections than any other section. Did I mention that my instructor took judo? He brings most of our self defense from other martial arts because TKD does hardly any self defense that’s actually worth anything.
    And also, from your article… Tkd isn’t always at the bottom of the totem pole. When I was a green belt someone came in saying that he was a brown belt in karate. I was just in my dobak pants and a tee shirt (so I didn’t have my belt on) and my instructor decided not to tell him my rank… He didn’t stand a chance

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      “A rare few”? Look, I can spend my days and nights pussyfooting around as not to offend the one in a million school that doesn’t blow, or I can write an article. If your school rocks then congratulations.

      That having been said, you’re also just a blue belt. No offence, but you’re still way too green and far too in love to see the reality of the situation. I rode the martial arts horse for fifteen years and seen a ton of dojos. Between my brother and sisters we have 4 black belts and a lot of experiences to share. I think I know what I’m talking about.

  • Jacob Clark

    Let’s put it this way, our instructor sometimes has to put as low as senior green belts in the black belt devision during tournaments if he wants us to have an actuall challenge. I’m not saying I’m the best fighter, far from it in fact, I agnolage that I still have a long ways to go. But I have been to some useless dojans(tkd version of a dojo) i have tried ITF, plain WTF, a little blue cottage, (I always discard my current belt and just start over when I switch schools. I think it just feels wrong to go to a new school expecting them to treat you a certain way because what you did somewhere else, for all I know, they won’t use ANY of what I had already learned. Know what I mean?) and my currant school is actually really a mix (but we call ourselves WTF) and my instructor has trained in several things including judo, karate, a little bit of jujutsu, and wrestling(if you count that) and yet he still likes tkd after over 25 years if it. And I understand you discounting the few good schools for the sake of the article, I’m just saying that it doesn’t nesasarily always have to be bad. I’m sure there’s probably a few karate schools that are good too. But for the most part, your pretty much right, and that is just sad and NEEDS to change.

  • court ellis

    Jumping around and stomping like that is just plain ridiculous and the people down stairs should be quite mad!!!!

  • Logan

    Taekwondo is good for actors because you really have to admit their spinning kicks and other poses are quite beautiful-looking. Other than that, the rest is….what you said in this article. Seriously i have watched so many taekwondo fighters got taken to the ground right after their first attempt to do a high kick, spinning or even flying kick ( seriously). I doesnt take more a than a street fighter with some experience to deal with taekwondo

  • Ninja

    This article makes me laugh =) I’d like to see you come down to our school and try going a few rounds with us. I guarantee you’ll get your bell rung a few good times and we won’t even charge you for the class.
    BTW we are old school ITF/WTF Taekwondo, meaning we don’t try scoring points, we go in trying to take your head off with every punch and kick we throw.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      The internet must be awesome for guys like you. Really! You get to hide in anonymity and make hollow threats you could never back up in person. I find it highly dubious any WTF dojo could ring anyones bell. Especially one with a ridiculous “take head off” rule. You either have the lamest dojo etiquette ever, have no control of your technique ( standard for TKD ) or you are just simply full of it. Maybe even all three.

      Sorry, it’s just hard to take anything seriously from a guy who uses “Ninja” for a handle. Not exactly inspired. Sigh…I blame our schools.

      • Ninja

        I’m pretty sure I can back up what I post in person. I’m not to found of saying things if I wasn’t able to do so, or as you put it making “hollow threats’
        I can’t blame you for your ignorance….Sigh… I blame your mother.
        Look up Anthony Pettis UFC world champion all his roots are in taekwondo, but I forgot it’s a useless system that would never work when done correctly.

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          Oh brother. Does your mom know you’re using the computer?

          I mean honestly, if you can’t take a little article that has some solid criticisms of TKD ( and yes, they are ALL valid points ) then what do you want? If after 15 years I can laugh at my time in martial arts and not take it too seriously, it stands to reason I came out ahead.

          And nobody…and I mean nobody…who is secure in their own abilities would ever be so easily drawn in by a web article, which is why I remain convinced you are a barely past a blue belt, if that. Truly strong people are not so easily baited.

  • Astalantus

    TKD has the highest pounds per square inch of any kicks in the world, it’s basic science. Anyone who practices it seriously doesn’t really care about little kids, belts, or your opinion. If you think you have some special knowledge or training then go fight in the UFC and beat everyone. Don’t blame a whole style of fighting because you’re too stupid to figure out its true scientific potential in the basic physics. Add the speed of somebody’s body moving toward you and your kick moving toward their body which doubles the impact, all you have to learn is how to time and predict their movements and you can drop anyone in one kick. 1200 pounds per square inch on a side kick, no other style comes close to that.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Any chance you could provide a reputable link for that claim that doesn’t come from TKD propaganda? I just can’t see how anyone got a government grant to measure the kicks of various martial arts. And even then it is so subjective as every kick is as unique as the person giving it.

      And actually, I do have special knowledge and training. I figure fifteen years in the trade is more than enough to be qualified to speak of my experience. I also have no illusions about everyone agreeing with me either…especially those invested heavily in the system.

  • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

    The video is interesting, but it is not what you said at all. It is several guys from different arts kicking a bag. I liked it and it certainly is interesting ( so thank you…really ), but it is not a scientific study at all. It’s info-tainment. Science is having a hypothesis, recreate the theory many times, and draw conclusions. This is more entertainment.

    That having been said, is the best martial art based on foot pounds per second? Seems a strange measurement, but if it floats your boat then ok.

    As for US and Russians…I double dog GUARANTEE you they do not use WTF TKD to train their elite forces. Not when the Israeli’s use more practical methods like Krav Maga. Get their damn asses whooped.

    As for my experience, I really hate to bring that up for 2 reasons:

    1) It sounds pretentious: Think about it, what do you think when someone lists off their rank? Usually they are too full of themselves and base their self worth on a piece of cloth. I’m beyond that.

    2) It’s never good enough: I could tell you I have a Sandan in karate and a Dan in TKD but quite frankly that is never enough for people. Keep in mind I’m not saying I am those ranks. But neither am I denying it. Follow what I’m saying? Wink.

    My family is also very hip deep in the martial arts. My brother is a Pam Am karate champion, and two of my sisters also have mid-tier black belts. My son is also a current member of a local WTF dojang. Suffice to say, the Parrot family has a lot experience in this regard, which is why I am absolutely qualified in every sense of the word to have a voice in this matter.

    So if that amount of experience doesn’t measure up to you, then nothing will.

    But again, thanks for the video. It was certainly fun to watch. I still get a lot of enjoyment watching stuff like that.

    • Astalantus

      That’s cute, I figured you wouldn’t claim it wasn’t scientific enough because I don’t think it’s scientific either, but it’s the closest thing to science out there I could show you on short notice that proves my point. Where is your scientific study or any kind of science that disproves my point? That’s right, you don’t have any. I have something, fairly scientific on an impartial reputable SCIENCE AND HISTORY channel, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, that’s been around for 30 years. It’s not the TAEKWANDO PROPAGANDA channel, and you have nothing.

      You “double dog dare me?” What are you like 5? Read any kind of military history on World War 2 and beyond and you’ll find many examples of governments all over the world including our own researching and training in martial arts. When did I say anything about WTF or ITF? They are faggots.

      You still are talking about a bunch of Karate nonsense but no talk about fighting in the MMA or UFC or TKD, so your words mean nothing to me. If you think anyone doing TKD is going to be all kicks you are retarded. TKD is 90% fists and movement and timing, setting up your kicks. The reason why TKD is so powerful is because when you do kick, you hit with such timing and force that it seriously fucks people up. I’m not talking about gay spinning kicks here, just straight up side kicks and the occasional front and roundhouse to the head, the most powerful and fastest kicks in the world. That is the reason why you win, because the whole time you are punching and setting up timing they have that thought in their mind of the last time one of your kicks hit them and they remember that force. Anyone that knows this isn’t going to tell you about it or brag about it because they don’t want to lose an advantage in a fight. I don’t fight anymore though so I don’t care.

      That’s how I was trained, and I agree with you that corporate dojos are silly, but getting kids started in a style early is what makes them MMA champions later on, so fuck you, and it doesn’t matter what school they start in. Many MMA guys have started off in Karate or TKD and done just fine as they branched out into BJJ to develop ground work.

      I suggest you look into Lyoto Machinda, one of the most badass UFC/MMA fighters of all time, and his original school was Karate. He used Karate more than anyone else in the UFC when everyone was saying “karate and TKD will never work in MMA” and was a champion, and started when he was a kid. Maybe then you’ll pull your head out of your ass.


      • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

        You seem to be taking this all pretty hard.

        Look, I think it’s safe to say we’re not going to convince each other of anything. I don’t know what I can do to appease your bruised ego except another article I wrote called 5 Reasons Karate is NOT useless. Feel free to substitute TKD wherever karate is mentioned. But if I can respond cool and collected and all I get back from you are the ramblings of a madman, maybe we should part ways before things get ugly.

        As for your science…ease up there buddy! I said it was entertaining! What? Do you really, deep down in your heart honestly think 4 guys hitting a bag is the end of the study??? There must be hundreds of other arts out there! It’s info-tainment, and that’s not a bad thing. Now try some decaf.

        As for MMA training, I have none which is why I haven’t wrote about it. Not a huge fan of MMA at all as a form of physical fitness as it has long-term health issues with the joints. But yes, many MMA guys have branched out from other arts. I’ve said all along that in order to become effective, karate or TKD by themselves are simply not good enough, but they can be a good foundation as I have also said elsewhere. For example, my years of Shotokan made my shirt run with Goju-Ru and TKD much easier. However, people do love to name-drop big MMA stars in the hopes of justifying their art!

        As for my words meaning nothing to you…clearly they must as wow…are you ever boiling over. Hey, if you think TKD is the best art in the world then don’t let a guy like me stop you. I have no problem with you having fun with it because believe it or not I have a son in TKD and he loves it. I think it’s great for the kids and much better than an XBox! So cool the jets…I’m not totally down on it. It just has aspects that are well, as I said, useless. I little criticism is not going to kill anyone.

        Again, check out the 5 Reasons karate is NOT useless…


        …then take three deep breaths because if you don’t clean up the language your next post will be your last.

        • Astalantus

          Okay sorry :) I get pissed off when I debate things.

  • Xwing @Aliciousness

    This is so stupid. Why are you complaining about a uniform who cares. You want to know why most are cheap polyester. Because many Tae Kwon Do places like the one I go to give uniforms for free. And if there are 200+ people going there they can’t be handing out uniforms made of the finest silk.
    Second I have been doing Tae Kwon Do for ten years and it took me 8 to get my junior black belt. Maybe you went to McDojan but they don’t hand out belts if they are a good place.
    Third you don’t need a bunch of patches. I have one patch and thats my Dojan’s emblem. That is it all the other patches are for little kids but when you are 10 or older you don’t do that.
    I don’t have time to talk about the martial art but I just want to clarify the whole uniform and belt thing. You’re honestly so stupid it boggles my mind. From your profile it look like your a grown ass man and your complaining about a uniform like a child.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      If it’s WTF TKD, it’s a McDojo.

      The reason it took you ten years is because you’re either terrible, or your parents took you out of lessons for years at a time. Plus, a junior black belt has about as much worth as the paper it is written on. “Junior black belts” are the truest sign you are in a McDojo. Sad thing is, you don’t even know it.

      And if you don’t have time to talk martial arts, then might I advise commenting at all was not a wise choice? Now get off the computer, your parents want to use it for something useful.

  • Taekwondo Rebekah

    I will have to disagree with you. At our place it takes about 7 years to get a black belt.There is only one child that has a black belt. The other three black belts that where given where to adults. We train hard fast and long. I sometimes go three hour long classes in a row. And I am just 13. It is alot of money but it’s worth it. Our teacher does not just give belts for showing up. If someone tests and is as good as a brown belt and does the moves correctly. He will get a black belt. If a person did not do as he needed for his next rank on the test. Simply she or he will not move up a rank. 98 percent of the students are kids. We don’t slack off we train.Every day when I go I am always excited to go.We have a few really little kids that start crying in the middle of a sparring match. But our teacher makes them keep going.But you are correct me don’t through many punches at all. But I am just saying you don’t have to put every martial art down. But thanks for your view on taekwondo.I have to go practice now.

  • Dylan Verdugo

    im in taekwondo kickboxing, it’s taekwondo kicks but they teach you how to block and punch. the Taekwondo you’re referring to is the sport of Taekwondo which I agree is useless, it gives unrealistic ideas to the fighters that no ones going to block your kicks and punch you in the kisser. I do the real thing and is effective, it involves a lot of kicks but we block, punch, give knees, and elbows aswell :)

  • Katie

    Hey there! This article made me cringe a bit at first, but probably because it hit close to home. I was one of those ten year old black belts.

    I do agree that it is a great activity for kids and am glad I had that experience as a child. But it is also, as you mentioned, sort of a scam. I haven’t done Tae Kwon Do in a decade. My old dojang is now called “Black Belt World.” Yikes!

    That being said, I was wondering if you could suggest a more practical form of martial arts. I am a rather small woman in my twenties, so anything requiring brute force is probably out.

  • Mark

    I just stumbled across this article, and I thought I’d add my two cents. I am currently practicing Tae Kwon Do, but not to be some martial arts bad@$$. I do it because practicing the forms helps me focus, has helped some memory issues I have, it improves my mood, and it’s basically like therapy for me. I think this a pretty good take on TKD though, if you view TKD as some sort of self defense program, because it’s not. It’s a sport! I mean it’s in the fricking Olympics! You want to learn to defend yourself take some Krav Maga classes. A few months of Krav would better prepare you for real life self defense than a few years of Tae Kwon Do or Karate or whatever.
    Just from personal experience, I believe that. I’ve been in more street fights and bar brawls in my life than is probably recommended, I have dabbled in Western Style Boxing, I have had a lot of training in Modern Army Combatives through years in the Infantry, I’ve trained in MMA, I spent my formative years in Collegiate (and some freestyle) wrestling, and have also spent some time studying Krav Maga. So I think having a good understanding of some of the across the board “basics” is important in real world situations.
    But hey, if you just want something to do, have fun kicking things, or even practice forms/katas as a type of active meditation. The join a TKD class or one of the various karate styles or whatever. You want to defend yourself then at least learn the basics or join a Krav class or something. And remember all the training in the world will be completely useless if you do not have the intestinal fortitude to apply it when it really counts!

  • Ricky

    I will say that this stuff is true to some extent however it is apparent you never dove into TKD seriously at all, which is fine and understandable. I have been doing it for 22 years now and I am firmly entrenched in WTF right now. However, if you think taking someone like me is really as easy as you make it out to be, you’ll get hurt pretty badly. The people you speak of here is dead on but that’s only if you’ve been taught and trained by one track minded teachers who do not have a large knowledge base. I have had my share of teachers, including several grand masters that I can assure you are absolutely lethal, and they certainly taught well beyond WTF fighting. WTF has nothing to do with street fighting and its taught as such. To try and compare the two is apples and oranges and really makes no sense to do so unless you’re just trying to get some clicks (which worked obviously). Anyway, my point is TKD is far from useless unless you’ve only been exposed to the novice trash I see you’ve been around. This wasn’t meant to be an attack at all, however as an experienced TKD student, it’s obvious you were just a casual passerby. Anyway, this was still an entertaining read and I definitely enjoy reading most of your articles, particularly the p90x reviews which had its share of comic gold. Stay well friend and stay away from microwavable TKD ;).

  • Ricky

    But you are right, there are plenty of dojangs out there that have black belts that are a dime a dozen but then that also brings up a valuable point. There are an equal amount of joke dojos around as well. Finding a worthwhile dojo is the United States is like finding an STD in one of the Jonas brothers. Traditional Karate however is some hardcore shit on the other hand. Ok I’m done im done I swear.

  • Randall Brown

    I’ve never seen any “Chung Do Kwan” like that..because that isn’t what it is…regardless of the title of the video.

    Hae Man Park is the only grandmaster of Chung Do Kwon that I recognize and he is in my teaching lineage…and I promise you that video doesn’t contain anything he would approve of.

  • Harry Papers

    i cant get enough of these articles. keep up the great work. i cant even tell what i like more, the article or the comments below from the karatards (stole that from another comment and loved it). i took aprox 8 years of TKD when i was young (6 or 7 yrs old) and i thought i was a badass. i didnt realize until i got older that these schools are setting kids up to be victims. this stuff will get you killed if you had to use it in the real world. and instead of just running away or handing the robber your wallet, some people might think they can overpower them with their masterful TKD skills and save the day.

    odd thing is my kid also wanted to do karate. so i did sign him up but opted for Jiu Jitsu since i thought that at least was somewhat practical if he happens to get in a fight at some point. they still dont teach strikes so odds are he will try to grapple and get his face punched in. i have been pleased with the school though and its instructor. the guy doesnt seem to be motivated by money which i picked up on pretty quick.

    i just laugh at these parents on facebook putting pics of their kids up breaking boards and sporting those fancy belts. the mcdojo near my house charges 40$ per belt and 10$ per board. hilarious. again, love your work. keep it up.

  • Shawn

    If a black belt was taunting a junior belt then he has no discipline and thus should not have received a black belt in the first place and in Korea where it originated you must be 16 to receive a black belt.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      The black belt in question was in his early forties. At the time I was in my late thirties. And sorry to say, but this kind of pissing match happens in just about every dojo. If you don’t notice it, it probably just means you’re the source or haven’t been around long enough.

  • Zack

    Very funny and witty. I’d agree with you and most of your points. As a “realist” martial artist, I have trouble with most of the “self-defense” taught in traditional martial arts schools (so did Bruce Lee). Because of this, I agree with your article. However, from a sport specific perspective, I disagree with your article. Taekwondo is one of the world’s largest sports. The system and tournaments are no different from an athlete training for and playing a game of basketball – you have the training that is specific for playing a game. To me, I see no difference between a kid black belt and a kid who’s been playing league basketball for 3-5 years. This being said, I see many people commenting on how useless Taekwondo is for streetfighting and such. Many of these comments (especially on youtube) are posted under competition bouts. These comments are about as ludicrous as me saying how useless basketball is for real-life street fighting. Duh! It’s a game! :) Simply, tag your foot on the other player’s chest guard or head gear the most and win. Side note: the athletes are called “players” for a reason – they’re playing a game. Anyway, just venting because it’s an open blog. I appreciate your writing style and look forward to future posts.

  • Brian

    Unfortunately taekwondo has evolved as a sport and I think that (as a sport) is a great workout option, but there is no martial art there. I met a couple of junior olympic competitors in sparring that only had a bare a idea of how to do TKD forms, and that’s where the essence of the TKD martial art is. I agree with your idea of TKD not being effective when having a real fight, however the true martial art schools (even at the WTF you can find good traditional schools) can’t be discarded that way, I think it is unfair. The situation is that McDojos are everywhere and that’s the impression that people have about the martial art.

  • Steve

    Very interesting article. My 8 year old daughter recently joined TKD and loves it. We wanted her to take part because she has ADHD and anxiety, and we thought it would be beneficial for her concentration, self esteem, and discipline. She is practicing every day and her instructor is big on respect…for herself, parents, and other adults. She has started saying “Yes sir” and “No sir” at home, and am seeing a difference at school. If martial arts (any martial arts) can help her improve her life and confidence, I’m all for it and would never call it useless. I’m sure you are referring to competitive martial arts…I’m looking at it from a life skill point of view. If you believe one is better than the other for our purposes, I am all ears.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Like I said, TKD works great for kids. My ten year old son in in it! These are just 5 reasons TKD is useless, but there are many reasons it is not. I sort of fleshed that article out with karate, but I’m sure substituting for TKD makes the same argument.


  • JedP

    I really liked these few articles about why this was useless and maybe not so useless. Pretty enjoyable! I still love the Karate Kid.. One of my favorite movies ever haha. I was just wondering why you put your son in WTF TKD when you know it’s a waste of money and pretty much useless.(I spose I would understand if some of his friends are in it also and he wants to spend time with them) I am not asking this out of spite or anything like that. I’m just genuinely curious >.< With your experience you could probably teach him a lot better. Also just curious how your family feels about you bashing something they are so accomplished in? Again just honestly curious.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Martial arts are kind of a love/hate thing in my family! Three of my siblings are also black belts in karate or TKD and my brother was an international competitor in karate. I sometimes feel that no matter how hard I try, I cannot escape the gravitational pull of this stuff!

      So while yes, there are many rather silly things about TKD I understand there are some things about it which are indeed good. Physical activity for kids, fun tournaments, etc. But we all understand that nobody is being trained to be a true fighter.

      With TKD, my son also takes time off to go after other pursuits so there is no attachment to belt colors. The important thing it to not elevate a recreation to the status of a dysfunctional lifestyle…a quirk I found most prevalent in karate.

      As for how my son thinks about the article, he’s not really all that interested in what Dad writes! Probably for the best!

      • JedP

        Haha prolly not =P What are your thoughts on Aikido?

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          No experience with it so I don’t really have any opinion on it one way or the other. Neat uniforms, bamboo sticks, Steven Segal and apparently the third Dr. Who knew how to use it…that’s about all I know!

          • JedP

            Ya i’ve always really liked the uniforms.

  • Buttercup

    Uhmm…it clearly depends on what Taekwondo school you go to, and we do learn to punch. I have been doing Taekwondo for almost 7 years, I’ve won Canada Open and now going to Worlds, I’m able to fight literally anyone. The uniform thing is so wrong but right. That’s the BASIC, STARTER uni. If you want to actually do this sport properly than you should buy and Adidas one, or Wosoku, they are so soft and light. I feel that some people don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t mean to offend anyone, and I’m dearly sorry if I have.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Nah. No offence. Everyone has their own take on it which is why so many are in it. After fifteen years and a family hip deep in martial arts I have just come to my own conclusions. Now I’m what you might consider an independent…enjoying martial arts without the limits of a dojo and all that comes with it.

  • Taekwondo

    I Believe Sir Your Wrong Taekwondo is Not Always Feet Sometimes They Use Hands And All Taekwondo Student use their hands

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Flailing does not in all fairness constitute a use of hands.

      And please, learn proper sentence structure. That was just plain awful to look at.

  • Gavin Coleman

    I respect your point of view on the art but I having experience in Karate JuDo hapkido Ju Jitsu TKD boxing and a fe other fighting styles and I have to say TKD is my favorite …boxers have no form and couldn’t have the power in a punch to break a pencil..and I felt bad for the few karate guys I’ve sparred….they tryed to “close the distence ” an the first time I cracked them with a cresent kick in the face they all but cryed and threw there head gear across the floor..also every time the come in if you throw a power kick such as a back kick front kick side kick ect they will Kiel over and start sucking wind because they can’t take a hit..outside of a true wtf match where you could punch till the cows come home and not git a single point most TKD guys will throw a punch..but my personal POV is if your fast anuff with a kick you won’t need to punch.. Because legs are longer than arms dude

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Thanks for the point of view, but perhaps running your post through spell check or an english translation site might be a good first move next time. I honestly have no idea what you are trying to say.

  • llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    Stupid people! You are just jealous that you can’t do all the stuff Taekwondo people can. Was that a professional teaching you?- Jerk who wrote this article.
    A Taekwondo person could beat you in 2 seconds flat. You don’t understand- control, balance, flexibility, or great things in life that you’re able to do. How many people are fat? Now think about how many people in Taekwondo are fat.
    I would write more but I’m not going to waste my time with you people.
    I have to go practice.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      I feel like a guy who was just walking by and then some random crazy person from the subway starts screaming. Something about TaeKwonDo? Who the hell was that guy??

  • therosejr

    WTF competition sparring is useless. I totally agree. I’ve been doing the style for five years. Yes. It’s watered down. I’m not going to argue. I’ll take the truth. but outside of competition, we do learn the non-showy works. the real martial arts. However, they want sparring to be “controlled”. No hands other than the reverse punch.
    Outside of the flashy sparring, we have learned self defense and actual survival fighting, however, it’s just not something that’s handed out immediately. For the first few years, it’s burning off steam, then the “real” training starts.

    much respect, sir.

  • Not Choi

    TKD is in a sad state as a martial art. The organization I am in has changed to this point fighting system, and I wretched. We used to do continuous sparring, which means we hit each other continuously.

    The problem is that TKD is all about the cash. No matter where you go, some guy who spent a few years kicking air is waiting to take your money and lead you through a glorified Taebo workout.

    At one testing, someone started punching me in the face, and I freaked out. It was a hazing from a martial artist who came up from the early years of taekwondo when they were still allowed to beat the crap out of each other. I freaked out and started trying to do inner forearm and outer forearm blocks, but those aren’t exactly great for chain punches.

    TKD is a flawed system, but it is not a bad way to get started in martial arts if you find a good group to train with. If you are looking to learn how to fight, you would be better off somewhere else. But if you are looking for a good sport, or an awesome day care, then TKD is right for you. I genuinely love TKD, and I do my best to teach my students how to excel in the sport, but the martial aspect is lost.

  • Mike

    22 Year vet of TKD, Training center owner, and coach of several international fighters in WTF Tae Kwon Do.

    You lose credibility the moment you don’t make a distinction between the Sport of TKD and the Martial Art of TKD.

    #5 Your point on the gear being to protect you from random flailing kicks is just silly and shows a lack of understanding. I have broken peoples ribs and arms through their pads before and have had my jaw broken before at Collegiate World Games once before. If someone is throwing random flailing kicks then the issue is with the practitioner and not with the system itself. No highly trained fighter throws kicks at random.

    #4 Is a personal choice problem. In 22 years I’ve never worn a uniform made of polyester nor one riddled with the patches you speak of.

    #3 To say it’s only good for children and day care is just untrue. At 18 and in my Freshman year at University I was attacked at 4am by 3 large men with knives. The palm of my left hand was cut rather badly but 2 out of the 3 of them ended up in the hospital and I got away with my life in tact. Show me a day care that can teach you to do that. Good thing TKD was “useless”

    #2 Goes back to the first general point made, Sport does not allow punching to the face, to transition that and suggest that it means people who train WTF TKD don’t know HOW to punch or block again shows a lack of credibility as you lump sport and art together.That’s like saying someone in MMA doesn’t know how to kick someone in the nuts simply because it’s not a viable strike within the rules of the sport match.

    #1 This is a complaint about the practitioners, this is not indicative of the art itself.

    What your 5 reasons are really about is your distaste for the WAY large groups of people tend to practice, none of them have anything to do with the Martial Art itself.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Finally!! An articulate rebuttal written by an adult! You sir are a lighthouse in an ocean of martial arts idiocy and for that I thank you.

  • Rob Hodge

    Arguably the 2 best martial arts articles I have ever read!(Karate & TKD) … Truth be known, I went to YouTube just a moment ago and watched a clip from an Olympic TKD match and nary a punch was thrown. THEN: after 2 minutes of bunny hopping and a couple threatening lunges, the ref called the round and the two fighters went to their corner to get water and advice from their corner……. as if they had done something. **You sir, are correct. Thanks for making me feel better about what I do. AlphaOmega-MMA(dot)com. Rev. 22:13- “I am the first and last, the beginning and the end.” He is risen, indeed.

  • Ralph Garmin

    Me go TKD and son like go. He no go fighters but like and fun have. Master is firm and son makes good go spar. Son make friendly and have goods time. Maybe get older try different style and good foundation have from TKD. Not useless, good workout and make good for confidence.

    • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

      Tarzan, is that you? Please pass the keyboard to Jane.

      • Ralph Garmin

        Tarzan no me. Just liking to make watch son go TKD. Me have like son make friendly with others in class. TKD teach him protect self and also do gooder life. I no like you talk down me. Son like it and exercize gets him. Better than getting make troubles or play video gamer. Hope you realize the true value of TKD.

        • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

          OK, maybe its my morning coffee but this conversation is just freaking hilarious. :)

          Me go now. Big job. Work do.

          • Ralph Garmin

            Me makers heart sadly go bad no like fun makers. Me not so greater English, sorry. Just learning how go write. Is like we say at home, if cow can eat then no bother for milky. If cow give milky then rainbow day is. Hope this clear up speakers no gooder for me.

          • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

            “If cow can eat then no bother for milky”

            From the mouth of Tarzan comes such richness. I too have a good farm saying that my Dad taught me as a kid…

            “Son, if you can’t write in gosh darn English, don’t post on comment forums.”

            Sorry, but you’re killing me here! Now go have a “gooder” day. :)

  • http://batman-news.com Ryan J

    Totally DEAD ON. Got my TKD Black Belt in my 20s. I was mopping their “Third Degrees” by the time I was a Purple Belt because I had athletic training and played D1 Basketball. THis was “frowned upon”. Got the black belt, stopped going, and took up boxing for the next 10 years. I learned more in boxing 6 months than all my TKD. It’s a joke. Any art that teaches you to throw punches from your HIP??? WTF>

  • traditionalTKDguy

    I have 13 years of TKD experience and still am not a black belt, not due to my own inadequacy or my school being particularly harsh, mainly due to slight inconsistencies in attendance preventing me from being able to promote consistently with school and work, my TKD school was neither ITF or WTF both of which i agree are inherently useless as a form of self defense, I mean awesome you can throw 11 front leg low, middle, high round kicks, great for you, but there is no power in those kicks, not to mention the majority of people my age (19) don’t necessarily wear pants they can kick like that in, I know i can’t throw a jump spinning back kick in my jeans, let alone a side kick 6 and a half feet in the air, which is why, teaching people how to win a fight is so important, sure sparing is all well and good and you have to follow certain rules for safety, but until about a year ago when i stopped training at the school after our master died we also had a lot of freedom in how we fought. no one was ever forced to fence or play tag or to stand in that stance, if it worked for you it worked, and unless specifically training for a tournament which the school did once a year for our grandmasters event, we didn’t count points either, the black belts and older/high ranking students helped teach the younger ones during sparing, I.E making you keep your hands up, hitting you if your open and so on, not to mention the teaching that there are no rules in a street fight and if you’re in danger, by all means, punch the guy in the throat, kick him in the knee, spinning back fist him and shatter his jaw, were things that eventually are taught to all kids, now I’m not saying I’m the best fighter, nor was my school perfect, I began training in mma and kickboxing to better learn how to strike with my hands not that i can’t already I just want dramatic improvement which I would no longer get at the school, but that wasn’t until recently because i have the money, I spent 3 hours 5 days a week for years training TKD and honestly I got what I know beaten into me by my older friends because i was loud mouthed and annoying at the school and because I never went home crying about how I got punched in the face, or kicked in the chest as a kid, when i spoke about i was excited, and granted they beat me up a lot, but there was teaching going on, they hit me and told me to block until i started, and so on, TKD is not useless traditionally, but rigid tournament rules, and ITF/WTF styles have made it so, who gives a shit if you’re the gold medal champion of the world if you get jumped on your way home and get your ass kicked into next week, there needs to be room for leg checks, blocking, punches that aren’t just straight punches, thats the way it has to be, maintain al the traditional style for the kata/forms but with sparing, teach the students how to use their body, their whole body to defend themselves with grabs strikes, blocks, throws, chokes, and reversals. thats my 2 cents but overall i agree with you, the whole ITF/WTF mcdojo/dojang bull shit is ruining martial arts and the perception people have of them.

  • http://dysfunctionalparrot.com Dysfunctional Parrot

    Again, the article specifies WTF TKD. ITF is essentially a carbon copy of Shotokan karate, and the AIMAA is where I get my auto insurance.