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Month Two of Insanity: Max 30 is upon us.  Rather hard to believe that Month One was designed to break us in considering how it borders on impossible levels of difficulty.  But gosh darn it, I’m going to sacrifice my body to give you a decent non-coach review if it’s the last thing I do.  And it just might be given what lies ahead.

Max Out Cardio

Well, the good news is that you get 30 second breaks.  The bad news is that you might spend that time throwing up.  The format is 3 moves for 30 seconds each, then a break to gather up your pieces.

Let me pause to mention one thing: heart-rate monitors. Very few things in life that don’t involve mortal danger will get you spiking like this program.  During this program I was hitting the my max heart-rate almost constantly, so let that be a tip and warning if you need to watch that sort of thing.


Max Out Power

Explosive plyometics, not fast.  Think pulse squats and plyo-pushups.  It’s 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off.  With this, your muscles will fail before your cardio does, especially the pushups where you’ll start on your feet but end on your knees.  For the record, X-Jump abs are the worst.


The provided food guide is colourful and well laid out.  It provides two portion options  – Plan A or plan B – depending on your weight.  Then it moves into your food directory giving lists of acceptable foods and the amounts that would be a serving. 

Next is the recipe section.  As usual, Shaun T’s recipe guide is in full colour and well laid out.  The recipes are simple and organized by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack.  I especially like the seasoning mixes, salad dressings and the do it yourself section that has omelet, salad and dinner ideas.   These give the more creative chef and the completely clueless cook some great ideas to spice up their dinner ideas without spending hours combing recipe websites.


All in all, an easy to use and simple book to provide, what I see as, the most important part of your workout.  If your fuel is wrong, you just won’t get the results you are looking for.

Max Out Sweat

Something is very wrong in this universe when a workout makes Insanity look like a day off.  Indeed, I had to take the pants off for this one, because it was balls to the wall.


Like any Shaun T style workout, plyo and muscle engagement is a key cardio component, making it all the more difficult.  Even Shaun knows this is harder than usual and seems to be trying to push you all the more to get through it alive.

When it’s all said and done, Shaun is on the ground admitting that’s the hardest workout he’s done.  I’ll agree with him with more exuberance once my heart kicks back in.


Max Out Strength

This is broken into 4 rounds: lower body, push-ups, core and more push-ups.  Each move is 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off before continuing.  The second round push-ups in this one are particularly savage.


Friday Fight – Round 2

Unequivocally, unquestionably the most impossible cardio-circuit training you’ll do for thirty minutes.  I’m not sure if this or Max Out Sweat is the hardest of the pack but that’s like saying being mauled by a bear is preferable to being eaten by a tiger.  Either way you’re going down screaming.

Each move is 45 seconds and all moves are consecutive with no breaks.  You get two crummy water breaks…one at 15 minutes and the other at 26.  Have fun.



Need to develop Olympian levels of cardio?  Want to outrun the average Kryptonian or change a lightbulb in the Sistene Chapel by jumping to reach it?  My friends, Insanity: Max 30 will make you a superstar.  The attention to legs, plyometrics and cardio is simply unparalleled in any home fitness program to date, and that includes Insanity.

Then there’s the man himself, Shaun T.  He is probably the most motivating instructor out there as he’s constantly pushing you to go one second further.  Somehow he manages to maintain a funny demeanour, yet stay unwavering in his desire to push you to succeed.  I must admit that out of all dozens of programs I have collected over the years, Shaun T has become my personal favorite instructor.

I’m also a huge critic of production values and this one scores big.  Music is perfect…just perfect.  The set is easy to look at and the cast is getting their cans kicked.  Shaun works the set like a true pro, giving proper tips and inspiration at the right times.  It’s almost a work of art.


If you want to get leaned down then Max 30 is the way to go.  However, if you desire to add a little mass, you will have to supplement with another program.  I noticed that biceps in particular get fairly ignored.

Keep in mind, if you’ve spent a considerable time on the couch and now decide to start getting fit…do NOT begin with Insanity: Max 30.  This is not a beginner program in any way whatsoever and Shaun T goes out of his way to explain that.  Max 30 is designed for the experienced fitness enthusiast who wants to push to new levels.

To summarize, this is a program every P90X ( or similar package ) grad should have as it fill the huge, gaping cardio vacuum that programs like it have.  Nobody, and I freaking mean nobody does cardio-circuit training like Shaun T.  As a standalone program Insanity: Max 30 is sufficient to give you triathlete levels of endurance and explosive power as good or better than the original Insanity…only at a shorter timeframe of 30 minutes.  Another solid winner for Shaun T.  5 Feathers out of 5.

John Paul Parrot ( aka. The Dysfunctional Parrot ) is a disgruntled Systems Analyst who wanders the Canadian wastelands saving small villages with the power of Kung Fu.  His chair is also a little too close to the twenty year old microwave.  As you can well imagine, this has had certain side effects.



  1. JB

    August 10, 2022 at

    Thanks! Will do with a slower step-up then, with Shaun Week I think.

  2. JB

    August 8, 2022 at

    Hi Parrot, you’re the best reviewer I read, you know that? Gave me a few laughter bursts too. Anyway, I’m currently in the Beta round of Focus T25 and I really like Shaun T as an instructor. The difficulty looks right for me as well. So I started to think about what I should do next, to up the difficulty progressively, and as such I took a look at lots of your reviews. I would like to stick with Shaun for the time being. What would you recommend? Going directly to Max30, trying Transform20 with some added weights work like you recommended in your review, trying Shaun Week, or even the original Insanity?

    • John Paul Parrot

      August 8, 2022 at

      Transform 20 or Shaun Week might be a softer landing than Max 30 which is all-in. Depends how ready you feel about going to the next level. But I’d skip the original Insanity entirely and would always choose Max 30 over it due to being easier on the knees.

  3. KD

    January 6, 2018 at

    Ok. As much as I think 80 day obsession *could* be a good workout, I can’t stand Autumn. I’m going to start another round of Max 30. I was a month in to insanity OG and about to start month 2, but thanks to working in elementary education I got sick for 2 weeks and I’ve been dicking around with BOD since. Im not a huge fan of the tabata workouts. I hate the break, but I’m going to give it a true shot this time. I’ve done numerous rounds of Max 30 over the last few years, but I need another. This and body beast will be my daily workouts. I’ll mix in 80 day on the weekends. Maher are your thoughts on 80 day obsession? Do you think it will be as good as they are making it sound?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 6, 2018 at

      At the moment I’m about to start reviewing “A Little Obsessed” once I get done “Double Time” and to be honest, it looks like Autumn is giving me another tough slog to get through. Autumn kind of makes my eardrums vibrate in a bad way so I have no hope of surviving 80 solid days of her without some good quality whiskey from the old country. I’ll let you know when I get to it, but I wouldn’t set the hopes too high.

      • KD

        January 7, 2018 at

        My friend suggested putting her on mute. ALO didn’t have any music and it was just her, also making my eardrums hurt. You’re the real MVP!!!!!

  4. Bonehead Cycler

    January 3, 2018 at

    Do you think that max:30 is sustainable? While you’ve said that T25 is easier, do you think that it is better for long term use? I want to use these programs to help me live better, but I’m afraid that max:30 will leave me feeling dead every day.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 4, 2018 at

      To be honest, depends on your age. At 47 I can do a round of Max 30 but it will start to chip away at me past that. Young bucks with an abundance of cartilage can keep it going longer, but I find that Shaun T’s programs in general are not long term endeavors. Long term functional fitness seems to be an angle Tony Horton has nailed down much better.

  5. Vegan Latina

    August 22, 2017 at

    Hi Mr. Parrot! My journey with Shaun T started in April and I’d like some advice. I completed the OG Insanity a couple of months ago and Insanity Max 30 this week. I’ve lost 21.5 pounds and 21.5 inches, but I still want to lose 10 more and a few more inches off my waist plus tone up. Do you have any recommendations? I was thinking of repeating Max 30 month two again. Thank you so much in advance!!!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      August 24, 2017 at

      I’d be hesitant to change too much if it’s working so well for you. However, if you’re looking for some variety then try Stronger by Nicky Hollander which is along the same concept. Best of all it’s free!

      • Vegan Latina

        August 25, 2017 at

        Thank you for the feedback! I really love working out with Shaun T. I’m getting slow but great results with Max 30. Should I redo Max 30 from month one or start at month two? Where can I access Stronger? Thank you in advance!

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          September 7, 2017 at

          Stronger is free at, or you can watch it on YouTube. As for Max 30, month 2 does allow for modification so it is doable. Try a week and see how it feels then evaluate from there.

  6. Melissa Oliver

    June 14, 2017 at

    Hello, I your reviews are real funny! Can you recommend a good hear rate monitor watch for this. I have been looking for one.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      June 16, 2017 at

      Depends how spot on you want it. Polaris chest straps are supposed to be pretty accurate. I had an Omron strap/watch and the thing was junk but maybe things have improved. Currently I use a FitBit HR and like it.

  7. Marc Martineau

    May 25, 2017 at

    You mentioned Shift Shop below in another post ; is it going to be a Shaun T workout ?

  8. ctb

    May 20, 2017 at

    Just out of curiosity – what would you recommend as a next step from here? I’ve done 2 circuits of Max 30 completely, and a third run through the 2nd month. I can do most (not all) the workouts without “maxing out”, but guess there’s still some room to do everything at a harder clip…
    I’ve shredded a pretty solid amount of weight on it, and retaining muscle mass has never been an issue for me…

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      May 23, 2017 at

      You can try Asylum if you’re wanting to up the ante. Other options are concentrating on functional fitness with something like P90X2 or Stronger by Nicki Hollander.

  9. Matt

    May 15, 2017 at

    If I can do the workouts in Focus T25 without too much difficulty, how prepared will I be for this?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      May 15, 2017 at

      I generally consider T25 to be the pre-requisite for Max 30. If you can pull through the former no problem, then you’re ready.

  10. Ying

    May 2, 2017 at

    Important question: Is Max 30 harder than Asylum 1&2? I completed both Asylum 1&2 a year ago and have been at a plateau since! I’m currently doing an Asylum/P90X2 hybrid but it’s not working. It’s EXTREMELY frustrating how my fit test numbers hardly change. Please suggest a program that will take it to the next level beyond Asylum 1&2. Thanks!

    PS: what do you think of Core do Force? I have a martial arts background and want to know if they teach the right techniques.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      May 3, 2017 at

      For a home fitness course, few are willing to go beyond an Asylum level workout as you almost need to go to a Crossfit center to go further. Also consider that we all will have plateaus and at a certain point you are simply not going to lift more or jump higher no matter what you put in.

      Asylum does have limitations with strength, so perhaps Body Beast to get the muscles up? A little bit of heavy resistance might push the muscles past their plateaus. Try to avoid the half-hour workouts unless you want to do them twice a day as I’ve yet to see one that will keep up with Asylum.

      Regarding Core de Force…it’s alright in the vanilla ice cream sense. It does what it claims but I found it to lack variety and the martial arts techniques were geared more towards soccer moms than someone who has actually had any training in a real dojo.

      • Ying

        May 3, 2017 at

        Thanks for the detailed reply. I’m doing P90X2 for strength, I mentioned I’m doing Asylum/X2 hybrid. I don’t know about body beast since I gain weight easily and I want to lose fat and focus on performance. I didn’t get a clear answer about program do you suggest to take it further?

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          May 4, 2017 at

          Not sure I’ve done anything beyond Aslum in terms of difficulty. Max 30 would be darn close if not equal. So off the top of my head I’m not sure I have an answer for you. I am trying to see what Dailyburn has to offer but I’ve only gone through 2 programs ( Live to Fail and just finished BlackFire…neither are as tough as Asylum ).

          Right now…in my opinion of course…Asylum is tops for endurance while P90X2 is tops for full body fitness. In the next few month Beachbody is coming out with Shift Shop which certainly LOOKS like it might surpass Asylum, but I have yet to review it.

          • Ying

            June 13, 2017 at

            Hi again. Have you tried Insane Focus? Shaun’s latest program. Honestly I’m a bit disappointed how it’s much easier than his other programs.

          • Dysfunctional Parrot

            June 13, 2017 at

            No as it’s currently only on Beachbody on Demand which I do not have a membership for. Currently giving my shekels to Dailyburn so I can get some reviews done with them and might get BOD afterwards. Too much to have both memberships simultaneously.

  11. Simon

    March 20, 2017 at

    Hi DP, going to finish T25 this week, after your recommendation. Despite your review making me a bit anxious going to start Max:30 straight afterwards, looking forward to it, the Beta cycle of T25 is still tough but I am nailing most workouts now.
    How important is it to use the meal plan with the Max:30. I started using the T25 diet but was constantly hungry and became a bit irritable and seemed to have energy lags during the work out.
    i switched to the Slow Carb diet frmo 4 hour body. The weight loss granted is not as extreme as the 2 weeks i was doing the T25 diet. But the weight is still coming off and I’m no where near as hungry and have more energy. Plus it’s a lot less fiddly than the T25 diet where you have to measure out everything exactly, not helped that I was on option B and my wife was option A so couldn’t even double the quantities.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      March 20, 2017 at

      I have a personal thing about all the meal plans that come with Beachbody…I pretty much ignore them. I just decide to eat normal, natural food and stay away from processed junk. Keep the portions reasonable and most people will be just fine.

      I would describe my diet as kosher/paleo/gluten free. Yes, people think I’m just being insufferable and difficult. Not sure I can counter their arguments either! If you look at videos on YouTube where Tony Horton discusses the issue, you’ll see he mixes things up quite a bit. Do a little paleo, a little vegetarian…but nothing permanent and rigid. Probably good words to live by

  12. Brooke Forystek

    March 14, 2017 at

    Love seeing that you’re a fan of Insanity Max 30. I finished Max 30 last week and it is my favorite workout program I’ve ever done. And like you, Shaun T is my absolute FAVORITE. (I’ve completed 21 day fix, 21 df extreme, 22 minute hard corps, core de force, insanity, insanity max 30, and am now on to PiYo with Chalene). I always read your reviews before deciding which programs to start. Whether I always agree or not, you are a great read and I love your insights! Thanks!

  13. Brian Blodgett

    February 22, 2017 at

    Parrot, I’m currently on week 6 of Max 30 and recently purchased P90X3 to do after i’m done with Max 30. After reading some of your comments, I’m worried that X3 will be too easy. By the time I’m done with Max 30 i will have achieved my desired weight and will be looking to maintain and tone muscle. Actually I wouldn’t be opposed to putting on a little mass. I guess my question is do you think X3 is the right program to maintain or put on a little mass and if not should i be doing some sort of Body Beast hybrid?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 22, 2017 at

      X3 is a pretty solid program that I highly recommend. If you use the right weights, being easy should not be an issue. A good option might be to swap in Max 30 cardio days during the X3 days and make a sweet hybrid. Another option might be Hammer and Chisel which is somewhat of a cardio/bulk mix itself.

      • Brian Blodgett

        February 22, 2017 at

        Great. I think I’m going to do a full round of X3 classic. I think doing the whole program as designed is the only way of truly knowing how my body will react. I was just worried i may have picked the wrong program for my intended goals. Thank You for the quick reply and keep the great reviews coming.

  14. Camila Araya

    February 14, 2017 at

    Parrot, which one would you say is more difficult, insanity max 30 or the classic insanity?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 16, 2017 at

      The original is harder on the joints, that’s for sure. I’d say the new one is harder due in part to a better layout and flow. Then again, it has been a long time since I actually did a workout from the original.

  15. Gabriel Kimelblat Gherman

    January 23, 2017 at

    Hi Parrot! just found your website and loving your reviews!! Kung Fu in Canada? If you happen to be around Vancouver and wanna do some Chi Sao, I’d gladly practice with you!

  16. Eric Andersen

    January 21, 2017 at

    HI Parrot! Thank you so much for all of your reviews! What shoes do you wear for Plyo? I know a lot of people go barefoot- and generally people say to go for crosstrainers. Some people swear by tennis shoes, and others even use basketball shoes- I suppose they are meant for leaping and landing so it makes sense. I’m in the market for some new shoes- any suggestions?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 23, 2017 at

      I seem to keep going back to New Balance cross trainers. I have multiple work out shoes but those are my favorite.

  17. Amy

    January 19, 2017 at

    Huge Insanity/Max30 Fan. I hate to love Max30 as at time is verges on the impossible… but after my numerous rounds I think I need to move on. Certainly a workout like this never gets EASIER, you just work harder and better… but I am getting bored. Suggestion on a place to go? I am a working mom with limited time. I wake up at 5:30 to workout and I really cannot add to much time as I am EXHAUSTED as it is.
    Thank you in advance and keep the reviews coming. You are my FAV fitness site to read

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 20, 2017 at

      There’s a few options. Stronger by Nicky Hollander is a move to more body weight exercises ( and free! ). Ruthless also follows a similar HIIT format. Just avoid Country Heat and you should be fine. :)

      • Amy

        January 20, 2017 at

        You took one for the team on Country Heat. Mad respect for doing that for us

        Thanks for the recommendation!!

  18. Tanwa

    January 8, 2017 at

    Hi DP, I really love your reviews. It helps me a lot in choosing which workout to do. Now I’m doing Max 30/P90X3 hybrid, alternating week by week basis. I think it’s easier for me this way and not breaking the flow of each workout. I choose lean schedule over classic for P90X3 because I play badminton which requires speed and agility more than bulk and strength. But I also need some muscle power and tone too. That’s why I choose P90X3 to combine with Max 30. The Max 30 part is perfect. But the problem lies in the P90X3 part. The program is good. But I lack tools to do it effectively. I don’t have enough space (Those runs around and long jumps become dangerous!). I don’t have pull up bar either. So I need your help to suggest a program that requires less space and tool, perfectly fit with Max 30, and having the same intensity as P90X3. I need a program that’s good with resistance/balance/flexibilty work. It would be great if it’s less than 30 minutes as I’m also busy with work and kid. I’m considering Nicky Holander’s Stronger, 22 minute hard corp, and 21 Day Fix Extreme. What’s your opinion in this? I look forward to your suggestion. Thanks in advance!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 9, 2017 at

      All are good options, but I’d absolutely try STRONGER first as it is free. It also is a pretty sweet combination of body weight/cardio fitness that might be what your’re looking for. After that you could look at 22 Minute Hard Corps, but even that uses a chin up bar occasionally, although switching for bands would work. 21 Day FE would also work as it has minimal equipment requirements as well.

  19. Eric Andersen

    January 5, 2017 at

    I’m about halfway through P90X3 and loving it- I’m gonna finish that up and then I was thinking about doing this, but supplementing with Body Beast so I still gain size- I’m thinner, and trying to put on muscle, not lose fat. Does this program sound good?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 6, 2017 at

      I often do these two workouts as a hybrid. I think this is an excellent schedule you linked to.

  20. KW7

    October 23, 2016 at

    Hi DP,
    I’ve been using Max 30 for awhile now. It really is a terrific program. I’m wondering what you would recommend as an alternate program to add a bit of variety? Maybe I could do some sort of hybrid between two programs or switch back and forth between two or three programs? Thanks for the helpful reviews!

  21. KD

    October 15, 2016 at

    HI DP – I love reading your reviews and I’ve left a few comments. I’m getting really frustrated with myself and this workout. I challenged myself to do the 40 workouts in 40 days (I don’t do the pulse workout because it’s too slow.) I’ve done a few rounds of IM30, and skipped the tabata power & strength and max out power & strength because I thought they were too slow. This time around I am doing them. I love max out power. My challenge right now is I burn 180-210 calories based on my HRM with all of these workouts, it doesn’t matter if it’s friday night fight or max out power, it’s still in that range. I see that you’re burning over 400 and other blogs I’ve ready show 300+. I’m not a big girl (112 lbs) and I have done a lot of beach body programs, but I’m just getting frustrated. Any thoughts on this?
    I am also doing body beast (while doing max 30 – I couple that with whatever program I am doing) and I can burn 280 during total body, or 230 during build back and bis – it just seems off to me. I’m using 5lbs-20lbs weights. 5s are mostly for anything shoulder related.
    I’ll be finishing this program on the 24th and I was going to do Core De Force when it comes out, but I might do a round of Asylum then do core de force…can’t wait to read your review on that!!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      October 15, 2016 at

      It will be nice to see Beachbody try new trainers for their next series. As an ex-martial artist I’m looking forward to seeing what Core de Force has to offer.

  22. Farmer

    September 7, 2016 at

    Hey DP! Omg I love your reviews! Soo funny! So..I have a question about the max 30 workouts. I’ve done t25 (purchased after reading your review on it, which of course I loved!) Loved t25 but need something a little more challenging. I tried my daughter’s hard Corp workouts and I found it hard on my lower back. I hurt myself a while back so I have to be careful about doing crunches/sit ups and similar excersises. I love t 25 because I found that Shaun kind of stayed away from a lot of crunches. I never hurt my back doing the workouts. I’m worried about purchasing max 30 and finding it hard on my lower back. Any insights on this?

    • Elchupinazo

      September 13, 2016 at

      I can’t speak for DP, but none of the Max30 workouts I’ve come across would have any adverse effects on the back. There are no weights involved, and nothing overhead to speak of that would put you in a compromised position. As far as ab work, like you mentioned, Shaun isn’t much into crunches and Max30 is no different.

      • Farmer

        September 13, 2016 at

        Thanks so much for your input! I actually just ordered it and I’m so pumped to get started (and a little nervous too).?

        • Elchupinazo

          September 14, 2016 at

          I wouldn’t be nervous! I mean, Max30 is HARD, but if you breezed through T25 and thought “meh,” you’ll probably find it perfect. For me, someone who’s in decent shape but has always been more into the resistance-based BB programs, I find that while I don’t need to regress to the modifier, I definitely can’t keep up the same pace as the cast and need longer breaks.

          • Farmer

            September 14, 2016 at

            I found t 25 difficult to begin with but it has gotten easier for me so I’m looking forward to adding a bit more challenge. I’m excited to see how I keep up with the cast and if I break early on!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      September 20, 2016 at

      As someone who has a lower back made of wet paper, I find I am able to do Max 30. Just know what moves to avoid and modify accordingly. Max 30 is really T25 cranked up several notches and whatever crunches there are remain limited to Max Ab workouts only.

    • KD

      October 15, 2016 at

      Hey Farmer – how do you like IM30? T-25 beta is a great program also – if you have BOD it’s free through that. Gama is on there as well. Not sure if you did the alpha round and then went to Max 30?
      22MHC hurt my lower back also – it’s my favorite program from Tony – a lot of his programs are a snooze fest because of how slow they are!

      • Farmer

        October 15, 2016 at

        Hi there! Ya I did t25 alpha beta and gamma. Then I found a hybrid schedule for all 3 combined on Pinterest and did that for a month or two. I’m absolutely loving im30 though. I loved t25 but I wanted something a little more challenging. I’m a busy mom so I love that it’s only 30 minutes but a killer workout nevertheless. I love Shaun T…really love Tony too but I’ve done a couple of his workouts n find he hurts my lower back. I think the main thing is staying upright or in plank and avoiding crunch type exercises.

  23. Emily Porginski

    July 13, 2016 at

    Do you have a MAX30/P90X hybrid?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      July 19, 2016 at

      No, but I would just swap out the cardio/plyometric options and put in Max 30. Maybe skip Legs/Back every second week and do a Max 30 there too.

  24. Sony Voodoo

    July 7, 2016 at

    I’m doing T2 gamma now, and the only workout that I found a little channelling was the speed 3.0, but to be honest I stopped my workouts for 3 months or so, now I’m back on track I just did one week of beta (2 workouts pwr day total 50 minutes) with no problems and I am a little bored and wanted a new thing so I ordered the gamma cycle and I love it by the way!!! This is my first week with it and I am using the 5 pounds dumbells, and I am pretty happy with it. But I am considering on getting a new workout the only day that was enough was my first with speed 3.0 I
    found that challenging but i was ablw ro complete it the rest are good not too heavy but at the end of the 25 minutes I still feel I need more exercise so I am considering doing 1 gamma and one beta for the next week. But also I want a new workout, and I love Shaun T he motivates me, so I can’t decide if I should get Insanity 30 max or Insanity Do you think Insanity 30 max it’s too much to combine with gamma or Betta t25???? Thankyou for your honest reviews and opinions.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      July 7, 2016 at

      Get Max 30 over Insanity. It’s much better produced and has better variety. The original can be too hard on the joints. The two programs are also very easy to make into a hybrid schedule.

      • Sony Voodoo

        July 7, 2016 at

        Thank you! I will get the Insanity 30max then!

      • Monica Bricker

        July 27, 2016 at

        Have you done a hybrid of the two ? any suggestions? I really like the original Insanity for the stretching and slower pace (Never though Insanity Plyo would be an easy day).. I think Max 30 has a very important missing component- stretching. I do like Max 30 though to mix it up and when I’m short on time. working on a hybrid of the 2 but don’t want to over do it.

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          July 27, 2016 at

          I have personally never done a hybrid of the two but see no reason why it could not be done. And I agree…a day off for stretching is something that Max 30 should be modified to include. Regardless of whatever program I use I always fit a day per week in for that.

  25. Andrew Coyle

    May 27, 2016 at

    Also, with MAX 30, unlike Insanity (and all the other Beachbody workout videos), this one comes with a separate Modifier track.

    What I mean is that you can play, for example, Max Out Sweat and have the whole production there like normal. Or you can play the Modifier track which splits the screen. On the left 2 thirds is the normal production and on the right third the camera is solely dedicated for the person doing the modifier moves. Fabulous. This is incredibly helpful.

    • Andrew Coyle

      June 6, 2016 at

      Which you mentioned in part one of the MAX 30 review (ahem)

  26. Jess

    April 19, 2016 at

    Just did Max Out Cardio for the first time. I don’t think I have ever sworn at my television with such frequency or intensity….

  27. Austrian_Dude_in_ca

    March 25, 2016 at

    I just started Insanity Max 30 together with my daughter this week. We used your reviews to scare each other what the next new workout brings. So far you are spot on. Reading your reviews I am afraid of month 2.
    Thanks and keep up the great reviews.

  28. Anurag

    March 10, 2016 at

    After reading your review probably like a hundred times, I had the courage to start Max 30. For that I had to prep 1 month of yoga, 3 weeks of original insanity and in spite of that Day 1 of Max 30 felt like I was back to day 1 in my first ever Insanity workout (I had completed the original one years ago but then I let the weight get back on due to various reasons). It was brutal, and just like you said I was flat on the floor and my Max Out time was really shameful. Since then I’ve pushed hard every day ( sometimes even logging in to Youtube to watch the infomercials and other people’s results)…!!

    Tomorrow is my last day of month 2 (yay!!) and its been a brutal two months. The weight “loss” has been much less than expected but I’ve gained muscle, bulked the size of my arms and a leaner waist (guess the fat just transformed into muscle haha). Now, I still have about 30 lbs to lose and I don’t know which program to do. I’m confused between Insanity Asylum 1 or doing Month 2 of the Original Insanity. Can you (or anyone else) kindly advice which one I should go on with? (I have many of BB’s programs but right now I’m keen on sticking with Shaun T). Would really appreciate the help as I plan to start in 3 days :)
    Thanks in advance and Keep motivating us with your reviews DP!!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      March 10, 2016 at

      If Shaun T is your preference right now then I’d go for Asylum 1. It is much less brutal on the joints than the original Insanity and in my opinion, a better rounded program that utilizes weights and full body training.

  29. Ellie

    February 24, 2016 at

    I am 5 months pregnant and would like to start a new exercise routine after I give birth and after the baby is a few months old. I will be a bigginner. I would like to lose the baby fat and if possible get some abs. Should I go with Insanity instead? My husband also wants to start a new exercise routine. He is a diesel mechanic but says he feels out of shape and that he wants to build more muscle on his arms and lose his stomach fat. What exercise DVD would you recommend for us. Thank you for your help and reviews.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 24, 2016 at

      The problem with Insanity is that it is hard on the joints and not very well suited for beginners. Max 30 has since replaced it in my mind.

      For your situation however, I would probably opt for T25 or P90X3. They allow a less steep curve and are great for beginner to intermediate levels. The difference would be more use of weights with P90X3 and more cardio with T25. Both excellent programs.

  30. Havas

    February 24, 2016 at

    I am very sorry to ask you to repeat yourself, but somewhere in the comments I read something you wrote about a good substitute for Shakeology. i can’t find it now. I recall it was a Vega product but they make quite a few. Could you repost that for me? TIA!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 24, 2016 at

      I use Vega One instead of Shakeology. The Vega Pre-workout Energizer is also a superior substitute for E&E.

  31. Havas

    February 22, 2016 at

    Hi there DP! I adore your reviews and i have turned to them many times. I am 42 (female)and over the years have completed p90x, insanity, p90x3 and 21 DF Extreme. I like to have good balance so I have also done some hybrids. I love Shawn T, also my fav, and so currently (in Feb) looking to shed 4-8 lbs of Xmas weight gain, have been very unsuccessful lately. I need to shake things upbut I am feeling hugely torn between T25 and Max 30. I love insainty but have been spoiled by p90x3 and am now addicted to 30 min (or less?!) workouts. Help! Which one would you recommend for someone above average condition to just shred? Also T25 seems a lot cheaper so that seems a bit of a draw as well.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 22, 2016 at

      If you are in above average condition, then Max 30 would be the best bet. The Alpha Phase of T25 would be too easy and as such probably not the best value for your money. By the time you spend money getting the Gamma upgrade for T25 you would surpass the cost of Max 30.

      • Havas

        February 23, 2016 at

        Thanks so much for the speedy answer. I like your logic! Just little worried about having a heart attack in my basement ;)

  32. Mimi

    February 7, 2016 at

    Love your reviews. I am a big shaun t fan. I recently completed a few rounds of Max 30 and just up finished asylum 1. I am looking to lose only a few pounds and some inches. I can’t decide which program to do next. I am considering doing p90x3 or p90x. I am afraid x3 will not be challenging enough. I am not looking to increase mass. What program would you suggest?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 8, 2016 at

      You could always go to Asylum Volume 2. If mass is not your concern then maybe that’s the best way to go. The P90X series don’t really have that powerful of cardio.

  33. Mona

    February 5, 2016 at

    Hi there… I’m 48 year old female with about 5+ pounds to lose, mostly belly jiggle. I have completed 21DF, p90X3 and midway through Hammer and Chisel. I had high hopes for that program and although I feel stronger, it hasn’t helped reduce my belly fat. After reading your review on Max:30 I’m thinking about trying it out but also a bit scared of it. I fear it may be too much of a jump up from the programs I’ve been doing. Do you think I could handle it?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 5, 2016 at

      Max 30 is very modifiable so you should be able to do it. I’m 44 and generally can get through it alright, albeit with plenty of breaks. Taking breaks and going at your own pace is not sacrilege, it is being smart. It would also add a tough cardio component that goes beyond what H&C can give.

      • Mona

        February 8, 2016 at

        Thank you for your reply. Based on your comment, I decided to purchase Max:30. I can’t wait for the challenge! I’m thinking that once I’ve completed it, I will do a hybrid of Max30 and Body Beast.

  34. Cynthia

    January 25, 2016 at

    Hi! love your reviews. Just wondering about your opinion. I was on week 4 of Max 30 before getting sidelined by a sprained ankle, and now slowly getting back into it. Should I redo the entire month again before moving to month 2 or maybe 1 week of month 1 and then jump into month 2? What are your thoughts?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 25, 2016 at

      If you’re in a recover state, it might not be a bad idea to start over just so you don’t injure yourself doing something crazy. If you’re bold you can try interspersing workouts from month 2 and see how you feel. Modify where needed.

  35. John

    January 15, 2016 at

    If you do intermittent fasting, would a workout like this be beneficial?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 16, 2016 at

      Personally I cannot say. Anyone else have some insight into this?

      • Raj

        November 15, 2017 at

        Best results would be doing the workout during the fasting, maximizing the fat burning. It would be important to stay well hydrated before the workout, as the risk is becoming faint if you push your body with fasting and intense cardio.

  36. EvilFin

    January 5, 2016 at

    Long story short: Stumbled across the reviews here looking for a means to get fit post surgery last January. Off the back of that, I bought T25, lost a ton of weight (not literally, more like a stone and a half) and am back after two weeks “off” over Xmas looking for my next hit. I haven’t done Gamma as my upper body strength really sucks (still cant do pressups unaided) but I can handle Beta Speed 2.0 without dying and I like Shaun T. Soooo, is it this, Gamma or should I look at P90X3? Some of the “hijinks” mentioned by the Horton puts me off a little. And Gamma looks like it might be a lot more of the same? Would welcome views/thoughts.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 5, 2016 at

      Gamma is pretty decent as you add a small amount of weight to the mix. So if you have the cash to spend it is a nice addition. However, taking the same amount of money and adding a little extra could also get you Max 30 which is a bigger/better bet. I find that a lot of these “upgrader” packages are vastly over-priced. Should you go Max 30, absolutely do NOT buy their deluxe version as the extra workouts are simply not worth it.

      As for P90X3, I think it is excellent as a complete fitness package. Admittedly, Shaun is cardio heavy while Tony is more of a functional-fitness kind of guy. I find him pleasant to watch, and his hijinks have tamed a little since the original P90X. It’s all a matter of personal taste however.

      If you like trainers that don’t joke too much and simply work out, I’m currently reviewing Master’s Hammer and Chisel. Thus far I’m quite impressed so that might be another way to go. Review should be up in less than a couple weeks.

  37. Tasa

    December 30, 2015 at

    Love your reviews! Completed a few rounds of Max 30 and in between rounds have done 21 day fix and 21 day extreme. I was not thrilled with either program. I really didn’t feel challenged. About to finish another round of Max 30 and am looking for another program. I love cardio and am looking to lose the last five pounds. I started hammer and Chisel buy absolutely hate it. It is way too slow paced and both trainers annoy me. Would you recommend asylum next? P90x3?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      December 31, 2015 at

      I think that X3 and Max 30 make a nice fit in many ways and are very interchangeable for those days you want better muscle work and less cardio. The problem might be finding a cardio program that is as hard as Max 30. As of yet I do not know of one.

      Still have yet to get ahold of Hammer and Chisel ( post Christmas expenses ), but am curious how Sagi and Autumn combine forces to form one program. Still want to review it sometime in January if possible.

      • Tasa

        January 1, 2016 at

        Thanks. I think I am going to do a hybrid of p90x3 Max 30 or asylum ….I just can’t seem to decide. I don’t like doing hybrids and prefer to do a whole program. N
        Can’t wait to read your review of hammer and chisel and see what you think of it.

  38. Johnny Boy

    November 15, 2015 at

    I’m just working my way through this and am loving reading your reviews. As someone who just wants to shape up, and maintain a decent physique/weight/look, would you recommend repeating the Insanity MAX:30 cycle after the sixty days, or would it be better to move on to another program for a bit of variety?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      November 17, 2015 at

      Personally I like a bit of variety so after 60 days I would likely either try something else, or incorporate this into a hybrid. However, absolutely nothing wrong with going beyond 60 days. I couldn’t make that recommendation for the original Insanity which was simply too hard on the joints to continue after one round.

      • Johnny Boy

        November 18, 2015 at

        After reading some of your other comments and reviews, I’d worry about reaching a plateau. How about alternating MAX : 30 with something like P90x3 or Weider Ruthless?

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          November 20, 2015 at

          Absolutely. Few programs can be done for long without plateau and Max:30 is no different. I would probably try mixing it with P90X3 as it feels like a good mix.

          • Johnny Boy

            November 25, 2015 at

            Sounds good, thanks! I don’t have any equipment at the moment, so am
            just wondering what size dumbells I should go with for P90x3. Any

          • Dysfunctional Parrot

            November 26, 2015 at

            X3 is much less equipment intensive than its predecessor, X2. Still, some weights ranging from 10-25lbs would be an acceptable start. In lieu of a pull-up bar I found that resistance bands work pretty good here as a substitute.

  39. Kathryn

    October 27, 2015 at

    Hi, just want to say that I find your reviews hilarious and more importantly, very useful! I’m currently doing my second last week of Insanity Max 30 (Friday Fight Round 2 again tomorrow, somebody please save me), but I was wondering what workout I should move on to after finishing my final week of this next week. I don’t want to go back to less challenging workouts that I previously did (e.g. Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30 – they certainly made me more fit, but are a cakewalk compared to Insanity Max 30). Of course, I can start this all over again and I know it would kick my butt all over again, but do you have other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      October 27, 2015 at

      From a cardio standpoint, Max 30 is pretty hard to beat. However, if you want to add some athletic fitness to the mix then doing Insanity Asylum would absolutely keep the intensity going.

      • Kathryn

        October 28, 2015 at

        Thanks very much for your speedy reply. I read through your Insanity Asylum reviews (Vol 1 & 2) and must admit that they’ve left me feeling rather terrified! I’m not sure if I’d be able to do all of those workouts. But hey, I have to think positive and GO FOR IT as Shaun T would probably yell. Thanks again! Now I’m off to read more of your workout reviews.

  40. E.Lim

    September 17, 2015 at

    I am almost completing Insanity Max 30, next week will be my last week. When they say its the craziest 30 days of your life, it really is. Sweats like mad esp. during phase 2 of Cardio, sweat and friday fight round 2. It’s very tough and challenging but feels good when you are able to complete it. I don’t know how much my cardio has improve but I will test it out with a run after I complete it next week.

    Only missing element is the lack of strength training esp for Biceps.

    Just listen to your body and take short rests as and when you need it.

  41. Sasha

    August 30, 2015 at
    Thank you, all the way from Bangalore, India :)

    I’m new to BeachBody, having started with T25 and then threw in PiYo into the mix after 5 weeks.
    (While I like Shaun T, I’m not hating PiYo or Chalene!)

    I have to admit I do cheat with T25: I press ‘pause’ often and 25 minutes sometimes stretches to 40!
    I was considering CLX next but this review changed my mind :)

    Thank you so much for the honest reviews filled with wit and hilarious visuals.

  42. Kevin Malcom

    August 29, 2015 at

    hi..GREAT REVIEW …
    i have never been in these kind of exercices…and i always wanted to do one of t Shaun programs….i am used to do some jogging and bike….but i stopped exercising since few months for different reasons…
    i have 2 weeks vacations and i really want to finally start a program ….which one do think i should start with??? T25 or MI30???
    Of course … first objective is to lose some weight…thanx

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      August 29, 2015 at

      I had good results with T25. It’s a good way to get into a Shaun T program without going full-on.

      However, if you want to go all in then Max 30 is the way to go. I wouldn’t bother with the original Insanity anymore as it is too hard on the joints and Max 30 is tons better anyway.

  43. Mike

    August 28, 2015 at

    Does it have a decent warm up/cool down stretch? Being older, I’ve found that I don’t like the abbreviated warm ups in the 30min programs P90X3, etc…

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      August 28, 2015 at

      To be honest, it gets going fairly quickly. The starter moves are somewhat easier, but it still gets down to business quick.

      I agree too, as an older dude myself I benefit from longer warmups from P90X2 or the like.

  44. Laurivette Garcia

    July 21, 2015 at

    Hi, if I want to add some muscle… do I shoul make a hybrid progam with IM:30…like Body beast / IM:30 hybrid ?
    In a week, I will be finished with a T25 Gamma / 21DFX hybrid…. and I LOVE THE WEIGHTS. I am so worried about begin IM:30 and drop my weight ligting.
    By the way, I jus bought Cathe Friedrich RIPPED program and it seems to be EFFECTIVE. Did you do any review on any of her workouts? I recommend you to do it with this one; her latest!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      July 21, 2015 at

      Max 30 uses a fait amount of body weight to get the resistance training in, but it still is not quite what you would get with dedicated weight.

      I think a BB hybrid would work great. I almost always mix something like BB or P90X with Shaun’s cardio to get that well-rounded feel.

      I’ll also take a look at Cathe’s program. Always interested in seeing what is new!

      • Laurivette Garcia

        July 23, 2015 at

        Thanks, I’ll be doing three days of IM:30 and three days of weight lifting with Cathe Friedrich RIPPED program.
        Parrot, today I tried TABATACISE from Cathe Friedrich wich is 5 Tabatas, of course…. and super hard and time efficient. LOVED IT!!!

  45. Vlm707

    July 9, 2015 at

    For any older person out there interested in IM30 –I am 63 years old. I tried Insanity when it came out and had ti quit. WAY too hard on my joints and boring to boot. T25 was less boring and has a modifier if one wants to stay low impact. But IM30 is Awsome. I love it. I do a combination high/low impact to give my joints a break and it is so much fun, in a killing sort of way. I highly recommend it for any experienced oldster exerciser.

  46. Big Fan =)

    June 27, 2015 at

    I had written a huge comment but when i was about to post, i was like .. meh. So im a 23 Y/O in good shape, did insanity twice over i was doing it for the third time, got bored on month 2 cause its way too long and college and being in the soccer team leave me little time off. The thing is insanity got me close to the sixpack, but not there yet, so is 30max gonna be able to finish the job??. LOve your reviews by the way, i have the site as homepage just to give you more traffic everyday

    • Steve MacKenzie

      July 18, 2015 at

      This program will easily pick up where Insanity left off. Insanity was my Salt Of the Earth program. I loved it because it was just will and proper form. After getting this program I retired it. Shaun T has evolved as a trainer. There are allot more dynamics going on in this and more things get worked. It is also less hard on the joints to me. It took allot to retire my Insanity set but this is allot. I like the Feathered One am not a coach.

  47. Michael Conover

    June 14, 2015 at

    Hi again I have another question about shoes. How often to buy a new pair of cross trainers? A new pair for each program? The pair I have has been used for 3 programs. Thanks….

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      June 15, 2015 at

      Ah, shoes! One day I will have to do an article on this!

      A good pair of cross trainers can last a long time. I had one pair that went about 2 years and all I did was put a new odor-insole in them from time to time.

      Currently I have a set of Reebok CrossFit nano’s which I’m pretty fond of. These I use for max 30 type workouts. I also have a pair of Nike Free 5.0 which I think are quickly becoming my favorite shoe ever.

      I tend to alternate between the two, thus giving me a year or more use out of both. The nano’s are tough as nails though so I can see them going at least two years.

      I’m not sure if a new set is necessarily needed every time you start a new program…that might be overkill. But if you have the income, having a few on standby to rotate is not a bad way to go.

      • Michael Conover

        June 15, 2015 at

        Thank you for replying,
        Reebok currently is my fave and I can’t do Nike because they are just too narrow on my feet and the arch just doesn’t fit me. I’ll look at the Nano line. The realflex line was a pair I had purchased before because they fit me and the sides were solid. No roll over on skaters.
        Have a great day.

    • Andrew Coyle

      May 27, 2016 at

      I’ve done P90X, P90X3, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, T25, MAX 30 and more. I’m also doing CIZE and looking to jump into Asylum!! And all the while I’ve done every single one of these BARE FOOT.

      I have no idea if this is a good or a bad thing, but I’m pretty sure my feet are very strong after all that :)

  48. Michael Conover

    June 14, 2015 at

    I’m 41 185-195 5′ 11″ and did p90x summer 2013 then the 30 days of Insanity fall 2013 then p90x3 plus bonus round December 2013 – April 2014 then all of Insanity summer 2014 then off and on p90x again till I did UFC FIT this spring. I haven’t done anything for almost 2 months but I want to do Max 30. I want to lean out alot. Advice? Is Max 30 ok?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      June 15, 2015 at

      I don’t see a problem as long as you ease into it and don’t try to be a superstar on day one. Given your familiarity with those other programs I think it would be a natural progression.

  49. VK04

    June 13, 2015 at

    Hi, which program would you suggest for someone who plays soccer at a college level (and looking to get quicker/more fit): Insanity Max 30 or Asylum? Thank you

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      June 13, 2015 at

      Asylum for sure. It has a more “track and field” method of training. It even uses weights too for some superior strength building.

  50. RB10

    May 30, 2015 at

    Hi I really enjoyed your review. I was wondering what you would suggest doing first, insanity or IM30? I just signed up for my first 1/2 marathon in Nov. So along with running I’d like to add in one of these programs. I know I have plenty of time to do both but should I do IM30 first & Insanity second or vice versa? I’m stuck on which one would be better overall for my conditioning to enhance my endurance & speed overall.


    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      May 31, 2015 at

      I’d do IM30 and skip the original altogether, The newer one is better on the joints if you’re a runner.

      • RB10

        May 31, 2015 at

        Oh wow awesome, thank you for that insight! Looks like I’ll be starting IM30 Monday.

  51. Angelica

    May 28, 2015 at

    I do want to say that I am a 19 year old- ouch- not couch potato but I work a desk job that works me a lot of hours. I decided between school and work that I needed something to make me active and get results. I’m not in shape, but I have a very competitive nature.. my mother is a kick a body coach.. that’s hard to live up to. I began doing Insanity Max 30 about a week ago, given that I woke up the next morning after my first day.. and I was confused as to why my legs wouldn’t let me walk from soreness, I feel like if you use the modifier after you’ve pushed and you can not go anymore, that you can succeed as a beginner. I had to very minimally use modification but I’m in it to win.

  52. Magdalena Kozicka

    May 13, 2015 at

    I am doing Insanity now and find it too much time consuming, especially month 2. So I thought about trying Isanity Max 30. I this a good option? I need to lose 15-20 lbs, not necessarily gain muscle. Opinions/recommendations please.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      May 13, 2015 at

      Max 30 is easily the way to go. 30 minutes and it’s probably harder than Insanity too!

  53. Charlie Cook

    May 12, 2015 at

    Since you have reviewed everything beachbody has to offer, and everything is now available on beach body on demand, would you consider creating your own ‘best of’ compilation for a 60 or 90 day workout?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      May 12, 2015 at

      There seems to be a lot of demand, so I’m absolutely going to have to see about doing that. Right now I want to finish up RevAbs for review and maybe a Jillian Michaels workout. Then I’ll begin work on it!

      • Laurivette

        May 13, 2015 at

        oh, I have RevAbs and I don’t know if I should give it a try. I am waiting for this review.

  54. Doctor Ang

    April 26, 2015 at

    Hey again!
    Just wondering for your recommendations on a heart-rate monitor ?


    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      April 26, 2015 at

      Have to recommend Polaris as a brand due to them being the only brand that works as advertised. Had a few Omron’s and they were complete garbage. Aside from those two brands I don’t have any experience with others.

  55. Van

    April 24, 2015 at

    I so enjoy your reviews! Quick question, is this a good follow up after Focus T25? Thanks for being awesome!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      April 24, 2015 at

      Yes, Max 30 is a very natural progression from T25. Thank you for the compliments!

  56. Sarah

    April 14, 2015 at

    Best workout reviews ever. Thanks. AND you answered my biceps question. I am on week 3 and feeling like I will be doing some additional curls. Thanks again.

  57. molly

    April 13, 2015 at

    Hi I am a 52 year old couch potato who really wants to get back into fitness again (I was once reasonably fit many years ago!). I like all I have seen of Shaun T can you recommend a programme that will work for me for fitness & strength. I love the idea of 30 mins each day. Thanks

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      April 13, 2015 at

      If you’re getting back in and want to go with Shaun T, Focus T25 is the clear way to go!

  58. J

    April 12, 2015 at

    I love your reviews! Hilarious! Especially as I’ve done Shaun Ts T25, insanity, Asylum 1&2. You nail the descriptions of how one feels during the workouts…I was on the fence about getting Max 30, but your review tipped me over the edge. And Shaun T is my favourite too,
    But it’s seriously a love/hate thing

  59. Becca

    April 3, 2015 at

    Has anyone had issues with their Achilles after doing these workouts? I am currently going thru my second turn of Insanity, last time was 2010 and had wonderful results. My Achilles is doing well so far with Insanity but was wondering how this MAX 30 workout fairs. I would like to purchase this after I have completed Insanity.

  60. SomeBroYo

    March 28, 2015 at

    Thanks for the systematic, detailed review. Very informative!

  61. Edmund Pan

    March 25, 2015 at

    Great review! From your review, I take it that this workout is extremely difficult. Since I have already completed insanity, would this workout be more or less difficult than Asylum? I’m not sure what to do next. Thanks!

  62. Ashley

    March 13, 2015 at

    I love your reviews! I am a huge Beachbody fan (Insanity, T25, P90x3 and currently doing Chalene Extreme) and I find your reviews very helpful. Truthfully, I am anxiously awaiting your Chalene Extreme review as I am just wrapping up week one :-) I have determined Shaun T is my favorite trainer and I was very excited to see your review of Insanity Max 30. I am liking Chalene much better than Tony Horton, thusfar, and will likely figure out a rotation of Chalene Extreme, T25, Insanity, a few P90x3 workouts and now, hopefully Insanity Max 30! Thanks for your reviews. They are super entertaining and very informative!

  63. Trina

    March 12, 2015 at

    Thanks for the review! Really appreciate it! Can you turn off the music in every DVD? That’s another important selling point for me as sometimes I just really need that option. I read that you can in the original Insanity.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      March 13, 2015 at

      Yes, there is a “modifier track” where you can make the music normal, loud or off.

  64. Katie

    March 12, 2015 at

    This is the best review ever. I am doing my second round and love it. This is the review I’m going to give my friends when they want to know what I’m doing. =)

  65. Hawkman

    March 8, 2015 at

    Is it safe to say this is flat out better than the original Insanity?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      March 8, 2015 at

      I would say yes. The original is looking pretty old as it is standard video and shot in a gym. This is clearly thought out more, and has a lot more variety.

      Plus, much easier on the joints!

      • Hawkman

        March 8, 2015 at

        Yea, seems like the original deserves respect(haven’t tried it tho), but IM30 seems to be superior in several categories

  66. Gaurav

    February 24, 2015 at

    hey there……i usually read your reviews on the beachbody workouts before i start a new program because they are quiet detailed and funny. So far I have completed p90x3, t25 including gamma and am about the complete Insanity (deluxe) this week. I am a bit confused as to which program I should do next. Should I do Max30(abs maximizer) or Les Mills Combat(ultimate warrior hybrid). I chose these 2 since i have about 2 months before i go on a vaccation that may involve going to a beach. After the vaccation i plan on doing asylum vol.1

    P.S. I wanna lose fat like i did with insanity.

    • James Tro

      March 9, 2015 at

      Hi. Starting asylum just after two weeks of tequila and barbecues seems a bad idea. I suggest max30 after insanity. Then, after vacation, LesMills Combat (easier and perfect to adapt) and after that : asylum.

  67. Melissa

    February 16, 2015 at

    Great review! If you were doing a hybrid with Body Beast, do you think it’d be best to do 1 month BB and then 1 month Max30, or would it be better to do 3 workouts from each program each week?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 17, 2015 at

      Either would be fine, but what I often do is alternate each week to really mix things up. Usually I have about 3-4 programs on the go so it can get quite random at times!

      • Melissa

        February 17, 2015 at

        Thank you! I own so many programs and am never quite sure how to mix them up. I get nervous that I won’t see results if I don’t follow the “true” schedule. I’m 1 week away from finishing Body Beast. I love it and am excited to start Max 30, but I’m nervous to lose the muscles I’ve gained with BB.

    • NinjaX

      February 20, 2015 at

      Great review on this and the other workout, you are my number one source for fitness DVD reviews

      I am doing an hybrid I found online of MAX 30 and Bodybeast and I think it is a great combo.. It is 3 days of BB and w day of MAX and Yoga/Pilates/Dynamics on rest days.

      I do not max out during the MAX 30 workouto but I do slow my pace when I feel close to maxing out, not sure if that “cheating”

      • JayBee

        February 24, 2015 at

        Technically, it is considered “cheating”. :) If you do a quick search on YouTube, Shaun T has a video there explaining what it means to “Max Out”.

        Basically, the second you feel you need to slow down your pace, take a breather or you feel your form start to slip, you have maxed out. Dunzo; mark your time.

  68. Tony

    February 14, 2015 at

    Hey DP, great review as always. I will be doing this program very soon, and I have a little problem. This workout series just like many other Shaun T workouts, seems to be very demanding physically, and nutrition is key. The problem is, having a busy schedule there is not much time to eat all the food required to fuel your body. Any tips or recommendations? How can I eat to be able to do this program, thanks!

  69. Ruth Hubert

    February 13, 2015 at


    I’m a big fan of your reviews, they are very helpful as I’m deciding what workout program to do next. I have a somewhat tangent question that I’d love your opinion on (or others’ opinions as well): I’ve been under the impression that you are not supposed to do HIIT training more than 3 days/week, definitely not back to back days, because it doesn’t give the body enough time to recover and can cause more damage/injury in the end because you’re continually breaking down muscle without sufficient recovery. The insanity programs obviously don’t go by this philosophy, and obviously people are getting results… Is the idea of spacing HIIT workouts simply false then? If you’re beating down your legs one day and return to do it again the next, doesn’t that tear them apart instead of building them up?

    • JayBee

      February 24, 2015 at

      I wonder about this too. Especially with Max:30, as it really is more like HIIT than regular insanity.

      • Andrew S.

        August 9, 2016 at

        I modify the schedule for this purpose. I do two days on, one day off- just the same amount of workouts in a seven day cycle. I also rest for two days if I feel overly tired. I think recovery is missing in these HIIT programs and my middle-aged body needs it!

  70. James Tro

    February 6, 2015 at

    Hi all. I’m actually preparing my body to be able to do max 30.
    I’m a P90X grad and I am now doing a mixed workout, all advice is welcome. I’m combining :
    5 days T25,
    3 to 5 days body beast (Build during alpha phase, Bulk on beta, mixed on gamma, not doing bbeast cardio and legs). There is one day double T25/bbeast.
    Every Two weeks I do one day P90X3 Yoga and Dynamix.
    Every two weeks, one day, a 60 minutes LesMills Body Combat.

    My purpose is to have a good heart and efficient good looking muscles.

    Let us see if I’ll be able to do a nice max 30 after that.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 7, 2015 at

      Considering your workout history, you should adapt quick. But let me tell you…that first week of Max 30 is a monster!

  71. shauntaddict

    January 22, 2015 at

    Hi! I love your reviews and I am hoping (!) that you will review the upcoming 21 Day Fix Extreme………. considering it??? Just wondering!

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 23, 2015 at

      Probably will! I’m curious to see how Beachbody utilizes Autumn, as I’m just not a Chalene fan at all.

      • James Tro

        February 9, 2015 at

        Try to motivate Mrs Parrot (she might want to kick me right now) to make a “woman to women review”.

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          February 9, 2015 at

          Done! I’m drafting her for a shared review on Jillian Michael’s One Week Shred!

          I’ll let her know when she comes back in the room…

  72. Jollem

    January 19, 2015 at

    Hi DP. Thanks for an awesome review again. I have a question about how high impact this workout is. I found insanity to be hard on my knees (never had an injury but they were always sore after insanity). T25 was much better in this department. How does this compare knee wise?

    Thank you and keep up the good work :)

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 19, 2015 at

      I would say the stress on the knees falls somewhere in between. At the speed you’re going, it would be impractical to do high impact plyo for too long like Insanity. Still, it is more intense than T25 by a fair margin.

      With Insanity, my knees had a hard time going past 30 days. Max 30 feels gentler on the joints…but just as hard on the cardio!

      • Jollem

        January 19, 2015 at

        Thanks man that’s awesome.

      • acchaladka

        February 7, 2015 at

        Thanks to Jollem for raising this question. DP, I – 43 y.o. Canadian male also living far from Winterpeg – would love Shaun T to do a series just like these but specifically to be nice on the knees and lower body joints. I’m doing Insanity at the moment, loving almost everything about it, but I have no choice to rest a knee today. Can you rank the videos by impact on the joints? Can you tell Shaun that in five years he’ll be over forty so he should be nice to the old folks and do a low-impact video?

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          February 7, 2015 at

          Ah, Winnipeg! Still have my original Jets jersey in the closet!

          Yes, as a rule Shaun T’s programs are harder on the knees, although T25 is not too bad. Max 30 is also less pulverizing than the original Insanity.

          So, in order of knee killing potential…

          Worst: Insanity,
          Then Asylum 1/2,
          Followed by Max 30,
          Easiest: T25

          • acchaladka

            February 8, 2015 at

            Perfect – many thanks. T25 is next for me then! Hope I can get through the second month without re-injuring it as the Insanity intensity level is about perfect. My only concern about T25 is that it might be too short on a daily basis for me to keep losing weight.

          • acchaladka

            February 17, 2016 at

            So I thought you might like an update. Insanity caused me to comprehensively screw my knee up – I popped the meniscus out and had to do three months of rehab. I’m now off of Shaun T unfortunately (and moved countries so my life is much changed anyway) and have never found a replacement I like as much.

  73. Doug

    January 11, 2015 at

    I very much appreciate your reviews and believe them to be quite accurate.
    I am 55 and lost 50 pounds 3 years ago and kept 40 off by exercising at least 5 days a week with BeachBody DVDs only.

    Have you ever reviewed Chalene Extreme – more weight focused with some excellent cardio and weight combos or RevAbs by Brett Hoebbel? I like them both and have previously done and continue to do full circuits of P90x, P90x2 P90x+, Insanity + add ons?

  74. Ryan

    January 11, 2015 at

    Hey DP, i’ve done insanity, t25, asylum vol.1, vol.2, p90x3, p90x2 and now finishing up block 3 of bodybeast, i was just wondering, would this program be for me if i wish to shred thise last remaining pounds on my mid section to reveal the abs? Or will this program make me lose muscle? I’ve been wanting to know for a while.

    • Clarence Oliver

      January 12, 2015 at

      I went the same path as you, P90x3, P90x, Insanity, Tapout Xt 1 and 2, just finished Body Beast, and am 3 Weeks into Insanity 30. I have occasionally done a night or two of Body Beast to get my full pump on, but, currently am noticing just a general leaning of the body, with no loss of mass.

      • Ryan

        January 12, 2015 at

        Have you changed your diet in any way? Or are you still eating as much as you did during bodybeast? I’m asking because i eat a lot for i am still growing and therefore require a lot of calories, i’m 16 going on 17 in march. Have you experienced any wait loss or fat loss since starting max:30?
        Thank you so much for your reply,
        I wish you the best in fitness and achieving your goals,

  75. Ian

    January 7, 2015 at

    Hey DP, firstly, I love your reviews. I have a question, reading the posts and blogs here and on Teambeachbody, it seems as though people go from one extreme workout program to another without giving their body any real recovery period. I too have done this for many years going from P90x-insanity-P90x2-asylum-then hybrids and so on. I think back over the last five years or so and think the most I’ve rested is one week here and there. Going back to my question, have you read anywhere if this practice is good/safe?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      January 8, 2015 at

      There have been times I’ve needed to take a week off just to allow recovery. Insanity is bad for that!

      As long as you start back with a couple days slow and easy, I don’t see how any harm can come of it.

    • Niki

      January 9, 2015 at

      This is a good point. I’m coming off a pretty serious neck injury after doing back to back to back programs over the past two years (insanity twice, p90x, p90x2, etc). I wish I’d taken it a bit easier because I couldn’t finish p90x3 – hurt myself doing push-ups and have had to go through physio and everything. Ultimately, it’s my fault. But sure wish I’d listened to my body and traded the videos for a two month running program or something.

    • Mike

      February 21, 2015 at

      I was worried about this too when I finished Insanity. With a quick search I found that Shaun T has been asked this question and his official answer is THREE (3) weeks off. That means three weeks off of similar-to-Insanity-HIIT. He suggests doing other programs for 3 weeks and then hit back to Insanity.

      So what I did was one week no exercise. Only a little stretch, breathing exercises (like soft yoga exercises). Second week body weight exercises (push ups, pull ups, tricep dips). Third week jump roping. And then BOOM! Insanity again.

      With this kind of break I was not only able to rest of HIIT but I started Insanity much stronger than first time.

      I’m not an expert, this just felt right for me and I did it. It worked for me though! :) Be well!!

  76. holyguy7

    January 2, 2015 at

    I am personally finishing up an Insanity/Asylum Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Hybrid. I definitely like the trend of most of these workout programs to shorter, more intense workouts. I am trying to use up some of my longer workouts before I move to the shorter ones. So I am saving P90X3, Piyo, JNL Fusion, Billy Blanks PT 24/7, Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and some other ones for when I get to the fitness level I want.

    I was thinking of doing P90X2 next. The problem is that I don’t have a huge set of dumbbells. I do have a huge set of resistance bands. My dumbbell sets are 3, 5, 8 & 10 pound. I don’t have any bigger. Could P90X2 be done with resistance bands? I do have a pull up bar and a ball.

    I like the trend toward shorter (1/2 hour) workouts. This really helps a lot for us that want to just go fast and furious for a short time and be DONE.

    By the way, after my wife finished up with the same workout I am doing, she started doing one specifically designed for women. It is called Metamorphosis by Tracy. She stated after a couple days how SORE she was. You might want to try to review this is one of the BEST workouts IMHO for women.

    Another workout you might want to review is Weider Ruthless. It is not as good as the beachbody programs but for less than $30 and workouts that are only 20 minutes, it is nice to to good alternative to beachbody.

    • John Paul Jones

      February 10, 2015 at

      I tried Welder Ruthless, and I think that DP pretty much covered WR when he covered Tom Holland’s 90-day Fitness programming. As 90DF was a poor man’s P90X (I purchased it for $20 a few years back), so Welder Ruthless is a poor man’s Insanity. Whereas Insanity peeps are generally Fitness Trainers/Dancers who were visibily challenged by Insanity, I felt as though the actors were true mercenaries.

      • holyguy7

        February 10, 2015 at

        I agree that Ruthless is a poor man’s Insanity but who cares. It is a good workout none the less. I like cheap. Most people workout at home because they don’t want to pay for expensive gym memberships. As it turns out, some gym memberships these days are only $20 a month. Beachbody makes you almost want to just join a gym because it is CHEAPER. I like cheap alternatives.

        • John Paul Jones

          February 10, 2015 at

          I see what you’re saying, Holyguy7, but I disagree about the relative importance placed on absolute price. I think that our mutual disagreement is rather straightforward. I believe that, if I’m going to invest 30-60 minutes per day, for 2-3 months at a time, I want something that will kick my arse every time I press play. I did Welder Ruthless’s “Drip” workout today, and felt that the workout just wasn’t the same quality as Insanity or Insanity Max:30.

          I must add an important caveat, though. I am an exercise instructor (part-time), so I do home workouts mainly because I don’t want to spend my workout time with the distractions that go with working out where I “work.” Therefore, I’ll spend $120 on Insanity (well, I did five years ago) because I’ll get $120+ worth of fitness doing Shaun T’s routines.

          TL;DR: I do home workouts for convenience/quality, and don’t want to skimp on my work on quality. Your Mileage May Vary.

          • holyguy7

            February 10, 2015 at

            I have insanity and have done all insanity workouts as well. I must say that I thought the “quality” as you put it is about the same with Insanity and Ruthless. Now, I will admit that Asylum is a different animal and quality is much better. Let’s look at Insanity for a moment, shall we?

            Insanity was filmed in a gym
            Ruthless was filmed in a warehouse.

            Insanity had most of the participants stopping for breaks regularly.
            Ruthless had the same.

            I don’t have a problem with workout failure because the first couple weeks I was failing just like the participants, but after that I was able to last much longer than almost all of them.

            Insanity was filmed SD.
            Ruthless was filmed in HD.

            You are right, most of the workouts are really not that hard compared to Insanity, but remember you are looking at 20 minutes compared to 40 or more minutes with other workouts.

            Do me a favor, try doing Killer 100s in Ruthless and tell me that was an easy 20 minutes.

            Again, Asylum is much better and worth the money, but not Insanity. Now, Insanity Max 30 is a different animal but then again it is 50% longer than the Ruthless workouts.

            Ruthless is good if you are short on time or want maintenance workouts. I thought the post production was well done. I think it lacks the same as Insanity and Insanity Max 30, no resistance training which in my opinion is really needed.

          • John Paul Jones

            February 11, 2015 at

            OK, OK. I did Rip 10s today (for some reason I thought that’s what you said: I’ll try Killer 100 on Saturday due to other planned workouts), and it went from fairly easy to difficult to OMGIMGONNADIEWHATDAYISTODAY difficult. It didn’t help that I did the workout outdoors, at high noon, on a tropical island. However, that was maybe 5-10% of the trouble. Rip 10 is a solid workout. Hopefully DP will do a review of Ruthless at some point, as his reference points are different from mine.

          • holyguy7

            February 11, 2015 at

            When it comes to Ruthless, about half of the workouts are what I would call “moderate” or “intermediate” and the other half are hard. So it is solid because you get 20 workouts and if you want to, you can just do the hard workouts (if you are short on time). I like the 20 minutes and you are done. It is better to compare these workouts to like 10 minute trainer from Beachbody. But, Ruthless suffers from what Insanity suffers from, no strength training and that, IMO is a needed part of fitness.

          • John Paul Jones

            February 13, 2015 at

            Good sir, I must eat my hat, as I did the Sports-Drills based workout (something about Sport and Sweat in the title), and I had to ring the sweat out of my shirt afterwards. However, I also did some research on Steve Uria, and the fella has a solid fitness résumé. Also, he was in the South African Air Force, which gets major credit in my book (as I am an Air Force vet myself). I would compare the tougher Ruthless workouts to Insanity Fast and Furious, a “ne plus ultra” of home workouts. 20 minutes, get a beat down, and (after contemplating what day it is and the mechanics of operating a shower) get on with your day.

  77. AB

    January 1, 2015 at

    Just finished the 4th day workout, tomorrow is friday, so lets see what is up with the fight round 1.

    great review. Being an insanity grad myself, I would say good to have something like this for 30 minutes, (T25 was kinda easy after Asylum, but thats just my opinion :P)

    overall its like Insanity experience all over again, (those were life changing two months in 2012 :P)

    excited for Feb results!


    • AB

      January 11, 2015 at

      wwoohh.. like Ric Flair!!! … DO NOT SKIP THE COOLDOWN/STRETCH & USE GOOD SHOES.

      got injured after friday fight round 1, with swollen knee, missed mondays cardio challenge & tuesdays Tabata power.

      good news is after the rest started the week with Wed workout & just finished Fri fight round 1.

      So after just two weeks (and an injury-recovered :) ), I am able to fit in my old jeans again…. whoo..

      Now thats what I call result provided the diet is clean (it is really tough especially if you are an IT employee working in India )

      Will update here only.


  78. ktern

    December 31, 2014 at

    Do you happen to have the Ab Maximizer discs (from the deluxe set / also sold separately)? I’ve been thinking about getting just those to supplement T25 Gamma.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      December 31, 2014 at

      No, I didn’t get them The additional price tag of $60 was just too much. It’s one of those things where if you have the money, go for it because I’m sure they’re great considering how Max 30 is such a good program. But $60 goes along way towards buying another complete program as well.

      I have a group of folks who I often borrow packages from, so I’ll see if I can bribe one of them to get the deluxe long enough to review it.

      • ktern

        January 2, 2015 at

        I figured as much, was just hoping for a review from a trusted source.

        Do you feel that for an owner of Insanity, Asylum 1+2, and T25 it’s worth picking up Max 30 in its entirety? I’m sure the program is great–I’m clearly a Shaun T nut at this point, and while I’d instantly buy, say, Asylum 3 if it was a thing, it’s hard to tell whether this is a step up or more of a retread (especially with T25 occupying the “work out when time crunched” niche).

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          January 4, 2015 at

          It’s quite different that T25. There’s a stronger focus on core development and the moves are more complex. The idea with T25 is to make it all the way. In Max 30 that is not going to happen! It’s like a T25 Gamma package and then some.

          • ktern

            January 4, 2015 at

            Awesome. Thanks for the insight and as always, great review :)

          • PaulC

            January 5, 2015 at


            I’m on my third round of Gamma Pure Strength Hybrid and really seeing the results. I supplement this with 3 x 7 miles runs a week.

            Really fancy doing this but not sure if:
            a) I’m going to lose my upper body definition.
            b) It’ll affect my running.

            Love your website btw, definitely the funniest and most neutral out of the ones I’ve seen. Keep up the good work.


  79. Cody

    December 28, 2014 at

    Similar question to Wrynsky169. How does Insanity Max 30 compare to Insanity Asylum overall? Would you recommend against Max 30 for somebody with a poor physical fitness history and is relatively weak in cardio but who has just completed P90X3, Les Mills Combat, and Athlean-X?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      December 28, 2014 at

      Well, if you have poor physical condition, yet are able to accomplish the programs you mentioned, it would be feasible you could modify your way through Max 30 until you build up the stamina. Just take it slow and easy!

  80. Wrynsky169

    December 27, 2014 at

    Hey DP, would the cardio in this workout be on par or harder than asylum 1 & 2? I am deciding what to put in the cardio days of my workout hybrid and I want the best cardio wise. Lets say time is not important. I just want to know which one is harder cardio-wise.
    To give you an example of my level, I have done asylum at a friend’s house, and it is pretty hard, but I have been able to easily complete speed & agility and all other workouts except Game-day and vertical plyo. I also did Max 30 cardio challenge with the same person, and I didn’t max out. I bet I would max out with maxout sweat or FF2 though.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      December 28, 2014 at

      I would say the Month 2 cardio is definitely harder than Asylum cardio. Asylum tends to kill you with big, powerful movements. Max 30 is quick moves and plyometrics. Both will burn you, just is a slightly different way.

      Not Maxing out during Cardio Challenge is a pretty good accomplishment. You’re not taking ANY breaks right? If you can avoid maxing out during Month 2’s Max Out Sweat, remind me never to piss you off. :)

      • Wrynsky169

        December 28, 2014 at

        I took no breaks during cardio challenge. That said, I was covered in sweat, so much so, that I needed a bigger towel. I had underestimated cardio challenge, and it felt like asylum speed and agility. Knowing that month 2 is harder is pretty impressive. I’m buying this and making a hybrid with Body Beast, Asylum and maybe X2! Let’s hope I become batman! Or at least survive…

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          December 28, 2014 at

          I would think this and Body Beast would make an excellent hybrid. So much so I’m probably going to do the same thing myself! The citizens of Gotham can sleep easy tonight…

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