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REVIEW: One on One with Tony Horton Vol.1




There are about a zillion reviews out there for other workout videos developed by Tony Horton ( P90, P90X, P90X+ ) but few have taken the opportunity to review his latest package of pain, “One On One with Tony Horton”.

So I will.

“One On One” is a monthly subscription DVD available from  Here are they all are, and their reviews:

Plyo Legs

Think of P90 Master Series Plyo Legs, only amped up to the extreme.  It’s similar to P90X Legs and Back ( sans Back )  with some Plyometrics thrown in.  Very versatile workout.  For some reason I hate legs training, but this particular one I look forward to.

Road Warrior

Just you, the floor, and a band.  This is done in a Power 90 circuit format and is a handy one if you’re on the road.  You’re also going for max reps, not the typical 8-12 rule.  Like Tony says, change is good!

Ab Killer

It’s AB 200 followed by AB Ripper X, all in one 25 minute abdominal assault.  You will hurt.

30-15 Upper Body Massacre

This is strictly push ups ( 30 ) and pull ups ( 15 ).  That’s about it.  I would say its difficulty level is on par with Chest and Back from P90X.  But by the time you’re done, you’ll want to die.  In a good way.

Just Arms

Love this one.  Old school workout that focuses on just the arms ( no shoulders ).  I try to do this at least twice a month wherever I can fit it into my P90X schedule.  An adjustable incline bench would be a nice thing to have for this one.  The “crazy 8’s” at the end will have you screaming like Fran Drescher in the late stages of labor.

Super Cardio

This is a spin on Sweat 5-6 from the P90 Master Series with a bit more OOMPH.  A good alternative to your Plyo routines when your legs are still hating your stinking guts from PLYO X.

Fountain Of Youth Yoga

Tired of the 1.5 hour Yoga from P90X?  This one is 45 minutes, so quit your whining and get on the floor.  This one is well done, and Tony turns the “Tonyness” down a notch to maintain a calm mood.  This will likely replace my Yoga X on many occasion.  My lower back loves me for this, and for those with back problems the cure is here!

Mammoth UML

Stuck in a hotel room with no equipment?  Relax, Tony will run you through a sequence that will keep you going.  This won’t give you any gains, but is a good workout for your recovery week.  Combine with Road Warrior to meet your traveling needs.

Bun Shaper

The exercise itself is about 40 minutes of glute-busting.  I also recommend this if you want to strengthen your lower back, as is my situation.  I thought this was going to be one of those disposable workouts, but I may find a way to get this done at least once a week to help out my weak spots.

Medicine Ball Core Cardio

Core cardio is hard enough, but add a 6lb medicine ball and suddenly you’ll want to puke your guts out on the floor while crying for your mommy.  Again…in a good way.

Recovery 4 Results

Maybe you tried the sample copy of INSANITY and feel like you were pushed into an oncoming bus.  Instead of beating your already dead horse of a body, why not do a little yoga/cardio/light resistance training?  Stay in the game, and live to fight another day!

Diamond Delts

A 37 minute shoulder assault.  I found I was working areas that even P90X didn’t seem to quite get, so that makes this a routine something that I must do more often.  And bonus… you’ll even learn what a “log cover” is!

All of the videos are just Tony and the cameraman ( who also has other cameras set up for different angles ).  There’s P90X+ish music in the background and candid talk between Tony and Mason the cameraman.  Tony, as in all of his videos, is probably a “love him or hate him” kind of guy.  Personally, I think he’s about as good as it gets when it comes to workout videos. He’s positive, motivated, yet not phoney about it like so many “hyped up” instructors who have pasted on smiles that I just want to hit with a brick.  He’s a 50 year old trainer who’s been there, not some 20-something punk instructor riding on the wave of their temporary metabolism.

In other words, he’s real.  He’s working out with you and he’s hurting too.

If you’re interested in “One On One”, you better be in good shape first.  This is for those who want to make it to the next level, and although it is made without the high-end production of P90X, it still feels professionally made.

4 Stars out of 5

Disclaimer: I am NOT a Beachbody coach, reseller or in any way connected with the company.  These views are mine and mine alone.

John Paul Parrot ( aka. The Dysfunctional Parrot ) is a disgruntled Systems Analyst who wanders the Canadian wastelands saving small villages with the power of Kung Fu.  His chair is also a little too close to the twenty year old microwave.  As you can well imagine, this has had certain side effects.


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