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DDP Yoga – The COMPLETE Review



As one who understands the necessity of yoga as one gets older, it was an easy choice to decide to purchase DDP Yoga.  The program is hosted by former WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page who is certainly not what you would come to expect from a yoga instructor.  Instead of being a hairless skinny dude who can wrap his head thorough his legs, Diamond Dallas is what you would expect a wrestler of that name to be.  He’s a gruff, gravely voiced, tattooed man in his early 50’s who looks like the kind of guy you’d like to have on your side in a bar fight.  This should be interesting!


When playing the DVD’s you’ll notice that the program is referred to as YRG, not DDP Yoga.  So which is it you might be asking?  Mr. Page has mentioned that the title Yoga for Regular Guys might have limited his target audience to just men and that is a fair statement.  It is also possible that there was a bit of a brand crisis due to another less serious program out there called Yoga for Dudes ( and no…I won’t provide a link ) which is nothing more than gutter trash.  The title Yoga for Regular Guys might be similar enough that Mr. Page has resorted to DDP Yoga instead.  This is all just a theory of mine so don’t go on just my word for this.  So let’s get on with the review and I promise to limit my wrestling references to maybe just a few dozen.

What you get:

Program/Nutrition Guide, poster of yoga postures, and 2 packs of DVD’s : Pack 1 has 6 beginner to advanced workouts.  Pack 2 has 5 intermediate to advanced level workouts.  I also received mp3 audio versions of the workouts which I suppose is nice if I’m in a hotel room and need to get my yoga on, DDP style.


Time: 3 minutes

React, adapt, take action.  That is the mantra for why breathing so so gosh darn important not only in yoga, but in every aspect of life.  And I’m telling you all this because I royally suck at it.


This particular video looks to be shot in a living room with a HD camcorder so it won’t blow anyone away with production values but that’s not the point.  This is a tutorial, not a video you need to watch all the time.  Such is also the case with another workout…

Wake Up

Time: 10 minutes

Again, another workout shot in DD’s home.  This time we join DD in his bedroom.  Alright then…but no spooning.

Many of you younger punks may not appreciate the intrinsic value of a good stretch in bed before getting up but as you approach 40 this will become a welcome ritual.

Diamond Dozen

Time: 30 minutes

We also leave the home videos and are now on a decent set with professional level production that looks strangely familiar.  This is a demonstration of the 13 moves ( like a baker’s dozen ) that are prevalent in the DDP program.  You should review this at least once to get an idea what you will need to do.


Time: 22 minutes

This is the entry level workout for the YRG program.  Wait…it this the same stage as Hip Hop Abs?????


This is a rather pleasant introduction and I really appreciate the very natural style of Mr. Page.  He’s not a mega-flexible oriental ninja but rather a regular guy who at times is not much more flexible than myself.  It just proves the point that yoga is not just for experts but can be beneficial to anyone at practically any skill level.

Oh, and in case you doubt the Hip Hop Abs connection, the credits should seal the deal.  Mason Bendewald is also the director and producer of at least twenty Beachbody programs such as P90X.  Small world, but good to know DD is in good hands!


Red Hot Core

Time: 12 minutes

Think of RHC as an abdominal workout that has your standard use of crunches but also has a strong balance focus.  Especially with moves like Seated Bat into Jacknife that involve balancing on your but and holding your feet up with your hands.  This one is meant to be tacked on to any DDP workout as an extra.

Below the Belt

Time: 28 Minutes

As expected this one will focus on the backside and the quads.  By now if you’ve done this program you’ve probably noticed a common move that is either fun or somewhat goofy.  Need clarity?


Yes, on many an occasion you will be asked to “HULK IT OUT!!” which may or may not float your boat depending on whether or not you were a latchkey kid from the 80’s and raised on the comical ethics of Mr. Hogan and the WWF ( as it was known then ).  That having been said, I still say my prayers and eat my vitamins.

Fat Burner

Time: 24 Minutes

Taking the Diamond Dozen and cranking the up the tempo.   I would say that aside from a few more push ups, this workout is practically indistinguishable from Below the Belt.

Stand Up

Time: 30 Minutes

Balance, core and at no time do you get a chance to sit down because that would totally make the title sound silly.  Very similar to Fat Burner or Below the Belt.  As with many of the workouts, you wind up doing most moves from the Diamond Dozen.

Strength Builder

ddpyoga2Time: 38 Minutes

Shoulders, backs, knees and hips.  This particular round gets a little deeper in the stretches and gives back strength that little extra workout.  Many of the workouts in DDP Yoga are very similar with not much to distinguish them, yet at the same time this one feels just a little extra special due to the slightly more aggressive approach.

Diamond Cutter

Time: 50 minutes

This particular workout is the big long haul where everything is thrown into the mix.  I did a solid week of Asylum before going after this disk and wow…did I ever need this one.  Diamond Cutter is really just more of the same from many of the other workouts but the focus on strength comes from longer postures.  Think of this as taking more time to get the most of every move.

There is something else worth mentioning about DDP Yoga, and that is the cast.  They are average people and some of whom are not exactly in the greatest shape but that is the whole point.  This can be done no matter what your skill or fitness level and sometimes it’s nice to not have mid-20’s cardio bunnies or Superman stunt-doubles in the cast to remind people of that.  Yet despite their comfort with yoga, every cast member is familiar with the sequence unlike some programs I’ve recently reviewed.

Mix Tape

Time: 34 minutes

Not sure what to say about a mix tape.  It’s roughly 10 minute segments cut from all the other workouts.  I suppose it is a good way to get a little taste of everything but the flow might feel a bit broken if you’re looking to get in a “zone”.  I have four kids and thus am never allowed to get in a “zone” anyway, so it’s all good! 


I have come to the point where I honestly feel yoga is not an optional component when one considers taking their fitness to the next level.  Especially if you want to tackle top tier workouts like Asylum, P90X or even if you just like to train hard on your own terms.

DDP Yoga is an excellent supplement package to your existing workout regimen.  True, Mr. Page makes the case that he no longer lifts weights and that this style of yoga alone is sufficient.  Far be it from me to debate a man who pile-drives his opponents and occasionally hits them with a steel chair.  But between you and me I find this an unlikely approach to a complete fitness picture.  That having been said, yoga is an integral part of any fitness regimen and too many feel the opposite.  Adding a little Diamond Dallas to your week can only do good things for you.

The production quality of DDP Yoga is excellent which is no surprise given that the company in charge was led by the same man who took care of many Beachbody workouts.   Diamond Dallas is also an excellent instructor and really communicates his intentions to the viewer very well, so at no time should you feel lost.  Yes, Dallas Page is certainly a different type of yoga instructor, but therein lies the appeal and charm of DDP Yoga.

DD Yoga also gets strong endorsement from athletes like Chris Jericho ( hey Chris…I freaking lovedUndisputed”! ) who have very physically punishing careers in the soap opera world of wrestling entertainment.  I’ll assume most of my readers don’t have jobs where they wear lycra and jump from the top ropes onto their fellow actors, and if you do then please…the comment section is all yours!  But if you’re looking for a dedicated program to build solid core strength, flexibility, and doesn’t have a skinny Tibetan dude in a ponytail telling you to find your inner peace ( All I found was a heart as black and pitted as an olive ), then maybe having a yoga class with the wild Diamond Dallas will add an unexpected flair to your workouts.


John Paul Parrot ( aka. The Dysfunctional Parrot ) is a disgruntled Systems Analyst who wanders the Canadian wastelands saving small villages with the power of Kung Fu.  His chair is also a little too close to the twenty year old microwave.  As you can well imagine, this has had certain side effects.



  1. Jennifer Anne

    June 21, 2017 at

    any suggestions on how to build this in to other routines as a hybrid? say with p90x3 or something?

  2. Jon Ziegler

    February 28, 2017 at

    My daughter told me one day I should watch the documentary “Enlighten Up!” some years back (2012). I found it fascinating. In the middle of it the film Kate Churchill and Nick Rosen flew to LA and met Diamond Dallas. I was on Amazon that day ordering the YRG book. After a few months of that, I bought the DVDs. A few days after that I recieved a call from DDP thanking me for buying his program. That was 2012.

    I have worked my way through the workouts and was able to do the Extreme Psycho workout. I have settled for Diamond Cutter as my go to. I am exceptionally unflexible, yet the Diamond Cutter fits well with my abilities.

    I have tried a hot yoga DVD, but it was just to quiet. So, I have stuck with DDP.

    It is good stuff.

  3. Monce

    July 20, 2015 at

    Hi, I just recently had surgery anterior/posterior lumbar fusion (on s1, L4, & L5) in May. Can I do this program?

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      July 20, 2015 at

      I would seek the advise of a legitimate physiotherapist. Yoga, while a healthy activity, can aggravate injuries if not done correctly. The surgery you mentioned seems serious enough that I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving any advise lest it be to your detriment!

    • Andrew Coyle

      May 25, 2016 at

      I damaged my spine back in ’97, and for years was in a ridiculous amount of pain. My L4 & L5 had two surgerys and they just blocked the pain for a while, the discs will never be fixed.

      THEN, I did the Diamond Dozen. 30 minutes it took, and it’s pretty sedate as you are shown a move, then you repeat it. The next day I had no pain!!! Seriously!

      That statement requires a lot more explanation marks. NO PAIN. For 11 years I was in and out of crippling agony that surgery only alleviated for a short while. Then DDP turns up and “Bang!” (as the great man says).

      I know you posted this 10 months ago, Monce, but if you have any doubts (outside of taking to your GP) you can at least try the Diamond Dozen and see how it feels for you :)

  4. Greg Beech

    May 18, 2015 at

    Thank you for the review… I bought the dvd package after watching the video of Arthur on the ddpyoga page and hadn’t done any research ahead of time. (I’ve got a horrible habit of doing my research AFTER placing orders…) so far I haven’t been disappointed with DDP’s setup. There’s not a lot of hype in it. DDP seems like less of a salesman than a no-nonsense, this is how it is, kind of guy. After ordering, I got an invitation to sign up with their teamddp site, lots of good support there and an insane amount of testimonials with photos to back them up.. regular guys and gals who range from slightly chunky to obese in the before pictures to being seriously in-shape in the afters… there’s even one guy who leaves absolutely no doubt that it was indeed HIM in the before and after.. you can see the loose skin that used to cover fat and now is just hanging. Unfortunately, my wife and I are likely to have the exact same problem if we stick with this program like we’re supposed to… Oh, and Mr. Reviewer… the “Hulk out” bit DDP repeatedly refers to isn’t about Hollywood Hulk Hogan, but Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk. The move is nearly identical to every “HULK MAD!!!” pose Lou ever struck.

    • Raul Fender

      August 25, 2016 at

      Wrong, DDP was a former wrester and he is copying the Hulk Hogan move seen many times.

      • Tro11bait

        September 28, 2016 at

        But then, Hogan was copying The Hulk himself.

      • Daniel J. Fawcett

        November 26, 2016 at

        Hogan wasn’t even given the name “Hulk” Hogan until he appeared on a talk show beside Lou Ferrigno and the host remarked that his arms were bigger than Hulks

  5. colt-steele

    February 22, 2015 at

    i was a pro wrestler for about 15 years ive always been the heavy lifting get big guy so turning 40 next month and having some pain i am planning on changing my fitness routine. oh i also have broken my neck in the past had shoulder surgery and lower back surgery so im thinking about ddp yoga and still hit the gym 2-3 times a week. so do you think this will help me? from everything i have read ddp yoga was made for guys like me but i havnt tried it yet what do you think???

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      February 22, 2015 at

      I have a feeling DDP might be a tailor fit for you! Just go easy on the neck arching considering you’ve broken it in the past. Ouch.

      I find that alternating yoga with conventional workouts really helps with joint pain. Fitting this into your schedule should be no problem at all.

  6. Black_Belt_Jonez

    September 25, 2014 at

    I agree. I can’t get into the usual yoga dvd’s that we normally see out there, but this no nonsense approach made it much more doable for me. I do lots of weight, and high intensity training and found this to be a great overall supplement and replacement for the days when I’m just too exhausted for my normal workouts. The DDP Yoga Wake Up disc will immediately change the way you feel in the morning for the better. Excellent review here.

  7. Joshua

    July 29, 2014 at

    Any chance you might look into the Athlean X system in the future? I was thinking about getting their Xero program but reviews are hard to come by online.

  8. holyguy7

    April 27, 2014 at

    My wife is pregnant right now. She and I were looking at this as something that perhaps she can do now. It seems that most of the other workout programs are a bit too high impact for her to try. Any thoughts on this being a good workout during pregnancy?

    Another question. Seems there is an “extreme” series of workouts that can be purchased as an add-on package. Any thoughts on that?

    A bit off topic here but I recommend another workout program that I have been doing for the last couple weeks. It is called Weider Ruthless. It can be purchased via amazon for under $30 now. Probably the best workout value for your money, bar none. Check it out.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      April 28, 2014 at

      I would say that DDP is very do-able for pregnant women. Occasionally a cast member might be one who has limited mobility and is able to demonstrate modified moves.

      The extreme package is good as it has generally longer videos so I would say the major difference is whether you want a 30 minute workout or a 1 hr workout. In terms of intensity most play out the same.

      And congratulations on your expected arrival!

  9. Lo

    April 9, 2014 at

    I made a comment in the wrong section. But I wanted to know if I could purchase this in England as I injured myself with p90x doing p90X and love the thought of doing ddp with the weight training aspect of p90x.

    • SRMcEvoy

      April 10, 2014 at

      DDP Yoga will ship to England. I know people there doing it.

  10. SRMcEvoy

    April 8, 2014 at

    Great review. When I First started DDP Yoga Last summer I did the breathing before every workout. I struggled with the 10 count in and out back then, now can work up to 40. Like you I enjoy some of the Tony Horton Yoga’s especially Patience Humming Bird, and Fountain of Youth But I have done DDP Yoga over 270 days straight now.

  11. Downtown Oliver

    April 7, 2014 at

    FIRST! The most obvious question for me: How do any of these DDP workouts compare to P90X or P90X2 Yoga in terms of pace, pain, overall scope? Just checking because I saw this infomercial and it peaked my interest enough that I started watching the ddp internet videos. The second paragraph of your “Conclusion” pretty much states what you think the value of this program is overall.

    • Dysfunctional Parrot

      April 7, 2014 at

      The pace and overall scope of DDP Yoga is excellent. Given that there are more options available, it would be a better choice than P90X Yoga.

      However, if you can handle 90 minutes of yoga, the original P90X is a better workout of course. But DDP is more practical for the everyman. My personal favorite yoga workout is Tony Horton’s One on One Fountain of Youth Yoga hands down.

      Yes, I honestly feel that yoga, even DDP, is a fantastic supplemental program as it really doesn’t engage the muscles or cardio in the same way weight training or plyometrics can. But then again, if you simply want yoga and don’t care much for the other stuff then this is a pretty solid program.

      • Downtown Oliver

        April 8, 2014 at

        Thanks for the response. I am on week 2 of TapouT XT. I was disappointed in Yoga XT.

        I have a feeling that yoga is yoga, and the only thing that changes is time (seconds in holds and total minutes overall).

        You didn’t make a lot of comments about Dallas, the trainer. What is he like? I find karpenko to be annoying, and horton was “off” in X3.

        • Dysfunctional Parrot

          April 8, 2014 at

          Yes, I too found Karpenko a bit much at times. He had a bit of that “Jersey” attitude that just stayed outside of being a douchebag. Some of his cast however embraced the label with reckless abandon.

          Diamond Dallas is like a crazy but friendly uncle. He’s not trying to be a tough guy at all but rather really does a good job encouraging people. He really tries to get across that his yoga is for everyone regardless of physical prowess. I’d take him over Mike K. in a heartbeat.

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