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Chapter 66: Parting Words



For those prior three months, I had played the role of the loyal, trustworthy boyfriend.  By Roddy Piper’s standard, I chewed bubble gum and kicked ass.

And now I'm all out of bubble gum.

But it was now over.  Our final day of boyfriend/girlfriend was spent walking in our favorite park and enjoying each others company one last time.  We at last sat in my car outside her home.

“So this is it.  Wow.”

She smiles back.  “I had a great summer.”

I take her hand.  “The best.”

It was so hard letting go of her hand.  I knew everything we did; every smile, every touch…was the last.  “I’m not the best judge, but was I a good boyfriend to you?”

“You were great.  I trusted you and you valued that trust.”

“Why did you say ‘yes’ to go out with me?”

She mulls it over for a moment.  “Because you look like a bad boy, but you’re safe.”

Sweet.  I don’t know why, but I always loved it that she said that.

It’s weird having something like a relationship have a pre-ordained end, and both of us are trying to process it.

“Thanks Elsa.  You know, I think I understand women a little better.  And I think I understand myself better too.”  She laughs, and I’m not sure if it was because she thought I did, or remained convinced I was still a total doofus with the fairer sex.  Guess we’ll never know.

We share a hug as I whisper my goodbye.  “I want you to know, you have been and always will be my friend.”  Yes, I stole the line from Star Trek II, but she didn’t know.  I just needed a good closer.

Thanks guys.

For a final gesture, we shake hands signaling the close of the deal.  The car door opens and she steps out.

Before she turns the corner I honk the horn and roll down my window.  For the last time I saw my smiling Elsa, and gave a parting message.

“Hey, do me one favor.  Save that kiss.  You’re worth it.”  I back out of the driveway and she waves goodbye one final time.  The next morning she was gone.

I like to think the guy she married got the grand prize after all.

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John Paul Parrot ( aka. The Dysfunctional Parrot ) is a disgruntled Systems Analyst who wanders the Canadian wastelands saving small villages with the power of Kung Fu.  His chair is also a little too close to the twenty year old microwave.  As you can well imagine, this has had certain side effects.

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